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Warning In Purrsuit of Flavours

You look cold, Tyebe.  I am Shoks.  Crap!!  It’s snowing again.  When will this weather ever warm up.  It’s 14F out here.                                                         
C’mon inside and get warm, Tyebes. What are you doing ?  Rubbing my paws together for some warmth.  Let’s go sit in the oven.  mol…You really got chilled out there.  Speaking of the oven let’s let everyone know that In Purrsuit of Flavours theme for April will be “Youthful Yummies.”  These are the foods that really turned our cranks when we were kids.  Some kids made their own yummies after school.  Some moms made these foods for a treat for dinner.  We probably still like them cause they hold great memories.  The thrill of youth is a memory we will always carry with us.  In Purrsuit of Flavours wants your special recipes on Wednesday, April the 7th.                                                               

How come we didn’t talk with Da Phenny and Nelly about the theme.  Well, I did chat with Da Phenny and we decided on the theme idea.  Really, where was I?  You were  up on the neighbors’ roof.   Can you see in their window, Tyebes?  I can but I feel like a peeping tomcat so I try not to.  I’d drop my teeth if I saw some furry looking in the screen door at me.                                                             

I wrestled this t-towel to the ground but there’s nothing here….son of a salamander!                                                                             

We are joining Sandee for our Wordy Wednesday. We’re headed over there to see her post for Wordless Wednesday On Comedy Plus Join us and click on the highlighted blog name or their badge.                                                                                     


Thankful Thursday

Is that…?  Well, I’ll be snookered.  It’s Juno from next door.  I haven’t seen hide nor fur of her all winter but today she’s deemed it’s warm enough to step outside.                                                       What a wee tinkle head she is.  She better stay away from the sprouting nip.  I tell you, I’m not feeling patient.                                                Good, the fuzzed one is heading inside, she jumped through an open window!  Hey, mom has screens on all our windows so I can’t jump in and out.  Not fair!!  This is striking material, mom.

Dinner time!  Tonight’s menu includes salmon feast, Shoko.                                            Salmon!!  My favourite.  That was close mom.  I was getting ready to strike but salmon is a real peace-offering.  I forgive you mom…for now.

Thursday is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s  Home blog and I’m tellin ya, I’m thankful for salmon feast.  It is so tasty and fishy.                                                       Tell us, what are you thankful for today?  Click on Brian’s Home blog and join the blog hop.                                                 mol

Shoko Prepares for the Vet Clinic

ashokhome Shoko is looking for some chow but there is not even a lone kibble to take away the hunger pangs.

ashoktooth2Dad caught Shoko as she was leaving the kitchen.  Shoko, mom and dad left for the vet clinic at 7:30am this morning.  Shoko was brave but sung out her contempt for mom and dad’s actions almost immediately after being tossed carelessly in her box…sorry, I was seeing the events from Shoko’s viewpoint.  Shoko was placed lightly in her box.  Better, eh?  Off they went as I waved good-bye at the living room window. 

 Once at the Vet Clinic, Shoko was weighed again and she weighs the same as last week….imagine, no gorging because of the upcoming surgery.  Great.

ashokboxes1Shoko got back in her box and was taken to pre-op.

There you have it friends.  Shoko is being operated on as you read this post.                                                                         SHOKOKALI2


Hallowed Eve

Twas the night before Halloween and all through the house, a creature was stirring, I think it was a mouse.                                                              mousecropped

We were off!  The mouse tore up to the top of the condo, I went on the inside and up the window sill, landing at the platform on top of the condo.  There we stood, six inches apart and eye to eye.  Mousie faked an outside run at the window and instead  took a flying leap to the easy chair.                                                                       DSCN4462

bugeyed Shoko

Kali quit eating the kibble and rushed into the living room to help Shoko catch this devilish rodent.                                                               Kali'stailSorry Kali, didn’t mean to get the first shot of you after you saw the mouse.

sm Kali closeupThat’s much better, Kali.
Mousie assaulted the black cat on the mantel and a wheezing mouse sat on the pumpkin for a rest.  Kali  balanced herself on the mantel and glared with her baby blues at this vermin. Mousie started to twitch and squeak, from the mantel he ran, knocking over the pumpkin lights with a clatter.  Mom rushed inside to see what was the matter.  As the door opened  out mousie speeded with nary a look back .

Be safe and bring us felines in at noon so no one can give us nip and lure us away or any such scary event.


From Food to Fashion

The day started pretty good.  Shoko and I dug into our Beef Flavoured Fancy Feast as soon as mom got up.  We were starving!  Mom has decided we don’t need kibble to nibble on all night because in the morning we are not hungry and we don’t care about our wet food.  Needless to say we cleaned the bowls.

                                                             Shoko and mom had a fast and furious game of yellow wand after brekkie and I watched. Occasionally I whacked the furriness on the wand.

             Woops, looks like mom’s paw made it to the screen.  You see how I’m telling her to get her paw outta the picture by staring…..but she didn’t catch on.                                                   Notice, Shoko is moving so fast, she’s blurry.  It had nothing to do with mom’s picture taking ability.  MOL

I decided to relax in the livingroom and Shoko went outside to see if Cow-Kitty was up to any mischief.  Well, these peeps came to the door and mom let them in with this big long hose.  The man went to the basement and the girl was taking the heating vents out.  Talk about an invasion of privacy.  I quickly slipped out of sight.

Shoko came to the window, took one look and listen and she was gone.                                                                           DSCN1856The  peeps kept making noise all day, well for an hour anyway.

They took a picture of all the dry wall and pieces of metal they found. I guess they take pictures just in case mom gets the idea they stole some drywall…..now that’s covering your butt.                                                         Mom says this house was made in 1996 and she has had the ducts cleaned 3 times since she moved here 7 years ago.  This shows what a crappy job the previous duct cleaners did, if there was still drywall and building material in the vents. 

After these loud and noisy peeps left Shoko came in and relaxed on mom’s desk.                                           DSCN4341After dinner mom brought out the heater she got for my hip.


DSCN4357Now this is awesome….nice and warm on my booty.  A booty warmer just for me!

Shoko got a new wand as hers is pretty tacky with strings dangling all over.                                                                  DSCN4364Hopefully this wand will last for awhile even though Shoko beats them up.

Shoko then modelled the new scarf she got.

DSCN4359She’s looking pretty snazzy in that black scarf.  That desk is terrible mom! 

DSCN4363This was our Thursday.  Hope yours was a good one.