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Welcome 2021….. You were a Long time Coming

So long 2020….you gotta go….                                                       
Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.  You won’t be missed.

Welcome to 2021.  There are many hopes and dreams focused on you but relax and just be.  You have lots of time to show us happiness.

Now, how does one fit into this wee sink?  If Budd could do it then so can I.                                                                    



Sunday Selfies with Tyebe In January

Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie

I wanna play with the fishies in the sink.  Where did mom put those dang fishies.                                                                           

Found them!  Like putting them on a shelf is going to keep me away…yeah, right!

Look at these fishies go. I wonder if fish in ponds flash red for humans when they’re ready to play, “Catch me if you can?”                                                                                 

I’m ready to pose for my selfie.

I’m holding the reusable grocery bags down. They just fall on the floor if I don’t lay on them.


It’s time for a Meezerism from Shoko.  Where are you Shoko?                                                        “Have you ever noticed that snow is the deepest where you want to walk?”




Tyebe Tuesday

Have you ever gone fishing, friends?  Did you use your bare paws to cath the fish?  Catching a fish with one’s paws is difficult.  Shoko’s idea of how to catch the perfect fish is to drink all the water outta the sink.                                                        
Well, me’s here to tell ya, this doesn’t work. You will be so full of water that you’ll be heading to the kitty litter immediately. Then what happens? I’s grab the fishie while you’re piddlin’. mol *hic*

I’s tryin to stare the fish to death….this doesn’t appear to work at all!

Here fishie. Look into me’s eyes. You’se getting sleepy. Guess he isn’t!

Let me know if you’se find the perfect way to get a fish from the sink.                                                                            

Wordy Wednesday with Shoko and Tyebe

Hey, mom and dad, I really don’t like it here.  It stinks and not in a good smelly way.                                                    

Shokos told me’s to watch out for this peep in white but she seems nice. Still, I’s unsure. She even gave me some wet food…..it didn’t taste very good but I’s didn’t mind the prick on my side cause I was busy sniffing the odd food.

What are you doing? Get away from me’s butt! How rude! Shove that thing up your own butt. Mom will hear how you treated me….I’s a good girl, I am.  Oh, my, mom is here. Shokos will not like you shovin’ something up my butt. She’ll bite you!

I’s don’t like it here. Me’s want to go home Right now and see Shokos. This lady is sorta nice but I’s bet she has no friends. She does have an unfortunate manner. Too bad.

Shokos, Shokos, me’s went and saw the lady in white.  Stop I’s must talk with you’s.                                                            

                                                                   No, not the vet! Yep, I’s had my 2nd round of shots. I’s not going back…EVER. Mom and dad may not agree with your decision, Tyebe. Don’t care I’s will have a tantrum if they make me’s go.                                                         

You’ll be fine Tyebe. Relax….the trip is over and you’re home. Me’s so tired now Shokos. That’s natural Tyebe. No, you won’t die, just have a nap and you’ll be fine.

Keep hydrated friends….go fishing in the sink.                                                         


Gone Fishing

It’s Thursday already, I’ve eaten all my treats and Kali’s….at least the ones she gave me.  The wind is a-howlin’ round the side of the house so I don’t want to go out in this cwap!

I know, I’ll get mom to put out my fish beside the sink.                                                 MOL….this is fun.


This is Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and I am so thankful I have a mom that just seems to know exactly what I want.

What are you thankful for, friends?

Elfin John’s Lost! Was He Filled-In?

Shoko, did you look in the basement for Elfin John?  Yep, not a sign of the little guy.  Did you look in the garage, Kali?  Sure did, its cold as charity out there.  I doubt if he’s hiding in dad’s toolbox…besides we’d have to open it for him with a winch.  We’ve looked everywhere.  We never looked in the laundry room.  Just maybe he’s there.                                                         laundrysmNo, he’s not here either.  Wait Kali, we didn’t look inside the garbage can.  I don’t know what he’d be doing in there but we looked under the sink, on top of the washer and dryer….this is the last place.                                                               aaejcanOMC!!  He’s in here Kali and he looks hurt!  NO!! MEW MEW MEW!  Relax Kali, we’ll help him.  How Shoko…he doesn’t eat, drink or anything?

