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Wordless Wednesday with Shoko and Tyebe

We are joining Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus Blog.  Come join us and meet the other silent but fun furries.                                                                         

Smells like Shoko just passed.

Yep, she’s ahead of me.

There’s still a lot of Parsley here but everything else is pretty much finished for the year, Shoko. Good, we’ll send dad out to grab some parsley. Thanks Tye.


Not Even Close To Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday Purrs

This is Wordless Wednesday and I am going to say nothing just show pictures.

Looking good’…woops…shhhh.


I didn't knock the chair over....honest, on Kali's whiskers

I didn’t knock the chair over….honest, on Kali’s whiskers

Ohhhh….I can’t keep my mouth shut, mom.  I wasn’t made that way.  I just talk a lot.  There is so much to say.  Like all the Alpine Willy is out front bloomin’ away.

Whaddya mean, we have to go.  You’ve been out enough today…leaving us home.  No we didn’t want to go with you when you went to the peeps vet nor shopping.  Geesh!  You’re not thinking about us wanting to go for a walk. the garden needs more planting…stuffs like that mom.

Whoooowee!!  We’re going for a walk Kali.  Think I may have made mom feel a bit badly but whatever works.  I’ll help her tomorrow and make her feel good. Now, let’s make that Lane rock!


MOL...we're getting our walk

MOL…we’re getting our walk