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Selfie Sunday with Kali

Hello friends.  It is my turn for Selfie Sunday.  Shoko can go look for some nip in the snow….a fruitless task if I ever heard of one.                                                                             Our good friends, The Blues brothers and sisters are hosting the selfies in the blog The Cat On My Head.  Bet there’s a story behind that blog title. MOL  You want to cheer them on?  Just click on the hosting blog name and you’ll see all our buddies posing for you.

I wanted to look like I was reading the paper and someone startled me.  Do I look like someone scared the cwap outta me?

                                                                                       Have a great Sunday one and all.

Sunday Selfie with Kali

Hi my friends, yes we are really late today.  Mom has some health problems and can only move one arm.  She is a very slow typist and poor speller so I hope this post makes sense.

The Cat on my HeadIt”s The cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and I just CAN’T miss such a wonderful day.  You should stroll on over to the blog and admire my friends posing.

*Fishy Wishy in my dishy,
Ewww…you are so squishy
How can anyone find you delishy.*

Sorry friends my thoughts about fishies wormed their way into my thoughts. MOL


This is an old picture of me as mom won’t let me use the camera today.  So she’s charging the camera  battery which absolutely dropped dead.


I have a pensive  look or so mom says.  I can guarantee I was not thinking of pens.  Shoko was probably teasing me with the nanner.  I had been admiring my new steps so the picture was taken the day after I got the stairs to the bed.                                                     Have a sunny Sunday my friends.                                                        lexinoodleVote the two best candy dates for mayor and vice mayor…Lexi and  Noodle.



Selfie Sunday with Kali

                                                                     catonheadbdAnother Sunday rolls around and this one is the first one in July. We must thank The Cat On My Head blog for having such a fine blog hop.  Stop by and see some of our chums posing for their selfies.  Click on the blog hop hosting and hop right over to their post.

This time I used a remote for a distant shot of me and my new stairs to the bench swing.  Dad just finished making them so they’re not carpeted yet.  Now, I can finally sit or lay on the top of the swing instead of under it.                                                                                 aas1Dad was so happy I could use them that he’s carpeted them.                                                                     acarpetedstairsMy stairway.  Nobody else’s just mine.                                                                                Kali and Shoks


Sunday Selfie With Shoko

catonheadbd                                                                      We are late and I am sorry but mom had an appointment at the hospital for an Ultrasound.  On a Sunday no less!  Mol. If you’re thinking maybe she’s pregnant…..that’s hilarious, MOL…no way is she pregnant.  Actually, I think she likes these peeps at the hospital and goes in for these exams cause she wants to visit.  That’s more like our mom.

Today is Selfie Sunday with our blog hop host The Cat On My Head.  Click on the host name and view the other anipals posing for you.

I wasn’t posing for anyone.  I lay down after helping strip the bed and before I ran around flattening the sheets.  It just so happens when I flopped down I kicked the selfie remote and it caught me relaxing.  Mom thought this was a completely natural picture of me so I decided to send it along.                                                                               aselfieA great big Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there.  We are having a BBQ for Dad’s Day.  He is BBQ a chicky with a diet Pepsi up its butt.  I love saying butt…MOL  Better than putting it up dad’s butt…MOL

It’s also Garfield’s Birthday.  Happy 37th Birthday my peach coloured friend.  No not you Kali.  Garfield would be 164 in peep’s age.  He’s such a young-looking guy.

1garfieldFavourite Quote of Garfield’s:

 ‘If people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters.’  MOL

Have a happy Sunday and may your hissy fits be small.

Kali and Shoks


Happy Halloweenie!


We took all day getting ready for the big night!                                                                              kaliwitchhatcapepump

Here I am in my witches costume.

shokknifebloodShoko has been stabbed in the head with blood spurting out.  She’s wearing a coffin hat.

It is The Cat on my Head’s Selfie Sunday tomorrow and we will be joining in.  Please, click on the blog hop and view the other anipals posing for a selfie.

Have a fun night and a great Sunday.                                                                     


Sunday Selfies with Shoko

Sunday already!  Today was a play day for us.  I really like the new wand mom got for me.  No cheapy toy this time.  She’s learning.  It’s taking quite a while but she is learning.                                                                             Here, I’m anticipating the wand’s going to be coming my way.  I can see the feather.                                                                         Unfortunately, mom did not turn the flash on for these 2 pictures so they are rather raw looking.  I’m calculating how much effort I need to use as the feather is getting closer.                                                                             I caught it!

Woops, the feather got me.                                                              

Alright, time to beat the hell-o outta this guy!

Once again The Cat On My Head is having a selfies blog hop.  Simply click on their name and enjoy the other participants in the blog hop.

Selfie Sunday Blog Hop

Here it is a beautiful Sunday morning….just about noon here so I must hustle my butt.  Dad brought home a box and I claimed it right away.  It’s a gorgeous box, no dents or rips.  I sit on the deck and pretend the box is my boat and we’re off to see many sights.  Like Long John Silver.

You see on the side of the box…peaches.  My first family, where my bio mom and dad live, they called me peaches.  So it is definitely my box.                                                                   Oh my!!  Long John Silver looks very mean.  To quote Shoko, ” Oh Cwap!!”

To view Kali and her Anipals posing for you zip over to The Cat On My Head by clicking on the name.