Selfie Sunday with Kali

                                                                             The Cat on my HeadThe Cat on My Head is hosting the Sunday Selfie once again.  I wanted to pose as if I don’t care if the paparazzi steal my image.  Did I accomplish my goal?                                                                    akaliposeDONEMom’s brother-in-law and his girlfriend are up visiting from Vancouver Island so mom will be spending her time with them.  Like mom says if peeps don’t come up and visit in the summer…..then nobody visits.                                                                                SHOKOKALI2


Friendly Fill-Ins with Kali

ellen_cat_badge_2-1-300x300Hey Kali, c’mon inside and answer these fill-ins from McGuffy’s Reader and 15 and Meowing.  Wait, I must look presentable for the occasion. and then I’m set. Ok, I’m ready.                                                                 aakaliorchard

1. I wish I could afford to hire someone to fAN me when I get too hot.

2. Zucchini plants provide great shade.

3. One Summertime memory I recall is sleeping in mom’s garden under the Monk’s Hood.  She had to get rid of it because it is very poisonous.

4. This Summer, I plan to help mom dig up the carrots.

There you have it friends.  Kali’s fill-ins for the day.

May your tuna be fresh and your bed soft.                                                                                   SHOKOKALI2

Strolling Around Fort Meezer

There has been so much rain that the flowers and plants either grew like stink or were drowned.  Mom and I looked around the garden at the damage and growth earlier today.

Seems to us the Clematis, Alpine Willy decided to put a barrier of green along the front porch.  Willy is indeed very happy with the damp weather.  I hide in the growth and jump out at mom and Kali.  I scare Kali every time.                                                                aaaalpinewillyKali should be out here helping me show you our garden.                                                                             aaakfinal

A close look into the house shows us that Kali is sound asleep on top of the condo penthouse.


Cow Kitty is grabbing a quick nap under the hose roll.

Everyone seems to be sleeping but me.  I’ll show you more of the garden soon. *yawn*, time for me to have a nap too.

aashgardenMay you always find a treasure when you dig a potty hole.                                                                           SHOKOKALI2




Sunday Selfie With Shoko

What a beautiful Sunday it is for us felines.  Sun galore.

Sundays mean, selfie time.    This is a picture of me ordering more nip for my atini.  Mom isn’t exactly hopping to attention when I order, but the nip has mellowed me and I dinny care.                                                              055A quick stomp of my paw on the remote and voila….ME.

If you click on The Cat On My Head blog, you can visit the line up of thieves that will steal your heart.

May you find peace in your nip or a piece a nip…whichever floats your boat.                                                                SHOKOKALI2

Artsy, Fartsy Saturday with Kali and Shoko

Artsy Fartsy Caturday is being hosted by Athena and Marie’s blog today like every other Caturday.  Click on the hosting name and be swept away to observe our franipals posing just for you.                                                                                     Cat artMom found an on-line photo editor and made us look like cartoons.  Even the bedroom looks like its animated.  She then flipped us so the room is all backwards and voila a flipped and animated look at us.  Just between us Kali, this work of art, I could’ve done nicely without.  I have no face, just a black smudge and a heck of a big smudge too!

                                                                      aaaaa12aToday is supposed to be 26C Shoko.  So we both will be out early and fighting over the best sun puddle.

May you gals be crowned Miss Kitty Litter of 2016 in your dreams.



Friendly Fill-Ins With Shoko


Did you know that Phoebe’s blog, 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader host the Friendly Fill Ins Kali?  Of course I do Shoks.  They have been doing this for 10 weeks now.                                                                                smsm KaliLast week you did the fill-in’s so this week is my turn Kali.  Make me proud, Shoko.                                                                              ash1sm1. I prefer the new Chicken and Cheese Fancy Feast to the Salmon Primavera   flavoured Fancy Feast. 

 2. Staying away from the fresh catnip was much harder than I expected.

3. One way that I relax is to lay under a bush in the garden. 

  4. Feeling the sun on my furs always makes me happy.

asleepshWhat’s this….the sun is out for a visit…woohoo.

May your fur balls be few and your sun puddles plenty.

Story Time Review…..The Sea Puurtector Files Pt. 1


The first book of the series one must read is, “Latitudes and Cattitudes.” This little book introduces readers to Xander de Hunter and Merlin living in Seattle, Washington.                                                                        aersh

Isn’t this the book mom just finished Kali?  Yep, it’s a James Bond type of story but with us felines and from Xander’s point of view.

Mom says she would have been lost if she hadn’t read, “Latitudes and Cattitudes. ” This little book is a prequel to The Sea Purrtector FIles  and its  free.  Can’t get any cheaper than that.

Our hero is Xander de Hunter, a skillful feline.  Xander is a seal-point Siamese so he is a beautiful specimen.  I believe he is a distant cousin of mine, Kali.  Sure Shoko, whatever you say. *rolls eyes*                                                                   akawashcrAs our story opens, Xander has just won a kick boxing championship.  A white cat by the name of Merlin approaches Xander requesting his assistance to find his littermate.  Our hero doesn’t bat an eye even though Merlin’s sister is lost on the ocean and Xander is deathly afraid of water.                                          Catitudes and Latitudes pic

After reading “Latitudes and Cattitudes” mom immediately started reading “The Red Claw.”

The location has changed for The Red Claw. We first see our hero, Xander de Hunter on his boat in Jamaica. Our hero has been summoned from the ranks of Catomondo by a letter marked with a Red Claw, a very urgent sign indeed. One of cat society’s royalty is missing. Time for Xander to show his prowess as the Sea Puurtector, even though he’s being shadowed by one of Dogdom’s finest agents…

The shenanigans between Xander and some island residents is priceless.  We  meet up with Sir Simon who holds the important position of Jamaican Purrtector in Catamondo.  So if you like a happy feeling before you close your eyes for the night, we urge you to start reading the Sea Purrtector Files.

So who’s the author mom?  Oh didn’t I say?  No!  Well, her name is Jeanne Foguth and she knows boats and cats.  She’s been over to the Caribbean, observing the locals in their environment.                                                        MerlinwhizzThis is Merlin, author Foguth’s inspiration for Simon.

                                                             lexisch3Our favourite candy date for mayor has stated another reason to vote for her.  What?  Did I read that right….Did Lexi say no taxes?  Paw at this address and see what future mayor Lexi is offering us.                                                                     SHOKOKALI2A big hug to Sammy and Pam from One Spoiled Cat for this lovely badge.  We love this beautiful badge.  It makes us look like we got class.  That’s class Shoko not g-ass.  MOL….sorry Kali,…..MOL mewwww


May your whiskers never need braiding!