Sparks of Life

Time for a positive thought to start the week.  A spark to light up our day and send us scrambling on our way.  McGuffy’s Reader started this Spark to keep us focused on the positive in life even when others weigh us down.                                                        

Chart your course.

Toothies and a Sunday Selfie

Budd, Budd!!  Look, mom found 2 of my kitten toothies on the cat pole.  This means you’re no kitten anymore.  You’re a young lady now, Tyebe.                                                               Maybe if me’s show them up close and personal.                                                        

Can you see them? They are very tiny. Hard to believe I ever hurt anybody with those wee things but I caused mom some owee moments. mol *hic*

Do you’se think me’s should be cleaning me’s paws like you’se, Budd? I’ve been out thrown dirt around in the garden and my paws are yucky.  Dang, white paws they show everything.  Yours look fairly clean, Tyebe. No need to clean…yet.   I like to be clean when I come inside.  I’s don’t care…the dirt will fall off in the house.  Hmmmm…

OK, OK, I’s get the message, Budd.  You’se saying as me’s becoming a lady, me’s should act like one and clean up.                                                                         

Me’s will check and see if I’s dirty and clean the dirts off.

Oh dear, I’s have a blob of dirts on my chest and another one here. Lick, lick..

Hey, Tyebe you’re lookin’ grubby again. I don’t want you leaping on me with that dirt on you.                                                    
Me’s fixin’ the problem, Shoko.

I’s going to contact the tooth fairy.  Maybe she’ll come and get my toothies and leave me a surprise.  Shoko said she’s really nice.

NO!  She doesn’t look like this, Shokos! Me’s sure hopes not.


This is the day for a Sunday selfie at Cat on My Head blog so we decided all three of us will pose.  I actually took the picture though.  Click on the blog hop name and be taken to the action at Cat on My Head.                                               

Some days you just have to make your own sunshine
Today was one of them.

Tyebe…..Royal Blue
Budd…..Sea Green


Friday Fill-Ins with Tyebe and Budd


Whatcha doin’ in there Tyebe?  You’re making a heck of a noise. Can’t get comfy?  I’s trying to tidy up in here Budds.  There’s blankets shoved Higgly Piggly.                                               

   Seems to me you’re the only one that went in the tent.  Guess you did it Tyebe.  mol *hic*  Could be you’re right but then again these blankets needed a good airing.

It’s Fill In time on Friday.  So let’s do the fill-ins  Budd.  The Friendly Fill-Ins are co-hosted by Ellen of 15 and Meowing blog and Lorraine of Four-Legged Furballs blog.  Please go to their blogs by clicking your mousie on their names and see all the other furries participating in this blog hop.                                         




Over to you Tyebe.  I did dood my best.  OK, I got it Budd.  Let’s show Shoko that we can do this.

3. BUDD….. is a blessing in disguise.  I HAVE SOMEONE TO PLAY WITH NOW.







Thankful Thursday with the Cat Crew

Do you like mom reading to us Budd?  Dang tootin’ I do.  I get up on the bed when she starts talkin’ to nobody.  That’s when I figure she must be reading again.  She might be getting odd and just chattering to nobody.  When she reads it’s usually the same time every evening so I’m bettin’ she’s got her marbles in a straight line. MOL….good one Budd.                                                             

Did you see the library cards she got for us, Tyebe?  They’re from Bionic Basil’s blog.  Amber has a book club we try to visit every Wednesday.  Mom gets lots of good ideas for more books to read.  Just pop around and visit Amber on Wednesday to get your own library card, friends.                                                 

Today is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home so we must say we are very thankful to Amber at Bionic Basil’s blog for sending us such awesome library cards.



May Thursday’s nip give you a buzz.

Sparks of Happiness

Hey Tyebe, what’s this supposed to be?  Budd, it’s mice in cheese.   It don’t look like no cheese I’ve ever seen.  You have to use your imagination, Budd.                                                   

The mice are comin’ out of the cheese but don’t get your face too close or the mice will poke you in the eye.  Mean little boogers, aren’t they?  Mol *hic*  The mice keep us on our claws so we pay attention to our game.  I’d rather have real mice and cheese.

What’re you two scallywags doing?                                            

Tyebe’s teaching me the joys of plastic cheese and mean mice.  She says I can’t eat the cheese and the mice will peck my eye out if I get too close.  Really Tyebe, this is not fun!

You wanna play with me’s pepper, Budd?                                                      

Whacha do with a pepper, Tyebe? I’s play with it, throw it in the air and catch it.  Does it taste good? Tastes like my spit. Ohhhh…you can have it then.

Let’s think positive Budd.  It’s a Sparks Monday today and we all need a boost to start the week.  Annie of McGuffy’s Reader started Sparks and even though she is taking a break right now, we decided to light a candle and show some people the way into a fine Monday.                                                                   

There you are….happiness. A great way to light up the day.


Tyebe’s Selfie on a September Sunday

Tyebe what are you staring at?  Look at this water….there’s hairs floating in it.  Ewww.    Dad just changed it too.                                                              It’s probably just your furs, Tyebe.  Really?  Oh ya, they’re white. mol *hic*

Shokos did you’se ever catch these here birds.  They keep moving when me’s bat them.                                                                        

They tease us Tyebe. They just never get hurt and fall over. Maybe you can jump up and grab one. The others should follow in a sort of gull pile. mol

It is Selfie Sunday so let’s get our butt’s in gear and surprise mom with a special picture. The Cat On My Head is providing the platform for our selfie blog hop so let’s do it.                                                             

Me’s did it. I’s didn’t make an odd face or anything. Woohoo!!

Have a great Sunday friends.  Me’s will.

Thankful Thursday for Tyebe

Today’s a thankful day for me’s.  So when I’s think about Brian’s Home and his Thankful Thursday I’s am so Thankful today is done.    Do drop in and visit us all being thankful at Brian’s joint.  Better yet jump in and tell us why you’se are thankful.                                                                   

I was scheduled for surgery but me’s didn’t know.  Down me’s went to the Spay and Neuter Clinic in the rolling bench and they grabbed me’s from mom, gave me’s something that made me’s fall asleep and then had their way with me’s.  Me’s awoke with a headache like I’s been on a catnip toot.  In mom’s walked, and me’s was so happy to see her I’s cried…..well, OK, maybe I’s a little dramatic but happy as a bear soaked in honey, I’s was.

We’s got home and me’s was so hungry I wanted to bite Shokos but mom suggested this wasn’t a good idea.  Mom was impressed because no one hissed at me even though me’s stunk of medicine.                                                                

Me’s had been starved since mom gave me’s nothing to eat before the surgery.  Me’s ate my Fancy Feast and the rest of Shoko’s.  Me’s don’t feel sick like the lady in the white coat said I’s might.   I’s bright eyed and busy tailed. mol *hic*

Did ya’s miss mes Shokos?  Um…..not really Tyebe.  I slept the whole time you were gone.  You keep me up at night by running in front of me and pretending you’re a ghost.                                                             I’m glad that surgery is just a memory for you though Tyebe.  You’re one step closer to a sane young adult kitty, Tyebe.  I never want to be boring, Shokos.  Something tells me you’ll never be boring Tyebe but you just might be a fun sister.