Memories of Thanksgiving

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Wasn’t that a lovely meal.  We had turkey and mom and dad chowed down on ham with dad’s special cherry glaze.  We helped,Shoko.  Yeah right!  As dad was preparing the cherry glaze, Budd silently jumped up on the counter and gobbled a mouthful of meat off the ham.  He was settling in to have a few more bites when dad turned around and saw him.  Eyes met and dad must have been screaming with his eyes cause Budd jumped down immediately.  All dad said was…”ah, oh….Budd!”  We all watched as Budd went thundering out of the kitchen leaving dad to cut off the ham where Budd took a bite.                                                            He doesn’t look like he’d harm a fly but he’s the fastest thief in the west.  I can just hear him saying, “Dang that was good!”


Poor ole Budd.  What do you mean, “Poor ole Budd?”  Budd is always the first one to show up at mealtime and if he finishes his food before we have finished, he moves on to our food….just head butts us out of the way.  Dad has to watch him like a hawk!  It’s an endearing quality of his.  Bull feathers!  He’s a pain in the butt.  We end up eating fast and getting indigestion just so he won’t eat our food.  Just wait till mom is up and walking again.  She won’t put up with this kind of behaviour.                                                                         

Only Budd messed up on Thanksgiving.  I was good.  You!!  Who knocked a brussel sprout on the floor and then proceeded to play BS hockey with it?  Just you.  Yeah, I did…mol  It was fun.  I scored a goal when I knocked the brussel sprout(BS) right into Budd’s waiting arms.                                                             

We gave a huge thanks for our current lifestyle….we could do without winter though. It’s too cold for us.

Time for Meezer philosophy with Shoks.                                                       

“Always remember to watch other kitties and learn from their mistakes and successes. The very best teaching tool is experience. Learn from the other guy’s experience.”                                                                         

Thanksgiving Sunday Selfie with Some Furry from Fort Meeezer

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada.  Sunday is traditionally Thanksgiving dinner here in Fort Meezer.  Mom and dad are having ham, brussel sprouts, Hubbard squash from the garden and mashed potatoes.  They ate all the potatoes from the garden so I guess these are The Real Canadian Superstore’s spuds.  Us?  What are we getting?  Dad won’t tell us so it’s a surprise.

We thought you’d like to compare Tyebe’s size to last year.

Compared to this year.

What a difference a year makes.

Seeing as this is Selfie Sunday at The Cat on My Head blog, we are sending over a picture that one of these guys is going to take of themselves.  You’ll just have to pop on over to The Cat on my Head to see which furry made the cut.  Simply click on the name of the blog and be teleported through our chimney.

Budd is over here.

He’s cleaning Tyebe up for dinner.


To everybody celebrating Thanksgiving today.

Thankful Thursday with the Grateful Trio

I hear that Brian’s Home is having their regular Thankful Thursday.  Today we will join them cause we haven’t been for a visit and yak for a long time.  Mom is happy if she can do a post a week and if she manages more than one, well, she’s as happy as butter on toast.  Mmmmm…..butter!                                                         

I am thankful for an interesting Lane with lots of wildlife to watch.  I spend many an hour watching flying squirrels leaping from tree to tree.  Wish I could do that.

I am thankful that with the weather getting cold there is a warm and comfy home I can call mine.

I’m not thankful for the boisterous furries I must share my home with.  However, *looks both ways* they seem to be getting easier to live with.  Guess I’m a great teacher. I am grateful for my sleeping spot right beside mom.  I am so relaxed I hear nothing.


Shoko is contemplating her Meezerism of the day.  Take it away big sis.                                                               

“One should never tell their caregiver what food is the best.”

Geez, why not Shoks? That doesn’t make sense even to me and I’m a meezer! Cause my wee sis, if mom finds out which food is our favourite, she’ll buy only that food until we’re sick of it. Ohhh, I see. OK, I agree with you, sis.                                                                               

Tyebe Tuesday does Happy Tuesday

It’s getting cool outside. BRRRR…                                                       

I wanted to play in the Lane but it’s too cool. Nobody else is out either except Shoko.                                                                        I tried looking for bugs but they were all in their wee houses and nobody wanted to come out and play.                                                                                   Even Shoks doesn’t want to stay outside.  Mmmm does she dislike the cool or did she tick someone off in the Lane?  Not sayin’ eh Shoks?  None of your bee’s wax Tyebe.  I’ve always wanted to know, is bee’s wax really honey in disguse?  *Shoko rolls her eyes.*  Hurry up dad Shoko wants inside.  I’m going to find some place warm in the backyard.                                                             

This is the place to be! A little moisture for my white furry locks….keeps them looking shiny. The heat is fantastical.

