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Beauty Tips With Kali

Morning all!  What a beautiful crisp morning.  Did you know the fresh air is one of the best remedies for your skin/furs.  The crisp breeze will blow many impurities right off your skin..                                                                   kali-zoomed

Translation:  If, you want to keep that nose, grab it with both paws or the wind will quickly slip your nose off!

To wash your face, gently lick your paw and caress your face with the moistened paw, making circular motions.                                                       aaafacekali


Translation:  Slobber all over your paw and wipe the spit on your face in a big circle.

Ever get those ugly black gobs in the corners of your eyes?                                                 aablack-gobsThese gobs are simple to deal with by dabbing fresh tap water on your eyelids, all the time making a  sweeping motion upwards.

Translation:  Stick your face in a bucket or wading pool full of water and shake your head vigorously.  I guarantee the black gobs will be gone.

My final tip is to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.  Even if you are just slopping around the backyard, you must protect those fine furs and your dainty skin from the eroding damage of the sun.                                                         kali-with-fishing-hat-and-glassesMOL…Well, instead of looking like an escapee from a fishing camp, why not just pull a bag over your body.  You need to cut four holes for your legs and two for your eyes, have mom tape the top around you but now you’re set for that extra sunny day.  Just don’t pick a fight with your sister.  Remember running is a liability in this outfit.


There you have them my friends just a few of my beauty tips.  Enjoy yourself and have fun.


SHOKO…..BLACK                                                                 sistersinarmsfall


Friggin’ Cold Friday

It’s one of those days….grey but sunny at times.  Kali and I pile outside when the sun is out and come running back when the wind starts howlin’ and the hail beats down.  Mom is still workin’ on the laundry….come on mom it’s not like you have to beat the sheets with rocks to get the dirt off.  Let’s make the bed and maybe do somethin’ fun.  Meanwhile Kali is practicing her selfies in the bedroom.


Better Kali,,,we can see part of your face.

Better Kali,,,we can see part of your face.

Let’s move into the living room and finish the last one.  I think you get distracted with your toys in here.

Yompin’ Yimmity’…you got it Kali!  You look intelligent too…wow.  You’ll floor them On Selfies Sunday.  The Cat on My Head is hosting the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop….just click on the blog name and visit my friends.

I’m going to help mom make the bed….smooth out the wrinkles in the sheets.


Make sure there are no lumps in the bed...like a Kali Kitty.

Make sure there are no lumps in the bed…like a Kali Kitty.


Smooth out the wrinkles in the sheets

Smooth out the wrinkles in the sheets

Now, we can play on the bed

Now, we can play on the bed

How about Artsy, Fartsy Saturday…you better do that one too. for Athena’s Caturday Art Blog.  Just click on Athena’s name my friends and go visit all the anipals showing their own brand of art.


Filtered Kali

Filtered Kali