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Sparks of Reaction

Annie of McGuffy’s Reader started Sparks to provide us with a positive start to the week.  While we are looking for positive thoughts for the post, we run across hundreds of positive sayings to choose from.  So join us and enter a Spark on your blog so you will be filled with positive ideas.                                                        

The statement says it all.

Have a positive week.

Sparks of Courage

McGuffy’s Reader has a blog hop called Sparks every Monday.  Quotes of positive thoughts and ideas for us to start our week with.

Mom’s quote for this week is:                                                         

Though an awesome thought, it is so hard for mom to do this.  She struggles with it almost every day.  If only her hands were able to lift objects…if only…  She must adapt to life as it is now….not in the past.  This is very difficult to accept but she knows she must forget the past and carve out a new way of doing things she once took for granted. When she finally accepts and quits battling with herself she will be happy.  She knows this but change is very difficult.  So she’ll keep trying until she accomplishes her goal.

Do you have a problem accepting things you cannot change?                                                     

Sparks of…..Life

McGuffy’s Reader Blog is doing their Sparks post of uplifting quotes.  This is an excellent idea.  These quotes are ever so true and provide us with inspiration throughout the week.                                          

I have long been a believer of the good feelings that we receive from helping others.  The understanding, patience, and guidance we give to folk comes back twofold.  For once these gifts are given away, we see situations not as too big to handle but as a stepping stone to understanding others and ourselves.A helping paw makes the day a wee bit brighter.
 Have a marvelous Monday.