Sparks of Sunshine

Let’s start the week with a positive thought by Joining Annie from McGuffy’s Reader and her Sparks.                                                

This last week has been a very painful reminder of the extent of my RA. Positive thinking was out the window as the best I could do was hold on and ride it out. However, when the flare started to settle….the day was so sunny, everything seemed brighter and clearer…. more alive, welcoming and calm. Do we need to see hell in order to appreciate our surroundings? Yes, a look at the worst life can throw at us can show let the beauty we see every day shine through.

Have a super start to the week friends.

Kali presents Artwork for Caturday

Hidey ho friends.  I feel so good.  Mom has been a little out of sorts lately so Shoko and I slept all over her for a few days.                                                        

We did let her up to move about but generally, Shoko and I were  sharin’ our furs with mom. She just slept and watched TV. She had our toys but didn’t play much.

I decided an Artsy, Fartsy picture of me on mom’s bed would be great for Artsy Caturday at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty blog.

Me looking well rested….no bags or suitcases under my eyes.  Look at those ears!  They’re so clean they sparkle.                                                    Can you find me?

Mom decided to use  the Candy and Edtaonist Art Effects to produce:                                             
Cool eh?

Stop by and visit with me and my cohorts in Artsy land at Athena’s blog but clicking on the full name in blue of Athena’s blog.                                            

Sparks of Happiness

Let’s get into the groove Kali. This is Sparks Monday. A wonderful way to start off the week in a positive mood. Annie of McGuffy’s Reader started this blog hop.  Click on Annie’s blog and see the others with uplifting quotes.

Mom Is a great believer in spreading happiness for others cause sometimes peeps need an extra boost to see the happiness around them.

Remember, when you smile at someone on the street, you don’t know the burden they’re carrying. It could be huge! A compliment to this stranger may just take his mind off his troubles and brighten a few minutes in his life.  In doing so our spirit is that much more positive and happy.

Have a great week friends.                                                      

Sunday Selfie with Sisteh!

It’s time to decorate for Christmas, mom. Ho, ho ho….even!  C’mon Kali…..time to put your best paw forward.                                           

Ok…I was just reading the paper…..Prime Minister Trudeau seems popular.  I guess legalizing pot didn’t hurt. 


Kali, bring your bony butt out here and help us.

Keep your fur on, I’m coming.

 What’s this? I can tell mom’s been really busy, aha…she’s playing with the mice again.mol

 This is the table for the Poinsettia tablecloth…I remember from last year.

Here’s mom’s favourite wrapping paper. *sigh* I sure made a mess out of it when I attacked it last year. Ya, and you tried to blame it on me!

Let’s take our selfie for The Cat On My Head, right here…..*click*  There we go.                                                    

Simply click on the blog hop name and fly off to the selfie party.                                           Have a fun Sunday, friends.                                                             


Fry Day Fun Fill-Ins

It’s Fry Day….let’s have some fish, Kali.  Remember, Elfin John caught one for us.  Sounds good!

Shall we have sushi or wait for the stove to go on again. Sushi….I’ve never had sushi, Shoko.

Oh, my stars this is ghastly!  It’s tough and rubbery….yuck!  Wait, if you pull hard enough you can rip it into small pieces.  Ya, it rips like cloth….what?  It is cloth……super pukey!  I’m not happy Kali.

Is Elfin John laughing at us? He is laughing at us. He is chuckling away like a wee nincompoop.

Forget him Shoks, it’s time for Fryday’s Fill-Ins with us, *bow* *bow*. Right, 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader are the hosts once again for the post.                                                     

Kali will do the first two sentences and I will finish off with the last two sentences.

Here are the sentences.
1. I can’t believe..…THE HOUSE ON THE CORNER is still sold. IT’S A RATTY OLD PLACE. You wouldn’t catch me in a dilapidated house like that.

2. I have…..SOME NAILPOLISH ….. on Craigslist. I HELPED MAKE IT AND IT’S SO COOL.                                                        


Over to you Shoks.


4. My current weakness is…..THE WATER ACTIVATED FISH.  I CAN BE FOUND SITTING ON THE SIDE OF THE SINK DRINKING WATER AND NOSING THE WEE FISH.                                             

There you have it, our sentences for Fill it in Friday.                                                           


Thankful Thursday

Today we thank our lucky stars for the mom and a furever friend.  We join, 

Take a gander at the others participating in this blog hop. Just click on Brian’s Home and join our friends.

We are so lucky to have a mom that tries to play with us….her timing is really off but she tries.

I feel eyeballs watching me.

I know you’re there, mom. You’re one loud sneak.

MOL…..What’s this…..dang feathers all over……come here, you need a good chew.

It is a year today that Easy left us for the Bridge.  That loveable goof of a friend.                                               

I remember visiting him in France and the fun we had.

Here Easy was playing *Ring Around The Ears*.   He was good at it!

We went for a short stroll in Easy’s yard. See how we got along.

We miss you my friend but we have so many memories of you to keep us happy and you will always be in our hearts.