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Shopping Around the World

It’s Shopping Around the World already.  C’mon mom let’s move our butts.

Hello my friends, we were taken a little off guard this month as we are, what are we doing mom?….oh yea, we’re getting ready for New Year’s Eve.  Geesh…I should know that!


This month we were suppose to do a baked goods for Christmas.  Well, what can I say, mom didn’t bake a thing in the sweet department.  However,  we did buy  a baked set of tarts.

6 raisin tarts…..$5.49 at Save on Foods.

I wasn’t sure which picture looked the best so you decide.                                                       raisintarttraysm     I think I like the second picture better as you can see all the tarts……sorry about the other 3….apparently they were good.                                                                           raisintartssmThere you have it my friends.  Now, if we have 6 delectable tarts at $5.49, then we divide by 5…woops, mean 6, let’s see that’s 91.5.  So these gems cost $.92 each when rounded up.  However,  did you know we no longer use pennies in Canada so these little guys cost $.90 each. MOL

Kali and Shoks


Autumn in Fort Meezer in Da Hood

Well, it seems like this is the year of the apple.  Lawrence, the nice fellow from my favourite hang out….the junky vehicle house, has given mom and dad 10 pounds of apples from his two trees.                                                                                                           Apparently the small ones are very sweet and crunchy.

Dad got busy and made an apple pie and apple tarts from scratch.

Looks beautiful.  Mom says the tarts are delicious.  They have yet to start on the pie.

Not to be out done mom decided to make a chicken pie.  Nobody gave her a stewing fowl but she found one basking in the freezer.  No pictures of the fowl either.  But there is a picture of the pie.

DSCN4457This is the pie without the top crust.  All pastry was NOT homemade but rather taken from a box.                                                                  DSCN4459It’s easy to tell mom tried but failed miserably to make this pie look like it was professionally  made.  Apparently it tastes good.  It looks atrocious but at least the flavour is there.

What were we doing while the bake off was going on?


Sorry, the picture is fuzzy but Kali was moving and mom doesn’t have an action camera but you get the idea.

It also happened to be the second snow fall of the season.  We missed the first snowfall.  Guess we slept through it but it looks the same  the second time around.                                                                                                                                     DSCN4443

It was cold so we all were entertaining ourselves.  So, go do your thing and then just say, What do you expect when we’re bored!” MOL