Crime Scene Deductions

I have tried everything Kali and I can get the blood evidence to show me the teeth marks but can’t seem to get much farther.  I’m going to have to call someone in that can help me figure this out.                                                                     aashokwaitHere comes our help Kali.

akoI see her Shoko! MOL  What is it Kali?  Nothing…..hehe                                                              charlieentryOh hi, you must be the protégé of Sherlock Holmes.  I am.  You can call me Sherl.  Let me take your cape, um….Sherl.  Thank you, Shoko.  Now tell me where is the elf crime scene? Follow me, Sherl.  The crime scene is the laundry roomCrime Scene tape has kept looky loos out, like mom and dad.                                                                cscharlieWhere is the blood evidence?  We must check and make sure thee Cow Kitty did not scoop up the elf and leave his fang marks.                                                                laundrybloodstainsThis proves without a shadow of a doubt, Cow Kitty does not have blood on his paws.  Ya hear that Kali?  The great Sherl Holmes has declared Cow Kitty an innocent dude, at least in this case.  So who done did do this to Elfin John?  I need to rest now and energize with a delicious cup of Yorkshire Gold tea and cogitate on this dilemma. 

Well, you heard Sherl Holmes, she needs a rest before continuing with the case,  We will be back to conclude this case on Wednesday.  The game is afoot my friends.




May the fish in your water bowl be small and toothless.











Sunday Selfie with Kali

Shoko is cordoning off the crime scene in the laundry room so she said I should take over and pose for the selfie today.  She’s assembling pictures of the position of Elton John and measuring the bite marks.  She’s thinking of calling in an expert as the blood evidence has her baffled.                                                                  aacrimescenelrdone

The Cat On My Head has their blog hop of anipals showing there selfies.  Just hop on over and observe some of the most charming buds in Blogville.                                                                                 aakali1One of the few times I ventured outside, mom snapped a picture.

Have a super Sunday pals.  Lay back and have that extra nom….nobody will know.                                                                                sistersinarmswinter

Elfin John’s Lost! Was He Filled-In?

Shoko, did you look in the basement for Elfin John?  Yep, not a sign of the little guy.  Did you look in the garage, Kali?  Sure did, its cold as charity out there.  I doubt if he’s hiding in dad’s toolbox…besides we’d have to open it for him with a winch.  We’ve looked everywhere.  We never looked in the laundry room.  Just maybe he’s there.                                                         laundrysmNo, he’s not here either.  Wait Kali, we didn’t look inside the garbage can.  I don’t know what he’d be doing in there but we looked under the sink, on top of the washer and dryer….this is the last place.                                                               aaejcanOMC!!  He’s in here Kali and he looks hurt!  NO!! MEW MEW MEW!  Relax Kali, we’ll help him.  How Shoko…he doesn’t eat, drink or anything?

I’ll bring him out Kali and then we’ll figure out what to do.                                                                       aaejshokcan  Heths kill ething.  What?  He kills things? Wot ha winnit….                                                  sm-kali-closeupHe won?  Wait till you put him down Shoko….I can’t understand you.                                                              shokejSplat!  Sorry Elfin.  Kali can you lick the blood off Elfin and mom we’ll need you to see if there are any serious injuries.  Got the blood off Shoko.  Mom says somebody left teeth marks in his chest but otherwise he’s ok.  Kali, let’s put him in his sleeping drawer and hope he’ll come out next year.  I’ll take him Shoko.                                                              aaelfinksmThere you go Elfin.  Hope you feel better soon.

ellen_cat_badge_2-1-300x300It’s Friday”s Fun Filled Fill-Ins day sponsored by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.

1. My guiding word for 2017 is….. FRIENDS.  FRIENDS MAKE EVERYTHING EASIER.  THE MOUNTAIN BECOMES A MOLE HILL WITH A FRIEND BY YOUR SIDE.                                                                treatmonsters
2. RODENT ROOTER’S CLASS OF 2011 IS HAVING A…..class reunion.  I GRADUATED IN 2011 BUT THINK THEY PROVIDED A SECOND RATE COURSE SO I WILL NOT ATTEND THE CLASS REUNION.  I STILL HAVE TROUBLE CATCHING A MOUSE.  SEE I LOST THE MOUSE IN THIS PICTURE AND I HUNTED A VERY LONG TIME FOR THAT SUCKER.                                                                     aaaagardenshoksm3. Truth be told I am superstitious about ….. ANYTHING NEW .  IT TOOK ME 2 WEEKS TO GET USED TO MY FOUNTAIN AND NOW I ADORE IT.                                                           aafountainshok

4. Lately, I have been…..RATHER INACTIVE.


There you have it our fill-ins for the week.  Thank you ladies for such nifty blanks.





May you be the swatter instead of the fly.  MOL


We must  Leave a Purr for Jamieson Day.                                                         purrjamiesonThis little fellow left us far too soon but put up a gallant fight for his life.


