Friendly Friday Fill Ins on Feline Friday

Welcome to Feline Friday sponsered by Comedy Plus and Friendly Friday Fill Ins sponsered by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs.

The first sentence mom answered, #’s 2 and 4 were answered by Shoko and I answered #3.  As you will note it seems I have a tiny addiction to treats,

1. When I run out of  KLEENEX, I use toilet paper as a substitute.

2. I don’t understand why..PERSONAL CHOICE IS  MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAFETY FOR  …some people .

3. ANYTIME is the best time to…  ASK FOR TREATS.

 4. It seems like I’m the only one who ….. THINKS A LADY SHOULD BE POLITE AND SLOWLY  EAT HER FOOD.

The sun warmed up the snow and it got hard when the temperature cooled so I could get on top of the snow  .Even Shoko popped outside to enjoy the sun.

Feline Friday and the First Fill Ins of 2022

Hey, hey hey.  We are still cold up here but it’s not quite as cold, -20C or -4F.  I snuck out this morning and discovered it was far too cold to linger. A quick pee and I was polishing the window to get back inside.  Lemme in before I stick to the deck.

We are joining Feline Friday at Comedy Plus                                            

and of course Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four legged Furballs for the   Friday Fun Fill Ins.


1. My focus word for 2022 is ……POSITIVE.         I’m positive that  I’ll smash Tilly the Toilet Paper.  I already pulled on her whiskers.

2. This year I want to learn more about… SQUIRRELS.

We have a family of squirrels living in the huge evergreen behind us.  I never bother with them.  They just want to have fun and grab lots to eat.  They have races on the power lines. I don’t know how they do it and they run along the wires.


3. Mom….ENJOYED THE CANDY FROM SANTA… during the first week of 2022.

     Sorry, no pictures of me hogging out.  The candy didn’t last long into the week.  My favourite are hedgehogs.


4. In this season of my life, I ..WANT WARMTH.

 A nice fire when the powdery snow blows off the roofs and it looks like Siberia out there.                                                             


Tyebe Tuesday In the Snow

It’s a mew year but my wish for warmth didn’t come true. Although it is warm in the house.  The snow blew and blew some more.  I wanted to be out till I looked out the window.                                                                   

So I stayed inside and played tag with Shoko.  She didn’t want to play but the exercise will do her good.  There is no sun today so time to just hang.  You can see the street lights are on.

We are joining Comedy Plus for Happy TuesdayDrop in and see why it’s a happy blog.  Simply click on the name and you’re there.

This is my favourite pose so many pictures will have me just hanging.  So what if its not ladylike as Shoko says.  I’m comfy and that’s  all that matters.                                                          Shoko has arthur itis and is on these weird looking pills.  They smell so good.  I have a pretty sharp sniffer and they smell like fish…..yummy.  Mom won’t give me any.  Shoko gets a special plate with this gunk in it.  I get the same stuff but without the fish.  Mom calls it  it fatty acid.  I want arthur itis to visit me so I can get the fishy stuff too.

I trudged out and walked on the fence as the snow got so high on the fence a lot of it fell off.  I jumped off and was surrounded by the stuff.                                                                          Meanwhile back inside the warm house Shoko poked about.

You’re fuzzy Shoko.  That’s what you get for sleeping too long.  That’s what you told me last year.   mol   Language Shoko.  Mom would not be pleased. How about a quick game of HOE (herd of elephants).    Wait for me Shoko!



Happy Paws For 2022

The weather here is still frightful so we go nowhere.  Dad let’s us sniff the air but go outside for more than a minute… way.                                                               

This was taken just as the temperature was dropping.  It finally got down to -45C.  I wanted to go out but no deal so we stayed in and I squeaked and squawked at everybody.

It was far too cold for mom and dad to go anywhere besides covid kept them grounded so they watched a movie.  It looked boring to me.  So I curled up in mom’s chair.

Shoko and I spent New Years Eve at Cat Scouts.  I was with my boyfriend Cooper Murphy aka Snap.                                                                               

Don’t Cooper Murphy and I look smashing.  Not SMASHED Shoko but smashing like a fantastic couple.

Unfortunately, our buddy Pete Cusack, Einstein’s dad passed away but Einstein and his siblings are being well taken care of.  I miss Einstein something fierce but love that Einstein and his siblings were taken in by a friend and all are doing well.

Shoko went to the New Years eve party also and had a ball.  She danced the night away.                                                     

We hope your New Year’s eve is fun and safe.  Watch a movie with those in your bubble.  Mostly have fun and let’s welcome in 2022 with a smile and wish for warm weather.




The Last Friday Friendly Fill Ins of 2021

It’s time for Ellen from 15 and Meowings Friday Fill Ins with her co-host  Lorianne from Four Legged Fur Balls                                                            1. I had hoped to …GROW TURNIPS…in 2021 but didn’t.  I found out our soil is not good for turnips. The turnips tend to get maggots.  Glad the neighbour told me.



No pictures….this is private!

3. I’ll be….ON TOP OF THE CONDO….when 2021 ends.




WE all wish for a disappearance of covid in,2022.   Also a year where all furries and non furries find furever homes and are no longer on the streets, lanes or in the wilds.



Christmas Day & Boxing Day at Fort Meezer.

Shoko that was the best Christmas ever.  It was fun watching you go hairy in the loose paper and Christmas Bags.  Notice all the toys on the chesterfield and you’re lookin’ to see if mom missed anything.

That’s my sis, ever helpful.

We got a chirping bird that drives mom nuts.  It never seems to quit.  You can see it in the above picture.  The goldfish lost its “gulping” pretty quick but the bird’s hanging in there.

We both got some turkey when mom and dad got home from going to a friend’s for Christmas dinner.  We discovered that we like fancy feast turkey way better than what the humans eat.                                                                               

Today has been a riot what with a box of my own.

First, I check for any intruders that want my box. No, Shoko is washing her face. Ok, here I come!! “Look out below!”

Dad are you watching me? I did good.

Hope your Boxing Day is a “Do whatever you want day”, like ours.

A very White Christmas on Thankful Thursday

We got a heavy snowfall warning yesterday afternoon.  It snowed so hard we couldn’t see across the street.                                                                     

This picture is just before the snow hit.

Shoko looked out over her deck after the snow and couldn’t see anything but snow.                                                                   

What was I doing?

I was just hanging about where it was warm. mol   We are thankful there is a warm house for us to relax and mellow.  So we are joining  Brian’s Thankful Thursday,


Friday Fun Fill Ins Dec. 10

Today is the day for Friday Fill Ins with Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne from Four Legged Furballsgivimg us the sentences to fill in.  Simply click on their names highlighted in red and you’ll be at their joint.


My responses are in black and Tyebe’s are in blue.

1. My biggest pet peeve at Christmastime is…the tree!  Let me scratch and climb it.  It’s in my space so should accept ME..


2. greenies are on my list to Santa.


3. My Christmas to-do list still includes…. Unravel Tilly the toilet paper.


4. A random piece of Christmas trivia that I know is…..  EGGNOG CAME FROM ENGLAND.


Sunday Selfie Dec 4th


We are joining The Cat on My Head for Selfie Sunday.  Tyebe insisted it was her turn.  So here’s the little mischief maker destroying our Christmas tree.                                                             

It was a cold day today even by my standards,  So I ran outside for an hour and stayed in for 3 hours.  I like staying inside with this tree even if its plastic.                                                                 

I can scratch the trunk and watch all the ornaments shake.                                                   

You can tell by looking at the tree that mom didn’t get a chance to spread out the branches before Tyebe attacked. She certainly doesn’t seem bored!  Mom or Tyebe.