Reminder of In Puursuit of Flavours plus link to Xena’s story Part 5

On April 1st, Wednesday  In Puursuit of Flavours makes it’s first appearance on Canadian Cats and Easy Blog. I believe Katty has a link you can follow and I…yes moi, am providing a blog hop to follow. Providing mom followed instructions properly.

We want you to write out your favourite recipe.  Whether its for a mid day snack or din din.  Just use the blog hop provided.   Hubby is making the meals here so the less complicated ingredients the better.  Mom does love herbs in her meals….”Herbs, Are gifts of the Gods.”

We are also joining Aww….Monday at Comedy Plus.

Visit Xena and Lucy’s blog to see the whole of Part 5 of Xena’s Story.  Simply click the red splotch over their name.

Xena's Story Part 5

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Lucy

Lucy: Your stories are selling like hotcakes, Xena. We should be getting royaltreats or something like that. I’m going to check with our publicist. Oh Mo-o-o-o-ommm…

Xena: What’s the “we?” I’m doing all the work.

If you missed any of our story, you can click on Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4. It’ll help Part 5 make more sense…

Xena’s story: A Dog and her Cat Friends, with another Plot Hound, Part Five

The driver in the old truck barked at them to stop. “Y’all stop now, y’hear? I’m your ride to the big white house. Didn’t Ho No tell y’all to ‘spect me?”

“So you aren’t the ICY Plott Hound from Texas?” the two friends asked.

“Golly no, I’m a NICE Plott Hound from the hills of Georgia. My name’s Sally. That thar one you mentioned is my cousin Leroy. He thanks he’s…

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Xena’s Story with Input from Sho Part 4a

Please read the first parts of the story under Xena’s Story in our pages.  The story will make sense.  Now when we last left Sho she had chosen a fantabulous Magic Carpet and looked at the map so she knew how to get to the United States.  The shortest way was to go through the Gulf of Siam into the Indian Ocean and then make a sharp left to the Pacific Ocean.  Sho also noted that if she turned right from the Indian Ocean she could travel the Atlantic and…oh look, there’s the country of Canada.  Sho dreamed of going to Canada one day, that’s why she named the hut Canada….just to have a piece of this huge country near.                                                                                         

I’ll take the long way and shake any bugs out of this Magic Carpet. I better use warp drive for half the trip or I’ll be months getting there.                                                                           


I never imagined the ocean had this much water….The tag around my neck states who I am and my next of kin so if anything happens hopefully Tye  will be notified.  If anybody can find her and Xena.  “You’ll be be fine…let’s not get maudlin ole gal.” Who said that? Is there a freeloader I’m carrying to the States?   “hehe…Heaven’s no. I’m the CADA….that stands for Canada Activated Device Assistant, the Genie installed in the Magic Carpet before you left.” “Some assistant you are CADA…where are we?  We must be close to Canada but there’s nothing but blue for as far as I can see.” “We’re getting pretty close to NewFoundland in Canada.” REALLY!! You flew past the United States.” “I did.” Let’s drop down and step on Canadian soil.  After landing the Magic Carpet, Sho walked around til she met a dog…a Newfoundland dog.  This dude was huge….looked more like the pictures she’d seen of a black bear but he seemed like a happy fellow.  Sho padded up to the huge dog and the dog said, “Ow’s she cuttin’, me cocky? Sho stepped backwards in surprise.  Is this guy swearing at me? she thought.  She realized there may be cultural differences but this dude was….really different!  Sho chose to treat him as a potential friend as it’s harder to get mad and bite at a happy dudette.  Sho plastered a warm smile on her face and said, “How are you, my friend?”  To which the dog dude replied, “Aye, that’s what I says.”                                                                                   

Sho told the Newfie dog her name and that she was on her way to the United States to find her sister that left there home in Siam to see her dog friend Xe in Tennis-See. The Newfie dog introduced himself as Buddha.  Buddha said he’d heard about a Siamese cat that had been thrown into an Internment Camp when arrived in the United States for just being Siamese…..most of the Canadian furries knew about this one little cat struggling to be free.  He said her name was….Tye.  “That’s my sister!!   “Go awn wich ya!” said Buddha.  Sho liked being with Buddha in Canada but Tye needed her so she must continue her odyssey.   Buddha slapped a paw on Sho’s back and hollered,   “May the wind aways blow in your back.”  Sho understood Buddha and waved bye to her only Canadian friend.  Up she and CADA went headed for Texas.


