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Tyebe Tuesday is a Happy Tuesday

Today is lovely, warm and bright.  A day to mellow and enjoy the warmth.                                                     
These radishes need more water or they won’t grow. How do you know, Tyebe?  You were too young to remember much of what mom told you last year.  Shoko told me they need more water.

Speaking of water. I need a long slug of water….cool, clear water.

Aww, much better.

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Where’s Shoko, Tyebe?                                                           

There she is and just in time for her Meezer Proverbs.

Whew! Just made it. I was walking in the flower garden smelling the Daisy and Balloon Flowers and I realized it was time for my Proverbs.

I rushed and tripped over the pretend bear in the garden….for kittens sake, couldn’t you put it someplace else, mom?

This proverb is fairly standard to all cultures but easily understood.
” Give a cat a mouse and you feed him for a day but teach him how to hunt and you feed him for life.”