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Aww Monday Announces a One Pot Meal.

Look at me, Tyebe.  No, turn around and let’s see your whole body.  Why?   You’ve seen me before Shoko.  You look different,  Well, I’m still me.  Let’s see your paws.  One at a time.                                                               
I think your paws are white, Tyebe. Well, most of me’s white so no big deal. These actually look like shoes, where I wear long boots you seem to wear galoshes over shoes.  That’s why my shoes stay white….mol.  It’s hard to see them but as you get older it will be easier.  I wonder if you have Birman in your background.  You know……dad calls it Beerman.  Like some cats stuffed with beer.  You act like you’re stuffed with beer, Tyebe, How do you know how some kitty that gets drunk sounds like?  I’ve seen things, Tyebe.  Ya, right.  You’re a cat of the world! 

We are joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for Aww…..Monday.  Click on the name and go visit our friends.                                                                                         

OK, the only one I’ve seen drunk is mom. It took a half a beer. She’s a total wimp. Maybe she’s destined to be a pot head. No, she’s no better with pot.

Let’s keep an eye on your paws and see if they get whiter.  Apparently Birman are very happy playful kitties.  That describes me ShokoA snowball with eyes describes you too, Tyebe.

You might be right about the galoshes, Shoko.

Now, let’s tell everyone what we’re making on Wednesday. Ah yes Tyebe! We wanted to make a pasta dish in our big frying pan. Penne Alfredo sounded delicious. However, we have no penne noodles and mom says she’s not running out for noodles. So we are making BowTies Alfredo. This recipe is easy…..mom doesn’t like difficult.  We’ll tell you what we did to make it special other than have bowties on Wednesday.


The Three Muscateers Make Life In The North…Rock

Hey, look, look Nellie….a moose!  Me’s not seen a moose befores not even in Edmonton. He’s a bigs guy.

prince-george-wildlife-moose-cityMes going to rides a moose, girls.  Let’s go!  This big guy says his name is Marvin and mes can ride on his back.  Yipeee! 

knsmoosedoneThank yous so much for the ride, Marvin.  Yous are the nicest moosie mes ever met.  Heys, Shoko what’s yous looking ats?  I got an idea to get back at Cow Kitty…..again.  First you and Kali must make a big snowball and I’ll build a contraption to deal with it. 


That should be big enough Nellie.  I think Shoko wants to throw it at Cow Kitty but she’s not strong enough for this mammoth snowball,

kalisnowballOk, I got it made as best I can.  Nellie you must stand right there and Kali and I’ll move the snowball over here. MOL  When I see Cow Kitty, I’ll yell and you jump off the CATapult.   Cow Kitty will get a snowball to remember.


Leap off Nellie!  Look at that snowball fly. MOL

aacksnowballWell, heavenly days, these gals mean business!

aacksbfeetI’m going home while I still can.  These gals are a fearsome trio.

Let’s get inside, looks like we’ve done all the damage we can outside for today.

catonheadbdIt’s the Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie today so let’s the three of us pose for the selfie.  You can pop in and say hi to our friends posing for their selfie.                                                           sand-k-and-nellieHey, I’m a real *Cat From Hell.*  My eyes are glowing red…hehe.

It sure has been wonderful having you here Nellie…we both have loved it.                                                           nelliekissingkali

Mom wants to give you your medicine and wants you to have a nice warm nap, Nellie.  We’ll come snuggle cause we’re all cold.                                                                     aaasnuggleI wish you didn’t have to go home tomorrow Nellie.  Mes too Shoko but mommy worries about mes so it is for the bestest that I gos home.  Maybe mes can come back in the spring when its warm and yous planting your vegetable garden Shoko.  We would have a fine time in the dirt Nellie.  It’s so light I can bat it all over the place.

Let’s sleep…I’m tired my meezer sistehs.

May you have a friend that insists you don’t snore but purr while sleeping.




COW KITTY…..BLUE                                                                             sistersinarmswinter