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Frankly Friendly Fill Ins on Feline Friday

Here it is almost the end of January already.  This month has gone fast and thank goodness for that.  January and February are the coldest of months up here.  When March arrives it’s still cold but you know April and May will soon follow.  Then the thoughts of us in Spring filter through our thoughts.

Today is Feline Friday at Comedy Plus so whisker kiss the feline of your choice.                                                                   

The Fill Ins are provided by our furry wonderful hosts, Ellen of 15 and Meowing fame and Lorianne of the amusing Four Legged Furballs.                                                                   

1. I get my chuckles from playing with SPOT.  He runs up the walls and the cupboards just like I want to but can’t .


2.  It’s a good thing MICE CAN’T FLY!.  Flying things give me a headache trying to catch them.  If only they stayed in one spot for a wee while.                                           

3. Having to PEE and wanting outside to do it.... required me to muster a lot of courage.
Geez, there’s no pictures of me PEEING.  Would you like me to take a picture of you PEEING?  Well, I’m no different.  This is me mustering up the courage. Looks like I’m sleeping doesn’t it?

4. My younger self would be proud to know that I now ….have learned how to navigate the screen door onto the deck.

These are our Fill Ins for the last week in January of ’22.