Sunday Selfie with Rolled up Tyebe

It’s a snowy day Shoko.  I’ve been out and its cool as heck.  Thanks for telling me Tyebes, I won’t go outside then.  Mom will change the kit lit today so I will have a fresh and clean toilet.                                                        If you keep moving then you’ll stay warm.

I’ll be posing for the Sunday Selfie at The Cat On My Head.


Have a great week.  Beat the snow away with a tune from The Melting Snowman called Sun, shine on me.

Tyebe Tuesday…Nov.16

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Hey this nip is great, Shoko. When dad cut it back it started growing again.  Mmmmm….gives me the giggles.                                                 

Me too. mol Who’s that on our bench? Looks like Bouncy from the Kit Kat Klub.


Hey Bouncy what’s happening?  I just came by to tell you girls that we’re leaving for Florida tomorrow so maybe watch the property for us. It’s doubtful anything will happen but keep your eye on the guy that lives in the crappy house…..he’s weird.

When are you ladies coming back Bouncy?  Gee Not until late May when it warms upOK, we’ll keep the home fires burning so to speak


We’ll try and mow the grass before you and the others return Bouncy. Have fun in Florida.





Flippin’ Friday Fill Ins for Nov.

Here are the Friendly Fill Ins.  The first 2 sentences were the product of Ellen of 15 and Meowing and the last 2 sentences were the product of Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs


1. I have a ..BUNCH OF BROWN SPOTS… on my …NOSE.  You can’t see them unless you are right up in my face though.


2. I wish I could speak fluent …..STREET LINGO.  Then I could join a Kitty Kat Gang. Like the Sewer Mewers.  Their tunes echo!


3. I wonder what would happen if ..i WERE TO JUMP UP ON THE COUNTER AND STAND IN THE SINK..naw I’ll just drink from my water bowl…..quieter this way.


4. If I want …treats, I’m going to have to …point at the cupboard WITH MY HEAD..


Feline Friday Filled In

Much attention is focused on the Lane because  that certain feeling is in the air that feels like snow.  We don’t like it.

Here we are playing choo choo to get out of the house.  Notice, I am looking right at the handle of the door.  Could I speak any plainer?  Let us out.                                                                 

I am admiring the Sweet Peas.  Even with 2 frosts they are still alive.                                                                     

This is Feline Friday at Comedy Plus so join  Shoko and I over there..

It is also Fill In Friday with Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs.

Mom took the first fill in, then Shoko and I had the last two…..mol, lucky me.

1. Something I lost, and was never able to find was my Mickey Doll from Germany. I spent many a happy hour as a kid playing with my prickly Mickey.                                                               


3. LOUD MUSIC doesn’t bother me.  I can sing along with it and even louder than the music,

4. I don’t handle RUNNING OUT OF TREATS very well.

Have a great weekend.

No Snow Yet

We took a walk in the Lane and it was very cool.                                           

        Oh mom, what a blooper….a thousand reasons why. You look like you have two heads.     

         Dad and I at a standoff….waiting for it to get warmer. mol

Of course Shoko disappeared after this picture.. 

    She found something more interesting. 

She found 2 Northern Flicker Woodpeckers. Absolutely nothing about Halloween.  That’s fine.  Tyebe and I don’t like it….too noisy.



Tyebe and Shoko Shoot the Breeze

mol…What are you doing Tyebe?  You look like a twit!   Mol….just practicing and getting my bod limber.  You think you need  really need to be any more limber with the amount of mice you catch. All right I’ll sit down.                                                                     

I tell you sis,  I’m actually getting tired.  Good then maybe we can sleep for a bit.

You Need to do a Meezerism first Shoks.  Right, I haven’t done one of those since you sat quietly. mol  A very long time.  A sip of water first Tyebe.                                           

“Live each day with joy in your heart….somebody might just have a treat waiting for you.

I like that Shoks.  I can relate to that meezerism.

Now, let’s relax in our condo.

















The Canadian Cats

October 18, 2021

We are joining Comedy Plus’s Happy Tuesday for today’s post.   Click on the name or the badge and be swept away with a huge broom.

Hey Coop, you look like somethings bothering you.    I know Shoks but I love being with Tyebe.  She is so busy and sure sleeps hard.  That she does Coop.                                               

See Coop, this is my fishing hole.  You look like it’s time to go home my favourite guy.  You need to see your family, don’t you?  Ya, my Crackle your Snap needs to show mom and dad just how much they mean and all the other furries too.  Let’s go my pot….no I was going to say pot of gold.  Don’t look at me that way Shoko.

I want to thank your mom for having me. Let’s go fly away.  mol  Oh Tyebe.                                                                         

Hold on tight Coop.  It’s only 1C or 33,8F today .  Pretty soon we’ll be outta the north and nearing Virginia which will be warmer.


Sunday Selfie with Tyebe

This is Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Heads place.  Click on the badge or the name and join the animals chatting and generally expressing themselves.

  However a family member by the name of Giulietta, passed over to the bridge a few days back and Coop’s  feeling down in the dumps  so I flew him up here to be with us for a little while.                                                       

Hey Coop, tell us a wee bit about Giulietta.  I liked her and  would jump on her head to see how she would like a two ton truck on her!  mol  I kept trying to tell her about the importance of being prepared.  She never caught on but just figured I was picking on her.  She was a beauty.

I know you hate to see your mom and dad upset but they are strong like you.  Snuggle with me Snap and I’ll help by snoring those upsetting thoughts away.                                                                     

This our selfie for today.

You know Snap, one of us should lose weight and then we’d fit in here better.  Tyebe we probably wouldn’t be as close.



Friday Feline Fill Ins From Fort Meezer

One very sunny day here in the north.  Both Shoko and I ran outside first thing this morning when the temperature was 2C.  It is now 8C with a huge yellow ball in the sky but Shoko has ducked back inside. Shoko, you look kinda fuzzy……pull yourself together sis.

Mom wants Shoko to get fresh air so out Shoko goes.

Today is Feline Friday at Comedy Plus so get down there and visit some very cool posts by some happy yet zany friends.                                                                            Also Friday is Fill In day with Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs with Lorianne.

1. ANTS… makes my skin crawl.  WE DON’T EVEN HAVE PICTURES OF ANTS….THEY ARE RARELY TO BE FOUND AROUND HERE.  Mr. Goggle supplied one for us to show you.

2. I enjoy …..A DUST BATH IN SUMMER.

3. I consider myself…..A KEEN WILDLIFE EXPERT..  I’m in the bushes behind the Kit Kat Klub where many a mouse has been found.  The Kit Kat Klub has never had a mouse cause all us kitties that use the Lane keep the Klub free of vermin.                                                                   


There is no way I am showing you a picture of me barfing.  So here I am burping with some daintiness.                                                               

BUUUURRRRP!  S’cuse me for the belch my friends! It was suppose to be dainty.  Well, it sure wasn’t dainty, Tyebe  Guess dad is wearing off on me.