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Happy Tyebe Tuesday

MOL….Here we go….  Mom let loose this white mice, see, and  I’m thinkin’ this is probably a relative of Gus.  Gus had certain moves that he repeated.  This was his tell.                                                                     

I can get ready and be prepared for him or have a lousy day thinking a white mouse beat me.                                                                   

Have we got a Gus or a Geraldine there Budd?    I’ll lo…., oh, Gus seems to be a Geraldine.   There we go another female in the house.  Be beware boys we’re growing in population. mol

W What was  that?  Holy frog butt!!  Look at Geraldine run!!  Get her, Tyebe!

Today is a very cool day so we’re not going out.. Think we’ll harass Geraldine some more at the Meezer Bowl.


Shoko is ready for her Meezerism of the week.  Take it away big sis.                                                                                

We can all relate to this proverb.  “When in doubt, clean your butt.”

We are joining Happy Tuesday at Comedy Plus.  Come on over with us and view all the other furries.  Click on the name or the badge and be swept away.                                                                       



I wonder if GingerSnap sees me as his rose in the snow…like in this song.

Oh It’s real mushy! UGH!  Sounds more like mom and dad  MOL



Artsy, Fartsy, Caturday Blog Hop

It’s Friday already Kali.  Tomorrow is Artsy Caturday with Athena and Marie on their very own Blog Hop.  Simply click on their blog hop and be swept away with a broom, into a lovely world of anipals being all artsy.  This time I get to pose for the Caturday art as this is for the latest blog header of me patrolling along Fort Meezer in Da Hood.

This means I get to pose for a selfie on Sunday then Shoko.  That’s fair Kali. 

Kali did you see Felix this morning doing his aerobics on the top of the pea poles.  He was at his best purring out a little tune.  MOL, no I missed it, bet it was hilarious.  Mom got a few pictures of him.

                                                                                                                                               What a character! MOL


Caturday’s Artsy Fartsy Day

Here it is another weekend and I have been 7 for almost a whole week.  You know, it’s not a kick in the head different than being 6! Oh, granted I get the odd, “Shoko you’re 7 now, don’t be so silly.”  I got the same thing when I was 6 so things are pretty much the same.

It’s Caturday Artsy Fartsy Day so we decided to celebrate witches all over the world.  Just click on Athena and Marie’s Caturday Artsy blog hop and you’ll be swept onto my broom and deposited at Athena’s blog without a hair out of place.

Witch Shoko

Witch Shoko

What mom did for this odd effect was put a witch hat on me and glasses from PicMonkey and then over to Pizap to zoom in on me and  my little bed in the drawer.  She also put two overlays across me.  They were Scrappy and Iridescent.  Voila! Me!                                                                  Athena Caturday Art Blog