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Our Garden as Shown by Shoko


The garden has been grown’ something awesome in the last couple of weeks.                                                                This is how the flower garden looked at the end of winter.  Disgusting isn’t it?  We had very little snow and very, very cold weather.  We lost almost all our perennials.  What are those blue patches you ask?  They are piles of fertilizer to kill the weed called Horse’s Mane.  This weed has elastic roots and if you grab it to pull it out….the spores disperse throughout the garden.  Each spore starts a new Horse’s Mane.

                                                                              It is easy to see where the weed is dying from the fertilizer.  One must have patience as the dying must happen underground too.  So we have patches of dead Horse’s Mane lying all over the garden.  The girls are not interested.

                                                                    The flower garden is small but the perennials will grow and be much bigger next year.

 Our squash patch was much the same…nekked!

 Kinda depressing work, when I look at it now.                                                                              We even lost all our strawberries.  Such a pile of work.

                                                                         There are still many vacant areas and the plants are slow….especially the cucumbers.

                                                                            This is the veggie garden in June before the hot weather.

I toiled all day in the veggie garden.  Only coming in for naps and food.  I worked my paws to the bone.  I think it was worth it.

                                                                      Mom is having cauliflower and beet greens from my veggie garden.

                                                                            Hi Cow Kitty, quite the amount of nip plants this year.  I count 4 but they’re rather squished now. MOL

What’s that Cow Kitty doing, Shoks?                                                                           It’s ok, Kali.  Cow Kitty is havin’ some nip but there’s 4 plants out there.  We won’t run out.

Well, there’s our garden so far.  The best patch is the veggie garden if I don’t say so myself. MOL

As they say sometimes you’re the seed, sometimes you’re the dirt.  Hope tomorrow is a seed kind of day.                                                                             





Shopping Around the World

It’s time for another installment of Shopping Around the World with your hosts Fozziemum and Piglove.

The request for today was to make a desert with three items.  Mom went shopping at Save On Foods and scurried home clutching her three dessert items.

Shopping Around the World

Shopping Around the World


Strawberries       $4.99 a pound

Can of light Whipping Cream      $3.47

Shortcake                        $2.99 for 6

Now, about 6 strawberries and 2 shortcakes were used for dessert.  Plus, lots of whip cream.  So as a guess mom would say that dessert cost about $2.50 each.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Mom says it tasted a lot better than it looked.  Well, I hope so mom!  Besides Bacon called for 5 ingredients not 3.  Ok, we’ll eat some nip, which is free.

Where’s the Fancy Feast?  We’ll have a Beef Flavoured FF for $.050.  TA DA,  5 ingredients….just not all of them are in the dessert.  MOL