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Remembering 9/11 A Canadian View

Today is a sad day indeed and The Canadian Cats does not talk about unhappy events…USUALLY.  However, 9/11 was devastating to so many, we can not pretend life went on as normal.  Life changed from that day forward.  Security is tight and feelings of mistrust lie just under the surface of several people.

Everyone remember’s where they were when the Trade Centers were hit by passenger planes and exploded into infamy.  A horrific and unbelievable event.  As were the other tragedies of 9/11.  The toll of those touched by this day is monumental.                                                                    aafriendsCanada  responded with Operation Yellow Ribbon.  The aim of the Canadian government was to remove potential destructive air traffic from the US airspace as quickly as possible.  There were a total of 238 planes grounded on Canadian soil due to Operation Yellow Ribbon..

It is now 15 years from that monstrous day.  Are we safer now?  Do we respect our fellow-man once again?  We’re working on it and it may take a long time to gain the trust we had before 9/11.  However, New York City is still here and where there is life there is hope.                                                                       aaashoksmemorial911NEVER AGAIN LORD, NEVER AGAIN                                                            SHOKOKALI2