I’ll bring him out Kali and then we’ll figure out what to do.                                                                       aaejshokcan  Heths kill ething.  What?  He kills things? Wot ha winnit….                                                  sm-kali-closeupHe won?  Wait till you put him down Shoko….I can’t understand you.                                                              shokejSplat!  Sorry Elfin.  Kali can you lick the blood off Elfin and mom we’ll need you to see if there are any serious injuries.  Got the blood off Shoko.  Mom says somebody left teeth marks in his chest but otherwise he’s ok.  Kali, let’s put him in his sleeping drawer and hope he’ll come out next year.  I’ll take him Shoko.                                                              aaelfinksmThere you go Elfin.  Hope you feel better soon.

ellen_cat_badge_2-1-300x300It’s Friday”s Fun Filled Fill-Ins day sponsored by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.

1. My guiding word for 2017 is….. FRIENDS.  FRIENDS MAKE EVERYTHING EASIER.  THE MOUNTAIN BECOMES A MOLE HILL WITH A FRIEND BY YOUR SIDE.                                                                treatmonsters
2. RODENT ROOTER’S CLASS OF 2011 IS HAVING A…..class reunion.  I GRADUATED IN 2011 BUT THINK THEY PROVIDED A SECOND RATE COURSE SO I WILL NOT ATTEND THE CLASS REUNION.  I STILL HAVE TROUBLE CATCHING A MOUSE.  SEE I LOST THE MOUSE IN THIS PICTURE AND I HUNTED A VERY LONG TIME FOR THAT SUCKER.                                                                     aaaagardenshoksm3. Truth be told I am superstitious about ….. ANYTHING NEW .  IT TOOK ME 2 WEEKS TO GET USED TO MY FOUNTAIN AND NOW I ADORE IT.                                                           aafountainshok

4. Lately, I have been…..RATHER INACTIVE.


There you have it our fill-ins for the week.  Thank you ladies for such nifty blanks.





May you be the swatter instead of the fly.  MOL


We must  Leave a Purr for Jamieson Day.                                                         purrjamiesonThis little fellow left us far too soon but put up a gallant fight for his life.


Wordy Wednesday

Well, mom had to get on this harness kick again.  So on the harness went and she called me to come downstairs to the basement.  I don’t like to walk while wearing this thing.  I know I look like there is a saddle, which is far too heavy for me, straddled to my back.  Also I mince on by with tiny steps.  Dad laughed when I walked by him.  Finally, I made it to the basement.  There was a reward waiting for me.

shhaSee my race car in the background.  Now, seeing as mom gave me a treat each time I walked for the treat.  I wouldn’t walk unless I got a treat.  It didn’t take mom long to figure this out either.  Pretty soon Kali was in the basement with us getting all the attention and treats.  Mom was so happy Kali was getting exercise for her hip.  Well, mom ran out of treats and Kali and mom went upstairs while I minced along much more slowly.

While they were waiting for moi, Kali posed for a picture in my toque.

hatkaAs Kali posed I slowly made my way up the stairs where mom removed the harness.  I  proceeded to do my own posing with Kali and mom.


After we had a rest from our frolicking in the basement Mom decided to have a peek at Elfin John who has been busy fishing in the kitchen sink. Heck he caught 2 spoons and a small fork. He told mom he was ready to go back in the nightie drawer till later in the year. So Kali helped him into the drawer.
Kali tucked him in for a long nap and we all got a little sad.

I brought Kali into the living room where we discovered our friend had sent us some goodies. Kali was overcome by the feathers as I was and soon Elfin John was forgotten.DSCN4646
Trust mom to snap the picture when we looked away from the feathers. Really mom, get with it.

That was our day…..how was yours?
Kali and Shoks

Caturday Artsy Fartsy Day

Huge news….at least from my point of view.  Mom bought me ANOTHER water fountain.  The last one she took back because after a week I was still crawling past it on my tummy and elbows.  This time she said I had to get used to it because she wasn’t sure if Kali was getting enough water from the bowl by the sink.  Well, it took me a few days, alright Kali, quite a few days to get close to it but I like it now.

Here, I stare at it….the fountain stares back but does nothing.                                                                                I got a little closer and it still didn’t move or squirt water at me.                                                              Aha….I’m taking a drink out of this silver devil.

Hey, this water is good.  Cool and fresh.  I’m so brave.  I conquered this devil!

Caturday is also Artsy Fartsy Day and mom got a wee bit creative with me and a unicycle.                                                                            Athena and Marie are presenting the blog hop so hop on over and view the creative anipals.  Or should I say view the anipals wearing the concoctions of their creative pawrents. Tee Hee