Shoko Braves the Leash While Kali Becomes Artsy

I looked pleadingly at mom for hours and hours, finally she said…., “Did you want outside today Shoko?”  Well ya!!  Mom got the harness and leash and made me dress like a fool before she would open the door.

First we went to the veggie garden and I watered the plants.  The Peas were drying up.  Mom had let the veggie garden go.                                                                      ashokleash1    After I looked under some bushes sniffed at the pretty flowers, scratched at the fence mom decided she better start freezing the red peppers and proceeded to pick me up….very unceremoniously,  I hithed my best hith to let her know I was walkin’ here and had places to go.  After tying my leash securely on the bistro table leg, off she went to get the red peppers ready to freeze.                                                                aashokcrleash2Here I was stuck on the deck unable to get anywhere.  I sang to mom for a while and then everything got quiet.  Mom came out to see why I was so quiet.                                                                aashokcrleash

I headed away from that contraption and I’m free.  My first stop was the nip, boy I missed it.  I lay on my back and pawed a nip leaf in my mouth.    Off to settle under the flowers next.                                                                        aashokcrflowersMom decided to leave me be as I was enjoying myself. Good idea. an hour later I was exhausted from all this activity and wanted in.

It felt so good to be in my basket, I fell asleep immediately.


It’s also Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Artsy Fartsy Caturday so take a gander at the anipals posing for you.                                                                         Cat artMom has used a Fisheye from Pizap.                                                                        afisheye Egads, I look odd! 












Friday Fill-Ins with Kali


Today is Flyday and our hosts 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader have presented us with four new fill-ins.



3.  I still have …..THE GOOSE…..from my childhood.                                                                        4 May 02 2smMOM CUT HIS HEAD OFF BUT IT’S MY GOOSE.

HERE IT IS 14 YEARS LATER.                                                       agoosesmall

 4.  If I didn’t have…..MY BASKET….. , I’d be completely lost.                                                             akalidone

There you go my friends.  My Friendly Fill-Ins for the last Friday in August.                                                         lexinoodle


Losing Teeth at Fort Meezer

Upon Shoko’s arrival home we had to Shoko proof the house.  This started with the Cat Condo and stretched to the Cat Overlook Box.                                                                aShokproofWith the cat poles on the floor Shoko couldn’t hurt herself.  Shoko had something to say about the condo on the floor. 


I’ll take it from here mom.  Well, I’m not all better but on my way.  I have antibiotics every 12 hours and a pain-killer every 24 hr.  This keeps mom busy and out of trouble.  I give her a hard time so we have liquid all over.  The vet gave her a liquid as she can handle squeezing meds better than getting fingers that don’t bend into my mouth with pills.   I’ve started my previous ThunderPaw running so I’m feeling pretty good but after the pain-killer, I kinda get sleepy again.  I then plop down on the bed for a little shut-eye and emerge 4 hours later.

Kali is giving me lots of space.  She is being very nice and not hissing at me for stinking like the vet’s place.                                                          akalishokteeth doneThe technician gave mom  pictures of my mouth before the removal and afterwards….I had a tooth cleaning too.  Pretty snazzy looking snappers, if you ask me.                                                                                     ashokteethI lost these two teeth due to Resorption Disease in cats.  An excellent article is called Animal dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists LLC

As the vet-tist was taking the two teeth out, one tooth broke.  There are holes in the teeth from the Tooth Resorption Disease.  My longest tooth here is 1/4 of an inch.  I have tiny teeth but then I am a tiny cat.  I wonder if I could get mew-lah for three teeth?  How smart is this Tooth Fairy?

Mom and I discussed putting this picture in the post.  Mom said it was gross but I explained it was me and this is me under anesthetic.                                                                ashokpicI won!  No wonder my mouth feels like it’s been pried open and left open for hours…it has been.

I want to go out and water my plants so mom phoned the Clinic to find out when I can tend the garden again.  The technician said a week from the day of the surgery.  Mom is in for a bumpy week.  I’ll try some dramatics on her. MOL

I’m stuck in the house
I’d rather be playing with a mouse
A garden to toil and tend
Neglected, and alone my friend
A tear shows my pity
Chase me Cow Kitty

May the Bird of Paradise fly into a brick wall!                          lexinoodle

MOM green
Shoko black

I’m Home and There’s No Place Like it!!

What a day my friends.  I have had two teeth removed.  I’m also on morphine so I feel nothing.                                                             ashokfirst lookI was never so happy to see mom…like EVER!  I was shaking. the tech said from the morphine but I was scared.

