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Sunday Selfie with Shoko


What a quiet day it is today.  It’s been raining and cool….quite cool.  So I packed up my straw and left for my tent without a roof.                                              Now, you may be asking yourself…,”What does Shoko need a straw for?”  Well, there are the obvious benefits of straw play. A chew and a bat teaches the straw not to run from me again.  There is one not so obvious use for a straw.  I suck up some nip and wash it down with tuna juice…..man what a kick! MOL

However, as a newbie I tried shoving the straw up my nose and snorting the nip into my nose.  A terrible idea….I was plugged solid for an hour.  Kali had to help me get the nip outta my nose and the straw….what a mess.  You know I didn’t get any kick just little bits of nip outta my nose every time I mewed.  I was annoyed.                                              

A mini lesson for those tempted to shove a straw up their nose and partake of the nip.  Don’t bother…the mess is not worth it.


Onwards to The Cat On My Head’s selfie Sunday.                                               

Do stop by their blog and admire your friend’s selfies or better yet….jump in and join them.                                                       

My selfie for this Sunday.

Friends…..enjoy a lovely Sunday.                                         

Father’s Day Selfie


Where’s dad…it’s his day.  What did you get him Shoko?  Were we suppose to get him something?  He doesn’t like chewing on your mouse or a straw.  He just drinks through the straw…he looks like a dork when he does that.  I guess his mom never showed him how to play with it.                                                                    This mouse moves when I hit his bum.  MOL

KALI…..ORANGE                                                                   Does it look like you should sip at a drink with this…I don’t think so.

Mom says she will make dad a special supper so we don’t have to share our toys.  Woo hoo, we’re off the hook.

This is also Selfie day at The Cat On My Head blog.                                                                Click on the blog host name and visit your lovely friends acting their best for the selfie.                                                                        I had to set the timer on the selfie for this one.  I did fall sound asleep.

Hope everyone has a special Father’s Day.  If you have no father…..celebrate anyway.  Thank your friends for being there for you and have a special time playing.