This is a lonely looking place CADA.  The cities are massive here so we’ll stay along the backroads.  Let’s go ask this horse if she’s seen Xe and Tye.                                                         Sho eased the Magic Carpet down and introduced herself.  The horse told Sho she was called A horse with No Name but her friend’s called her, Ho No.  Ho No told Sho about helping a white cat  and a dog get to Georgia and said he’d show them the way to Georgia.  What if I lose you cause I’m in the air and you’re on the ground.  That’s easy enough Sho, just start singing, “Georgia on my Mind,” and I will come galloping into view cause “all  roads lead back to you.”   This sounded like a great plan to Sho so she leaped onto the Magic Carpet following Ho NO.

TO BE CONTINUED….Will Sho find Tye and Xe or will Ho NO lead them on a wild horse chase?




Announcing a New Blog Post Monthly….IN PUURSUIT OF FLAVOURS

Shoko here.  The Corona Virus has us all hanging around home more than usual so let’s bring some treats to our days.  Tyebe and I conferred about a cooking post for humans and have decided that a monthly post with you giving everyone  the recipes to your wonderful dishes would be sharing and caring but from a distance.   We will be here to read your fantabulous recipes.  This seem like a large endeavour for us kitties.  On the first Wednesday of each month, “In Puursuit of Flavours” will appear.  Budd said he’d help but cooking was not his forte.  Garbage picking is more his strong point.  No garbage here Budd.                                                                     

I am Iron Chef Shoko and Tyebe is my assistant….Plastic Chef Tyebe. mol Now, this is a huge undertaking for us kitties so we decided to call in the culinary talents of those famous French chefs, Da Phenny and Neilson (Nelly) of EASY BLOG: All about our truly best friendClick on their blog name and visit these experts of the kitchen.                                                                 

We won’t ask for any recipes with mice or birds in them.  We know peeps aversion to furry or feathered carcasses.

When you see this badge Katty and I will be letting you know that In Puursuit of Flavours is coming and the date.  We will give you time to think of your favourite delectibles and the recipes..  April the 1st is the first post for In Puursuit of Flavours.  No… joke.

  We are joining Wordless Wednesday with Sandee from Comedy Plus blog.  Click on their name and blow over and see your friends trying to be wordless.  We failed at being wordless this Wednesday.                                                                   

                                                    Bony Petites


Xena's Story Part 4

Xena’s story continues. Take a peek on the page “Xena’s Story” in Canadian Cats and catch up from Part 1.

We are joining Awww..Monday with Sandee from Comedy Plus.  Click on the name name  and view some good looking friends.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Lucy

Lucy: Xena, you’re on a roll, so take it away!

Xena: Take it away where? What are you talking about, Lucy? I’m watching to see where this squirrel goes.

Lucy: I mean, go ahead with more of your story. Your adoring fans are waiting to hear what happens next. *sigh* I’ll watch the squirrel for you.

If you missed any of our story, you can click on Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3. It’ll help Part 4 make more sense…

Xena’s story: A Dog and her Cat Friends, with another Plot Hound, Part Four

With a newly-found resolve, Xe and Tye headed in the general direction they thought was toward Tennessee. It was early morning, so they kept the sun on their right as they walked. From old habits in Siam, where Tye was from, they kept away from the water as they traveled, so nothing could…

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Two Siamese Cats and their Dog Friend Part 3a

This is a continuation of Xena’s Story at  Read Xena’s story and Tye’s tale will make more sense.  Click the blog address and enjoy.

