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A Meezerism from the Depths of Shoko’s Thoughts

What a fine weekend here. The temperatures were above 0C. However the North Wind paid us a visit and the windchill brought the temp down so it felt like -15C                                       

Shoko is going to impart a few words of wisdom with her latest Meezerism. “The cat who steals fish from the counter will  be treated like a thief by others but her tummy will thank her as she lays down for a cozy nap.”

We are joining Comedy Plus’s Aww….Monday.  Simply click on the name and visit Sandee.                                             

The Purrsuit of Flavours will be out on Wednesday and we are going to make  Dill Sauce,  Only 4 ingredients in this recipe so no one can say it was too complicated. mol                                                                     


See ya Wednesday with the easy peasy sauce of mine….ok, Shoks….it’s Shoko’s recipe too.