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Fun Loving Friendly Friday Fill Ins for Felines

Tyebe, you want to pass  the Nip Ginger Beer this way.  It’s so warm and relaxing laying in the sun.

It’s time for Friendly Fill Ins with our hosts Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs.  Mom filled in the first 2 statements and I filled in the 3rd and finally Shoko filled in the last statement.  Click on the names and visit these super ladies.                                                               



1.   SPEEDY the Cheeky Rex Rabbit is a non-cat related blog I follow.
2. My favorite place to shop online for…LOOSE LEAF TEA is MURCHIES FINE TEA AND COFFEE.  iT’S Canadian.
3.THE NEW KITTY….. has been keeping me busy lately.

4. If I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self …TO RELAX.  THAT MOM AND DAD WILL LOVE ME NO MATTER WHAT FOOLISHNESS I GET MYSELF INTO.

We are also joining Comedy plus for Feline Friday so come click on the name or badge and visit with Sandee.