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Here’s Shoko with a Meezerism to challenge the little grey cells.                                                               

“♫ A fence is a fence of course, of course,
unless of course, the fence is more than
6 feet high. Then it’s a barrier.♫ “

A catchy little tune from “The Famous Mr. Ed.”  Way back in the 60’s mom said.

I’ll bet you’ll be carrying that tune around in your head for a few hours. MOL                                                                       



Feline Friday and Friendly Fill ins

No joking, Tyebe.  I feel Budd starring at me, undressing me with his eyes.  MOL…Really?  You’re odd, Shoko.  Why would Budd undress you with his eyes?  He’s seen you without your collar before.  I don’t remember him getting excited when he saw you.  Well, maybe he has x-ray vision and can see right into me.  Yuck…..who in their right mind wants to see your innards.  It sounds disgusting!

Ellen from 15 and Meowing and Lorianne from Four-Legged Furballs designed the sentences that we each will add our views to for Friendly Fill-Ins.                                                         


1. October is the perfect month for…..PUMPKINS AND SCARY GHOSTS…… the summer’s at an end and Christmas is still months away,  Halloween keeps us happy.


2. The most recent purchase I made online was…..FELINE  PROBIOTICS.  Budd needs them to keep him ship shape.


3. If I turned invisible for a day, …..I WOULD PINCH BUDD  I’d scare the dooty out of him and let him know that I ( Shoko)was doing this.  No, it’s not mean….its survival.                                                             

4.  MY SENSE OF WHAT’S FUN….. has gotten me in trouble in the past.


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Now, for a Meezerism straight from the heart.                                                     

“The wise one knows when the treats are gone it’s time to exit, stage left.”                                                                                   

Awwwww Monday with Shoko and Tyebe

It was a very cool night. The temperature got down to -2C.(28.4F).   The garden flowers are gone for another year.  There was ice on the outdoor water bowl.  Dad had a feeling the temperature would dip below freezing so he brought the cherry tomatoes up to the house and they didn’t freeze!                                                       

Bet you can’t see me…mol

We are joining Sandee for  AWW  Monday at Comedy Plus.  Please sneak over and view some other blogs doing AWW Monday.  Just click on the blog name and voila, you’re there.                                                           Sorry, this isn’t a great picture but you get the idea.  Shoko is finally accepting me….not as her equal but a member of the family.                                                                 

We have a guest for Meezer Proverbs today.  It s Xena the Warrior Princess from  Lucy and Xena.  Xena’s an honourary Meezer and she wanted to impart her Meezer wisdom to others.  Take it away, Xena.                                                                   “Cats will never be dogs.”


Fill-Ins and Bloopers


Today is a double trouble day. We have Friday’s Fun Fill-ins and Blooper Day. Prepare yourself cause we are doing our best to bring you the sunny side of life here but some kits have big mouths and I’m not mentioning any names *stares at Tyebe*. So crap will happen!

First, we’ll proceed with the Friday Fill-Ins sponsored by Ellen Of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs.  Ellen designed the two first sentences while Lorianne designed the last two.                                                                   

1. I think it would be fun to ….. RUNDOWN THE LANE CHASING SHOKO.  She doesn’t think so but I do.                                                      

2. I have a hankering for…..BEEF.  Fancy Feast doesn’t seem to have the wet and that’s just what I want.  Are there any cows around here?  I want a cow of my own.                                                                     

3. THIS SUMMER…. is a memory I will never forget.  The summer was cool and cloudy but I had a home to go into when the weather upset me.                                                             

4. If I were given the choice to be immortal, I would….STAY JUST THE WAY I AM  AND LEAVE WHEN MY BODY GIVES UP…..  The changes in the environment, technology, layout of the towns would be different  All my friends would be gone.  Who could relate to me if no one else lived as long?                                                             

Just thought I’d pretend to be mom….mol


Now is the blooper time.  Melissa of Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows has taken this blog over from Roby Sweet.  Please click on Meissa’s badge or her blog name to be swept over there.                                                                 

Here is me at my worst. Notice how my tummy has dropped..I look sick and out of focus.                                                             
Yes, we have more ugly pictures but I am objecting to anymore horror photos of me this month.

I will impart a Meezer Proverb for your edification.

” The wise Meezer will not own a car but a stroller so she can roll in a comfy bed and be protected.”

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