After a short ride, I fell asleep, we were home.                                                             ashomeI quit shaking and snagged a good spot on the bed.

Thank you my wonderful friends for the purrs, purrayers and good wishes. Just knowing you were there for me helped me through a very long day.

Till tomorrow, when I finally have all my marbles back and can tell you what happened during the day.                                                         SHOKOKALI2


Shoko Prepares for the Vet Clinic

ashokhome Shoko is looking for some chow but there is not even a lone kibble to take away the hunger pangs.

ashoktooth2Dad caught Shoko as she was leaving the kitchen.  Shoko, mom and dad left for the vet clinic at 7:30am this morning.  Shoko was brave but sung out her contempt for mom and dad’s actions almost immediately after being tossed carelessly in her box…sorry, I was seeing the events from Shoko’s viewpoint.  Shoko was placed lightly in her box.  Better, eh?  Off they went as I waved good-bye at the living room window. 

 Once at the Vet Clinic, Shoko was weighed again and she weighs the same as last week….imagine, no gorging because of the upcoming surgery.  Great.

ashokboxes1Shoko got back in her box and was taken to pre-op.

There you have it friends.  Shoko is being operated on as you read this post.                                                                         SHOKOKALI2


Our Pawlympic Events and Sunday Selfie starring Shoko

Pawlympics2016+LARGE-1Today is the last day for the Blogville Pawlympics.  The closing ceremony can be found at Frankly and Ernestly Speaking’s blog.  It was a wonderful summer diversion that Kali and I appreciated.  We entered three events as this was our first time in the Pawlympics.

Our first event was Lexi the Schnauzer’s Razzberies/ Tongue Curling.  Many of our friends were entered and we performed like pros.                                                     ksg4Kali was actually ticked at mom and getting ready to mew, loudly.

ashoksuccessglassesI was trying to touch my nose with my tongue.  I think I got it! too

We captured the gold,                                        awardtonquecurling

We were also entered in Easy”s Olympig event…Tuneful Farting.

I didn’t know it was called Tuneful Farting….I thought it was Tuning into Hearts…like the Queen of Hearts.  We would then sing.  A lady doesn’t go around farting Shoko.  We don’t even talk about those things.  Well, what do you do when you have gas…blow up like a balloon from holding it in?  Then we could enter you in the Macy”s Parade.  MOL  How rude Shoko!  We excuse ourselves and go into the bathroom.  No putting about the house, eh?  No way.  We’ll continue this fascinating fart talk later Kali.

First up was Kali singing through her butt.  MOL                                                                            KalitunefulfartingYou are gross Shoko.  I was embarrassed but it was all in fun.

I followed Kali with some explosive artwork.                                                       shokotunefulfartingWe won first place in the cat Category.  We were the only cat entries Shoko!   Wait…..Madi entered too.  Who’s Madi?  She is awesome and a great friend at Cat Scouts.                                                            1st.prizetunefulfartingeasyOur last entry was Fly Fishing at Dezizworld blog.

MOL, Kali your expression is priceless!                                                        kaliflyfishinLike, maybe if I ignore it…’ll go away.  MOL

My fast paced entry was next.                                                           shokoflyfishinWe walked away with gold again for our participation and efforts.                                                             FlyfishingOur first introduction to the Blogville Pawlympics was a positive one.

The Cat on my HeadNow on to The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie.  Simply click on the hosting blog to visit more anipals posing for you.                                                                  shokcokeIt’s a coke kinda of a day my friends.

Tomorrow I’m off to get a tooth pulled, please purr for me my friends.



Artsy, Fartsy Caturday with Shoko


Cat artCaturday and all is well.  Time for Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty Caturday art.

Kali just HAD to have a picture in this post too.  It’s only fair Shoks, you were in my post last Caturday.  No I wasn’t.  You sure were…you were wanted DEAD OR ALIVE.  That’s right….gee that picture was fun.  MOL  OK, let’s see something different that would suit your personality, Kali.                                                             kalivogueHow’s this for fitting my personality, Shoko?  This magnificent picture was done in photofunia by Lexi the schnauzer’s mom.  I just love it!

This gorgeous black and white picture of moi was a gift from Dezi and Raena’s mom of Dezizworld blog.  The only thing mom added was a frame.



I see London
I see France
I can tell at a glance
You’re wearing pink underpants.

Have a mellow day my friends.                                                                          badge1