Geez, I miss that white tornado.  Didn’t think I would, she talks non stop and is ready to play at the drop of a paw.  Taking in the sun and laying back is getting old very quickly.                                                                                

Squish the Siamese elephant, wandered by and Sho confided how much she missed Tye. Squish, a very understanding elephant, had an idea “Go see Tye and perhaps you’d be happier over there and want to stay.”  What a fantabulous idea.  Tye will be happy to see me.   “Thanks Squish.”                                                               


“No problem Sho. You need to be with Tye.  I feel her and XE are having hard times over there and she’s never been parted from you before.  Tye borrowed a phone from a cool lady at the Internment Camp not the ICY lady and called me to let me know she was forced to eat rotten vegetables in the Internment Camp.   The paperwork for their release was being worked on as we spoke.  Tye said XE arrived to help but was panicking cause now that she was here she didn’t know the way to Tennis-See other than walking through Texas.  So, Tye wanted me to follow the highway near Houston and look for them walking home.  Seems vague, Squish.

Tye used to play with Omar’s kids and she said they were little terrors that would give crappy old toys for any candy.  They learned this behaviour somewhere  and she says the nuts don’t fall far from the tree so I’ll be on the look out for Omar the Siamese Shiftless Carpetbagger tricks.  Tye is always on my mind…I must hurry and be with her and Xe.                                                                  “Let’s go, Squish, and see what we can find in the Magic Carpets around here.” Sho brought out the ladder and climbed up on Squish’s back and they headed for the village.  Squish had a sensitive back since Tye had done the Siamese dance for rain  on her back.

They hit 2 flying carpet outlets and were disappointed in the quality of the carpet threads. Then they hit Omar’s Emporium. Omar’s had revved up carpets but they wrinkled up during flight so it was uncomfortable sitting.  The wrinkles also made steering a hazard. No seat belts and the threads were not water proof. They were inexpensive but dang nab it, they looked cheap and wobbly.                                                                 

Next stop Aladdin’s Magic Carpets.                                                                   A huge Genie welcomed me inside.  I told him I wanted a thick, sturdy Magic Carpet with all the safety precautions.  No souped up piece of crap as I was flying to America to see friends and the object was to arrive in one piece.  Gene, the Genie, found the most superb carpet.  Luxurious seat belts, with a relaxing cruising speed and the “paw to the fiber count” of 300 MPH.  An instant sale.                                                             

Sho put the ladder up to Squish’s back and leaped on. “Sorry Squish. I was so happy about our new Magic Carpet I forgot to suck in my claws.” Sho said apologetically.

Sho thought of hot and tired Xe and Tye pawing their way across Texas to Xe’s home in Tennis… See.   Stupid name for a state as it brought up visions of everyone playing tennis in short skirts and funny hats.  Sho reprimanded herself for being judgemental…..this was the time to accept whatever cultural habits that the States has.  Tye would be delighted Sho was going to be headed over to the States.  Sho had to pack up Canada and have Squish water the plants everyday.  Sho would let Squish know what was happening.  Now, up and away and hope Tye and Xe find their way safe and easy.                                                           

TO BE CONT’D..Join Sho as she continues her adventures to cross the Atlantic and get to Tennis….See.

Selfie Sunday starring the Terrific Tyebe

mol….that’s me Terrific Tyebe.  No , I say Twisted Tyebe.  Na ah, I’m not twisted…you’re twistedShut up you two….let’s enjoy the beautiful Sunday sun.                                                         


It’s cold as snot outside, Budd.  So, we’re inside where the sun is beating in the window.                                                                      

Oh look, the city crew is hauling away the dirty ole snow in front of the house.  The city crews are kept busy as there has been no new snow or rain.                                                                               
That’s some grubby snow…yuck!

See the schools are still in session up here. There’s lotsa Fancy Feast in all the stores. Kitty litter is in abundance. We kitties should be fine through the virus.                                                                           

Today is Selfie Sunday at CooperMurphy’s house where The Cat On My Head blog is produced. This is a very special day as it is sunny and Sunday.  CooperMurphy is going to be the model at his house so I’ll be the model hereClick on the name or badge and fly over to the Blue household.                                                                               
We call this picture Princess Tyebe cause one day I want to be queen to CooperMurphy’s king.


Yes, of course. it’s time for Shoko’s Proverbs from our Siamese world.

“When the gleeful eyes of your sis looks longingly at your half filled bowl of food… faster!”