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Selfie Sunday with….maybe Tyebe

I’m on the deck just watching for Tyebe.                                                                     

A beautiful day, very warm.  A sleepy type of day.  Where is everyone?  There’s not a bit of a furry insight.  I’ll bet Tyebe’s at the telephone pole looking for the squirrels.

Yep, there she is! There’s no way she can climb that pole and the squirrels aren’t coming down so she can chase them.

Meanwhile, I’ll introduce Selfie Sunday to you.  The Cat On My Head is hosting this splendid event.  Animals from far and wide come to honour this event.  So let’s see you over at The Cat On My Head blog. You know what to do,click on the badge or the blog name to get there via shortcuts.  We wish the Blue family a Happy 7th Blogaversary.    Very well done Blue family.

Here’s Tyebe!

She’s just full of chatter about the squirrels and how mean they are. They just won’t play with her.

Now for the Meezer Moral system with Shoks.

” A flower is pretty but a dish of tuna is tasty and filling.”                                                     

Friendly Feline Fill-Ins

Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader have been posting sentences for us to fill-in once again.                                                    

I, Shoko Neilson, will take the first 2 sentences and sisteh Kali the second 2.

1. I can’t wait to see…MOM…open my gift to her. It’s a total surprise and she’ll never guess it. It’s something she’s wanted for a long time.                                              


My blankie is very shy and may rip if a picture is taken so no photos.

My turn tuna breath. It’s Christmas morning in just 3 sleeps.

3. I would not mind if Santa were to bring me….A NEW TENT..I SAW ONE WITH COW MARKINGS ON IT. MADE ME THINK OF COW KITTY. 

4. On Christmas Eve, I always… SNOOP IN THE CHRISTMAS BAGS UNTIL I FIND THE SMELL WITH MY NAME ON IT. MEW, MEW MEW…                                                  

MOL…have a fun day.

Sunday Selfie with Shoko


What a quiet day it is today.  It’s been raining and cool….quite cool.  So I packed up my straw and left for my tent without a roof.                                              Now, you may be asking yourself…,”What does Shoko need a straw for?”  Well, there are the obvious benefits of straw play. A chew and a bat teaches the straw not to run from me again.  There is one not so obvious use for a straw.  I suck up some nip and wash it down with tuna juice…..man what a kick! MOL

However, as a newbie I tried shoving the straw up my nose and snorting the nip into my nose.  A terrible idea….I was plugged solid for an hour.  Kali had to help me get the nip outta my nose and the straw….what a mess.  You know I didn’t get any kick just little bits of nip outta my nose every time I mewed.  I was annoyed.                                              

A mini lesson for those tempted to shove a straw up their nose and partake of the nip.  Don’t bother…the mess is not worth it.


Onwards to The Cat On My Head’s selfie Sunday.                                               

Do stop by their blog and admire your friend’s selfies or better yet….jump in and join them.                                                       

My selfie for this Sunday.

Friends…..enjoy a lovely Sunday.