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Good Mother’s Day What’s Happening

Happy Mother’s Day?  I don’t think so.  I took the Greenies back that I was going to give mom for Mother’s Day.  She doesn’t deserve them.  What am I talking about?  Well, she’s been so busy buying transplants, digging up weeds, planting transplants in the greenhouse that she has no time to play or even take me for a walk.  Then to top it off she brought this wee scrap of fur into MY house!

I saw this bit of fluff and it looked like Kali had shrunk.  I was excited.

Cwap! This white thing didn’t smell like Kali. In fact, she stunk of somebody else’s house. I told her what I thought of her and there was no mincing meows. You know she’s kinda thick-furred, she just carried on doing what she wanted.                                                                              

This white terror has no manners what so ever. She wanted some crumbles so stood in her wet kitty food to get it! Have you ever heard of anything so gross!                                                                             

I can’t understand mom’s thinking. I was happy if not a little lonely. I certainly didn’t need a shadow.

Whenever I sit down I have to watch and make sure this thing isn’t creeping up on me.                                                               

I have bags under my eyes cause this fur with long legs follows me everywhere. She even sleeps in MY stroller and my basket.

Mom has called her Tyeebe. I think she’ll be called Tyee as her wee brain can’t absorb the 2 syllables yet.

The only peace and quiet I get is when I go outside.

Hope your mom has a super day and doesn’t spring any surprises on you.

It’s also The Cat on My head’s Selfie Sunday so I am giving the selfie to Tyee.  Click on the blog hop name and be whisked away.                                                          I must tell you mom helped Tyee cause she didn’t understand.  I tell ya it’s like playschool here!