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Artsy, Fartsy Saturday with Kali and Shoko

Artsy Fartsy Caturday is being hosted by Athena and Marie’s blog today like every other Caturday.  Click on the hosting name and be swept away to observe our franipals posing just for you.                                                                                     Cat artMom found an on-line photo editor and made us look like cartoons.  Even the bedroom looks like its animated.  She then flipped us so the room is all backwards and voila a flipped and animated look at us.  Just between us Kali, this work of art, I could’ve done nicely without.  I have no face, just a black smudge and a heck of a big smudge too!

                                                                      aaaaa12aToday is supposed to be 26C Shoko.  So we both will be out early and fighting over the best sun puddle.

May you gals be crowned Miss Kitty Litter of 2016 in your dreams.



What a day!  It’s been work, work and then some more work!  We have changed the bed and done the washing.  I tidied up the kitchen after mom threw potato salad fixin’s on the floor.  Good Cat, she’s so messy!  I never get a moment’s peace when she decides to do some food preparation.  No, I didn’t take a picture of her mess…I was busy cleaning it up.

We then moved outside to do more planting.  After today we only have the corn and cauliflower to plant.  Everything looks good.

One of the green peppers..note the green peppers growing

One of the green peppers..note the green pepper fruit growing.

Mom’s pride and joy are her dollar store hanging baskets.


2 Pails and some rope...thats what makes up the hanging baskets.

2 Pails and some rope…thats what makes up the hanging baskets.

Notice the cukes and squash.  Against the brown fence are Russian Potatoes and along the back fence are Russian Banana Potatoes.  The Russian Potatoes are purple through and through.  The Russian Banana Potatoes are like Fingerling Potatoes as they don’t grow big but are about the size of a gian’ts fingers or bananas.


The Oriental Poppy is starting to open

The Oriental Poppy is starting to open

While we were seeing to these plants….what was Kali doing?

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Smudge Shoko

Smudge Shoko


Ducky and Shoko

Ducky and Shoko

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