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Friday fill-ups

Friday means a Fill-In type of day.  Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffey’s Reader came up with this terrific blogging event.                                                         1. I am the…PROTECTOR AND CODMOTHER….. in my family.  Datroutsotabbietowne understand what the Codmother can do when the need calls for her participation.                                              

2. I have …..NADA/NIX/ NONE…..sibling(s).  Kali was my sis but she is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.  I will see her again.                                                           
3. I am looking forward to …..MY VEGGIE GARDEN…..this Spring.  Mom has started some seeds so they should be huge by the time the planting weekend appears.  This is my garden last year.

4. The first sign of Spring this year was…..UM…..WE HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET.  I could say the peeps wearing sleeveless shirts without a coat but these peeps have a screw loose.  To be out in Spring clothing when it’s -10C is just odd.  Perhaps these poor souls have cabin fever and must express their need for lighter clothing. mol                                              

No no……really mom, I’ve not seen anybody in a swimsuit but shorts and muscle shirt, fur sure.


Have a super weekend and may the Bird of Paradise wish you luck with a dropping from above. mol

Rites of Spring: