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Friday’s Flaky Fill-Ins my Friends

I wonder if anyone missed us?….we were enjoying our summer.  Mom was battling with the internet browser as it wouldn’t let her into sites she uses all the time.    Dad said Internet Explorer was cwap so she changed to Chrome.  That did it, she could get into her favourite sites again.  Mom is now trying to get used to a new browser.  There’s bound to be a few screw ups so bear with us.

It’s hotter than Shoko’s breath after having a few nipitinis. MOL

Let’s get right down to it.  Today is the friendly fill-ins.  This fun event is offered by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.  The first 2 are from Ellen and the last two from Annie.




My turn Kali…give me room here sis.

3. The best time to ….HAVE TREATS is …..ANYTIME.                                           


4. I have learned….TO BE NICE TO MY SISTER.  SHE DOESN”T MEAN TO BE A PEST, SHE JUST CAN”T HELP HERSELF.                                                                    

Have a great Friday friends.                                                                             Continue reading

Snow, Snow Everywhere


Did it snow yesterday?  Holy Cow Kitty, did it snow!  I would just walk out the door and want right back in.  I’m getting annoyed at Cow Kitty cause he comes over and digs a hole in the snow and poohs on our back lawn.  This is gross!  Come spring there will be Cow Kitty deposits all over the lawn.

snowfallingzmKali and I thought this picture would be better than watching Cow Kitty go to the bathroom.  This picture doesn’t really show the volume of snow Shoks.  Find another.  You’re right Kali. the snow builds up on the fence and falls off.

This one gives you the idea of the volume after the snowfall.  This is the view from our dining room window.  It looks cold around here. MOL                                                   snowzm

I did say I would show you our new lawn ornament.  Dad out did himself.  We have Candy Cane lights around the railing but *sigh* they are dying and there are no more to be found in this town.  So dad has stretched them out….ya, it looks silly but what’s a dad to do?

Ta Da….here is the front lawn with our new sleigh!                                                                    decorationszmI know we need lots more decorations but they are costly and we don’t live far from Da (real) Hood.  The roughest part of town.  Every morning mom checks to make sure the sleigh is still in position.  Maybe the residents of Da Hood will respect each other during this special season and leave our sleigh be.

Kali has adopted her place  ‘neth the Christmas Tree….new word!  You heard it here first!

DSC_0814hehe…notice Kali is lying on one of her Christmas presents….she’s claimed it and I’m not allowed on it…..we’ll see about that Kali.

I was laying on the back of the Love Seat watching Kali get comfy when dad clicked me before I had a chance to close my eyes.                                                             shokszmcrophaha….what a scary look I have!  I’d scare the spots off Cow Kitty. MOL  In my defence I was taken off guard and my look is more…”What do you want and get outta my face.”  A true *Cat From Hell pose.*

Now one of our poses will be on The Cat On my Head’s Selfie Sunday but Kali and I must discuss who gets the honours this week.

Tomorrow you will see the winner.donechrispmouse

I WON!  My picture is in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie.  Simply click here and be whisked off to view all the other Anipals and me too.