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Pushy Dang Neighbour

Kali did you see a blur out of the corner of your eye.  Sure enough Shoko, I did.  I think its the little guy from next door again.  He’s sure starting to hang around here a lot.  I think he likes you Shoko.  He wants to play with you.  Ya think.

Nuisance Neighbour

Nuisance Neighbour

Hey, he disappeared, where’d that little curmudgeon go?

Here, I’ll help you look Shoko.                           Geesh, he just jumped out at me….cwap I nearly wet myself Kali.  I was never this stupid as a kitten.  No you weren’t Shoko……you were worse!  I’d be fast asleep and you would leap right in front of me so when I opened my eyes all I saw was your face……then you’d smacky paw me with your claws out.  They were just like little tiny pins.  ME!  I’m not like that….don’t wanna talk about it anymore Kali.

This guy is getting closer all the time.

DSCN3592Gimme a break!  He wants to play with me.  I can’t play with him.  He’s too small…..I might hurt him.  He’s lookin’ at the bugs too.  He’s a real flit.  Just like you were Shoko.

Thank goodness he’s gone home Kali.  I don’t know if I could take much more of him.





Life’s Little Hiccups

We started our seeds for the vegetable garden last week. Mom showed me the seeds today and my friends, their efforts have been pitiful. We are growing cilantro, summer savoury, buttercup squash, Silvervine catnip and sunflowers. The sunflowers are for the flower garden but mom wans to see a couple in my veggie garden too. I’m most concerned about the Silvervine mom, we know its fussy. The only thing we can do Shoko is wait and see if these sprouts are really Silvervine and not weeds.

tray of seeds

tray of seeds

We used a good starter soil….Miracle Gro but after examining the bag, it doesn’t say,”weed free.”

Miracle Gro starter soil

Miracle Gro starter soil

You know mom let’s start some more squash and the sweet peas we saved from last year. The tall transplants of sweet peas are really hard to find around here. I like that idea Shoko.

What’s that racket mom. Sounds like Beatrice and Kali are having a disagreement. Get away from that table Beatrice Castorella!

Now tell us Beatrice, what has you so upset. Kali was so rude to me….she called me a skank beaver….cause I didn’t like her idea. Kali!! I’m surprised at you. Well, gee whiz mom, I’m trying to help Bea with the bling and clothes we have and she doesn’t seem to like anything.

I think we need some other stuff for her mom. Then I wouldn’t get feeling all smacky paw with her. Hmmm…you’re right Kali…I’ll go this afternoon and look for a bigger selection for Beatrice. Will this solve the problem between you two? Oh yes. Kali is a great friend…let us tell you what would be nice…

I guess our seed planting will have to wait till tomorrow Shoko. We need to soak the sweet pea seeds for 24 hours anyway mom.