Selfie Sunday with Shoko


I have spent over a week inside because some dirty alleycat bit me on the side.  The wound got infected and I had to go to the vet.  I was very unhappy and sore.  The worst thing was, and get this, I had to stay inside for over a week while my wound mended.  Well, I was beyond ticked!  I mewed and mewed….nothing.  I cried….nothing.  I hissed and growled at everyone…….nothing.  In fact, everyone seemed to ignore me cause I was being nasty.  The vet gave me a clean bill of health Thursday and I was allowed out yesterday.  I was so happy I didn’t go home for 6 hours.  When I did I was as hungry as a bear after hibernation.  Thank goodness life is back to normal.                                                         
The Cat On My Head is having a selfie Sunday and this is my entry. To see more anipals click on the blog name and you’ll arrive at the selfie place in seconds.

Tyebe and I had a little fun earlier in the day.                                                              
Tyebe stole the treats out of the kitchen and dragged them into the living room to share with me.  She’s turning out to be a pretty good little friend.

I may have encouraged her a wee bit. mol  Point is, we enjoyed some salmon treats together while mom wandered around wondering where the treats went.

Have a mighty fine Sunday friends.                                                                     

Friday’s Friendly Fill-Ins with Shoko and Tyebe

It’s a Friday and that means a fun-filled Friendly Fill-Ins day with our co-hosts 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

I will comple the first 2 sentences and Tyebe the last 2 sentences.

1. As a child, I feared……PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING, BUT I DIDN’T WANT ANYONE TO SEE I WAS SCARED SO I HITHED AND GROWLED AT EVERYONE.  MUCH AS I DO NOW THAT TYEBE’S HERE.                                                        

2. Friday the 13th …..IS A FRIDAY AND THAT’S A FISH FRY DAY AT                                            CAT SCOUTS.  ANY FISH DAY IS A GREAT DAY.                                                                 

3. I think.….MY EARS… are my best quality.  WITH RADAR LIKE MINE I CAN HEAR TREATS RATTLED IN A TIN 3 ROOMS AWAY. MOL *hic*                                                                          



I’m not impressed, mom!

Sunday Selfie with Shoko

Today is a selfie day and I intend on looking nonchalant as I take my selfie.  Before I get too far ahead please take a gander at The Cat On My Head and have a chuckle over the anipals posing for the selfies they took.  Some of them are quite amusing.  Click on the blog name for some selfie action.                                                          

Mom has the fountain plugged in for the summer and this water is purified. It’s really tasty.                                                           I shall grab some water and snap my selfie.  This is so easy, Tyebe could do it.                                                         

I step on the remote and bingo….a *gag* *sputter* picture of me.  Cwap!!  This water is cold as a toad’s butt and it’s all over my face.  Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.

Have a restful Sunday my friends.                                                                   

Friday Fill Ins with Shoko and Tyebe

Friday is Fill-In day from 15 and Meowing and Four -Legged Furballs.  Thank you ladies for the fabulous sentences.


1. When it is hot,….. I HEAD INTO THE LANE TO SLEEP IN THE LONG COOL GRASS OF THE DILAPIDATED HOUSE.                                                             

2. I am looking forward to….. GETTING A FEW RIDES IN THE STROLLER….WITHOUT TYEBE this month.                                                                          

Over to you Tyebe.  Now just relax and tell it like it is,

3. The theme song of my life would be…..”I GET AROUND” by the Beach Boys.

4. There is no such thing as…..SHARING.  IT’S EVERY KITTY FOR ITSELF. 

Mes did it Shokos.  I’s was good too. mol *hic*  You were quite good, Tyebe.  Dang mes fantabulous!

Tyebe’s late night activity.

Thankful Thursday with mom

Hi friends, Shoko and Tyebe’s mom here for Thankful Thursday through Brian’s Home.                                                                


I am very thankful this week for one thing the girls did together.  Now, Shoko has been growling and hissing so much at all of us that I figured she was going to pack her wee bags and move out.  We couldn’t seem to do anything to her liking.  The wet food was not her favourite so she wouldn’t eat.  She has started going tinkles on the lawn.  Tyebe just made matters worse by giving Shoko a big bear hug whenever Tyebe saw her.   The other night I decided to leave the bedroom door open and just maybe all would be quiet when the lights went out.  Not quite quiet but shortly the growling became less and I fell off to sleep.  When I awoke at 2am, I turned the bedside light on and Tyebe was lying next to me.  What was next to Tyebe?  I rubbed my eyes…TWICE.  I couldn’t believe it!  There was Shoko, out like a light right beside her.  I quickly got my camera from the livingroom and snapped the picture.                                                                     

This sure made my heart relax. I won’t go so far as to say they are great friends and there’s no more hissing and growling. There is still growling and hissing. All on Shoko’s part. However, they have their moments of actual playing and just being with each other.

I am one thankful cat mom for the happiness I feel. Shoko is starting to accept Tyebe and progress will be in baby steps.

Now, go visit Brian’s Home blog hop and view the other thankful anipals.                                                                          


   Since Annie of McGuffy’s Reader is taking time off, we will continue with her Sparks as if she were here with us.  We all need a positive thought to start the week off.  Especially me lately.  I wake up to Tyebe around my neck giving me a cat hug.  I’m not a touchy-feely kitty so am in a hissing mood instantly.                                                                  This quote sums up how we feel toward life.  We practice what we preach.  How about you my friends?                                                  

   Tyebe will show you how to attack life and enjoy.                                                                    You’re set to start your week.  Have a great one.                                                               

Sunday Selfies with Shoko and Tyebe

I’s wanna try again Shokos, *hic*.  Ok, you can Tyebe.  Just relax.  Let me tell everyone where to go first, Shokos.   Hmmm, that doesn’t sound very polite, Tyebe.  What me’s means is yous should go to The Cat On My Head to view the other anipals posing for yous pleasure or better yet join in the fun with yous selfie.                                                                 

I’s was busy outside in the backyard again today but mes did take a couple of selfies.

Me scared meself with this closeup! I’s didn’t know mes nose was so big.

The other pictures weren’t much better so mes lost the magic touch. Shokos came to the rescue and took our picture together. She is smart. See we actually get along but don’t tell mom. We like freaking her out. mol *hic*