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Thankful Poetic Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home.  The first thing we are thankful for is the help Zoe is getting right now.  Come back to us Zoe….we think you’re beautiful.   Go visit Zoe’s family at https://brianshomeblog.com/ and let them know that they have your support.  Click on the site and be taken without walking over there.                                                                                                                                 

Zoe you will receive all the positive thoughts we can muster….POTP  Zoe is home with her family now and we are so thankful for this.

Where’s Budd, Shoko? Holy nipshoes masked Shoko…why the mask?

This is the new normal wear for the back Lane. We want to keep it virus free.

That makes sense so I’ll get my mask out too. I thought we couldn’t get the virus. Now, they’re not so sure. Dogs have acquired the disease  so I’m for covering up.

I see Budd.  Wow, he couldn’t get up on the fence when he first came to live with us.  He was too fat.

Today is also Poetic Thursday that Angel Sammy started and Teddy is carrying on at One Spoiled CatClick on the blog name and visit them whether they want you or not….mol….just kidding guys.  Teddy is always up for a good chinwag .                                                               

Looks scary.

This is a deep dark forest of old trees that form walls
We found it when we were chasing plastic balls
See the lovely flowers of red and there’s blue too
So the sunlight must give life by shining through.

There is a crossroad up ahead…which one to choose?
The path to the right becomes dull and full of fog
I fear if we take this path we’ll soon have the blues.
The path on the left shows bright sunlight but it could be a bog
The only thing to do is pick up my booties and jog.

Time for Shoko’s weekly Meezerism.                                                       


Have you ever seen the cat’s pajamas?  No? So if someone says you’re the cat’s pajamas it means he thinks your a big nothing.