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Fun Selfie Sunday

It’s Sunday fun day.  The weather is a little warmer and dad shoveled the stairs leading from the deck.  Mom is coming out with me today.  She has a touch of cabin fever and needs the fresh air blowing amidst her furs.  Shhh….don’t tell her but she’s getting bossy and loud.  I don’t want to hurt her feelings so MUM’s the word.                                                

It’s Sunday Selfie day also at The Cat On My Head blog so we shall hop over there and show our best side. Come with us, just click on the blog host name and ta-da we’ve arrived.                                            

Not too bad if I don’t say so myself.   Do you wonder where Kali is?  She’s gone on a winter vacation with her crotchety friends.

Have a wonderful day. Hope you get sun.

Just One of Those Days

Good grief Kali….I feel chilled to the bone and I haven’t even been outside. I know!  It’s so cold you could freeze a mouse on the banister….. but then again who wants to?  I think we need to think of something else or we’ll be whining at mom soon.                                             

You want to play *Hat*?  I don’t want to play Hat.  You’ll make me wear the hat and then you’ll laugh at me.

Hmmm….it’s a sun hat….maybe it’ll get warmer in here.

Quit laughing at me, Kali….I don’t even have it on.  I’m not playing with you….you got a giggle bug up your butt.  Well, it is Tock-tober, Shoko. Oh my, that’s right Kali.  Let’s see your butt.  Not bloody likely Shoko….you’ll draw a face on my dainty rear end or something.  Who me….never!                                                    

Well, that’s it for us then.  Happy Tock-tober and don’t forget to see my selfie on The Cat On My Head blog.  Click on the name and we’ll take you to see our friends too.                                                   Have a great weekend.  Night friends.                                               

Autumn Floats Into Fort Meezer


The state of Emergency for British Columbia was lifted yesterday.  There are still fires but not as severe as in July and August.  The state of emergency was brought in on July the 9th.  Some of the evacuees abandoned their hometowns for Prince George.                                                         I guess it doesn’t matter where we live, the weather conditions start many a disaster like hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, tornadoes, flooding….you get the idea.

The weather here has cooled considerably, -3C in the morning.  I no longer scurry to the sliding glass door to get outside as soon as I wake up.  Now I sleep in till it’s warmer and perhaps the sun will show up.                                                    

This is my bed, right beside mom.  When I was younger, I would bite her….gently, of course, when she would toss around too much. haha It didn’t help keep mom still so I gave it up.

All the veggies except potatoes and brussel sprouts are out of the garden.  Apparently, brussel sprouts taste better after the first frost.

The tomatoes are sitting on the kitchen table turning red. Then mom and dad can them. They only have 5 pints done this year.                                                         



There is a huge stalk in the garden! I wonder if a giant lives up there…should I try to climb it and take a peek?                                                           It’s humongous!