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Sunday Selfies with Shoko

The Cat on My Head is having her Sunday Selfie blog hop and I thought it was my turn….besides Kali’s asleep and snoring.                                                 It’s a short walk from Kali’s bed to the computer desk and it seems Kali has no trouble getting there.  MOL


As I was Saying The Cat On My Head‘s selfies are today.                                                    Come join us and show us your tremendous ability to take selfies.                                                      I was concentrating so hard, that I look mad but I’m not.  Dang, I missed the tips of my ears.


Enjoy your Sunday friends.                                                      


Friendly Fryday Fill-Ins

We enjoy the Fill-Ins by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.  Kali and I chatter about the statements and compare what we will say until I’m sick of hearing her side and print what I want.                                                        

MOL  Oh, don’t worry, Kali gets her say…she’s too mouthy to just leave things be.



2.  A new tv show or film I am looking forward to this Fall is…..THIS ISN’T NEW BUT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO BLUE BLOODS….SOME NEW EPISODES.  I KNOW THE OLD ONE’s WORD FOR WORD….I COULD ACT IT OUT.                                              

3. One of my very



4. The best time to…..HAVE MOM READ is…..IN THE EVENING, WHEN WE CAN SPACE OUT AND PRETEND WE’RE IN THE WILD SEARCHING OUT OUR FOOD.                                            

                                      DOESN’T SHOKO LOOKED SPACED OUT…GUESS WHERE SHE’S BEEN?  MOL                                                                                        

Friday’s Fantabulously Friendly Fill-Ins

Ellen from 15 and Meowing and Annie from McGuffy’s Reader have given us four sentences to fill in with the way we see things.  We plan to take turns and let you know how we feel.                                                                               SHOKO…..BLACK

A law I would like to see passed is…….a law making Catnip, British Columbia’s national plant.  Then give every cat here, their very own plant.                                                                                Life as it is today.


2. My favorite card game is…..Go Fish…I love fishing.  I f I could catch a salmon….I’d be set for life.                                                                     We’re waiting patiently for the fish to drop from the sky.  Mom says that the mama fish drops a whole pile of eggs and then they hatch.  C’mon a whole bunch of eggs drop into the pool.  We’re waiting. MOL                                                                      Ok Kali my turn..you go rest your paws.

3. With Summer unofficially here, …...planting the veggie garden is a must as the weather is warm so the plants will sprout ahead when the rains come.
Here I am in the pea patch last year.  Such a peaceful place to sleep.
4. A favourite Summer memory is……catching mice over at the retired mechanic’s backyard.  I can sleep under the vehicles. or stalk mice.  His backyard is way more fun than ours.
   There you have it my friends.  This was cool so thanks to Ellen and Anna for this opportunity.  


Friday Fill-Ins with Shoko

                                                                         ellen_cat_badge_2-1-300x300Yippee, It’s my turn for the Friday Fill-ins hosted by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader.  Thanks ladies for thinking up such great statements

1. My favorite way to exercise is….. RUNNING UP AND DOWN THE HALL.
2. Something I learned last week was……THE TOOTH FAIRY HAS FILL-INS FOR WHEN SHE IS TOO BUSY TO COME FOR YOUR TOOTH HERSELF.                                                                      atoothfairy
3. I am sentimental about…..MY BLANKIE.  I LOVE MY BLANKIE.  I’VE HAD THIS BLANKIE SINCE I WAS A WEE KITTEN.                                                             ablankiesm

                                                               4. Some people may find it surprising to know…..I WATCH ONE PEEPS MOVIE OVER AND OVER….GUESS WHICH ONE?

IMG_0035Recognize this scene?  I have it memorized.  It’s the scene where Janet Leigh signs the Bates Motel guest registry.

May the love bug  bite himself!                                                                            SHOKOKALI2

Dramatics at Meal Time

Can we talk?  I want to talk about dining habits friends.  So sit down and pull up a blankie.

Shoko and I were having fun at meal time.  See, mom would leave down our dry Siamese cat food  all day and we would fill up on the crunchy goodness.  Come time for our meal of wet food, we weren’t all that hungry so would play games with mom.  Like take a taste and back away in horror.  MOL  It got to be a real fun game.  Shoko and I would try and outdo the other with our reactions.  I would gag and Shoko would look at mom like, “If she’s going to be sick eating this cwap, I’m not having any of it.” and walk away with her head held high.  We continued on this way for awhile all the time meowing at mom’s expense.                                                                            

Then one morning a little bit before breakfast I got up to partake of this crunchy goodness.  There was no food bowl on our placemat!   I ate the odd piece that had fallen out onto the mat.  Dang!  I was still hungry.  Shoko sleepily staggered over for some crunchies too.  Friends we were ticked!  We decided that we would tell mom about this injustice and have her put our crunchies down.  So we decided one of us would approach her and let her know we’re starving out here, while she is snoring away.  I went into the bedroom and ran up my stairs meowing all the way.  Mom looked at me through bleary eyes and muttered, “Che che nog nog.”  What?  That doesn’t make sense.  I smacky pawed her shoulder several times to which she replied the same.  OK Shok your turn.  Shoko smacky pawed mom’s arm and then ran around her pillow, finally settling on the top of the pillow.  No response.  So we waited for her to wake up.

Finally mom woke up!  We both tried to tell her about this absurdity with our dry food.  Mom and us sauntered out to the kitchen where mom still didn’t put down our dry crunchies but opened a tin of wet food….our favourite really…..a Fancy Feast beef flavoured tin.  We were starving to death before her eyes, so we dug right in.                                                   Hey, this wet food tastes pretty good.  Seems our eating habits are changing.  Dry food vacates the placemat 3 hours before wet food time.  We still are miffed at the change but as you can see we eat our FF beef flavoured without the dramatics,