Nellie We Miss You

Hey Shoko, I really miss Nellie. *sigh*  Me too Kali.  I don’t know about you Shoko but I want to go down and see her.  Our magic carpet is getting washed after all the anti-freeze we sprayed on it to keep it from freezing.  It’ll take awhile Kali.  Why can’t I use my new blankie that we got from our Secret Santa?  I’d like to go too but there’s no room on the blankie.

aakalismVroom…vroom, nothing’s happening.  You got to settle on the blanket and think positive thoughts of you flying on it.                                                           aablanketkalizmCan you see yourself flying on the carpet.  N -n- no.  Yes, yes….I’m flying!  Ok sis go with it.  MOL I’ve got…whooops…splat!  Shag my silvervine!                                                                      kalifallblankieWhat happened?  I was doing so well.  Let’s forget it for now Kali.  We’ll wait till the magic carpet is ready to go again.  I think maybe its a case of both of us powering it that makes the difference. 

Speaking of power have you seen Elfin John?  He’s suppose to be back in his resting place.  Let’s go look.                                                            kalimouseNo sign of Elfin John here Shoko but I found the cutest mousey,  Geez we better find him Kali…he’s suppose to be sleeping.  Everything is quiet and has been for a week or so.  We’ll take a look throughout the house tomorrow…maybe he’s just hiding to scare us. 



May the saddest day of your future be no worse
Than the happiest day of your past.                                                                                   sistersinarmswinter






Reblogged From Nellie On The Edge

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Coming Home and Gift #9

Mes had the bestest time the last few days at Kali and Shoko’s (Canadian Cats)!!
Their Mommy and Daddy are amazing!
Cow Kitty was a really good sport for the photo shoots and he is a new furrend.
So is Marvin the Moose!
It was tough to say goodbye and comes home.
Mes loved it so much, mes made my fun with friends my Gift #9!
PS Mommy, mes has missed yous. Can yous turn on the heated mattress pad and can wes goes to bed early and has cuddles, and can yous clean the house so mes can invite Flynn, Austin and Katie over for a Cuddle Pawty later this week?
Sees yous soon!!!

The Three Muscateers Make Life In The North…Rock

Hey, look, look Nellie….a moose!  Me’s not seen a moose befores not even in Edmonton. He’s a bigs guy.

prince-george-wildlife-moose-cityMes going to rides a moose, girls.  Let’s go!  This big guy says his name is Marvin and mes can ride on his back.  Yipeee! 

knsmoosedoneThank yous so much for the ride, Marvin.  Yous are the nicest moosie mes ever met.  Heys, Shoko what’s yous looking ats?  I got an idea to get back at Cow Kitty…..again.  First you and Kali must make a big snowball and I’ll build a contraption to deal with it. 


That should be big enough Nellie.  I think Shoko wants to throw it at Cow Kitty but she’s not strong enough for this mammoth snowball,

kalisnowballOk, I got it made as best I can.  Nellie you must stand right there and Kali and I’ll move the snowball over here. MOL  When I see Cow Kitty, I’ll yell and you jump off the CATapult.   Cow Kitty will get a snowball to remember.


Leap off Nellie!  Look at that snowball fly. MOL

aacksnowballWell, heavenly days, these gals mean business!

aacksbfeetI’m going home while I still can.  These gals are a fearsome trio.

Let’s get inside, looks like we’ve done all the damage we can outside for today.

catonheadbdIt’s the Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie today so let’s the three of us pose for the selfie.  You can pop in and say hi to our friends posing for their selfie.                                                           sand-k-and-nellieHey, I’m a real *Cat From Hell.*  My eyes are glowing red…hehe.

It sure has been wonderful having you here Nellie…we both have loved it.                                                           nelliekissingkali

Mom wants to give you your medicine and wants you to have a nice warm nap, Nellie.  We’ll come snuggle cause we’re all cold.                                                                     aaasnuggleI wish you didn’t have to go home tomorrow Nellie.  Mes too Shoko but mommy worries about mes so it is for the bestest that I gos home.  Maybe mes can come back in the spring when its warm and yous planting your vegetable garden Shoko.  We would have a fine time in the dirt Nellie.  It’s so light I can bat it all over the place.

Let’s sleep…I’m tired my meezer sistehs.

May you have a friend that insists you don’t snore but purr while sleeping.




COW KITTY…..BLUE                                                                             sistersinarmswinter

Another Day In Prince George

Friday, 6 January 2017

Another Day in Prince George and The Gift – #6

Mes still at the Canadian Cats! Kali and Shoko in Prince George!
When wes gotted up in the morning, Kali’s Mommy made us
Oh Goodness, I love BACON!
So do I
Mes too!
Angel Sammy must has told her how much mes likes BACON!!!
Did Angel Sammy tell you how much Nellie likes bacon Mom?
So starts another fun filled day with our three muscateers.  Read the full post at Nellie On The Edge.