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Nellie We Miss You

Hey Shoko, I really miss Nellie. *sigh*  Me too Kali.  I don’t know about you Shoko but I want to go down and see her.  Our magic carpet is getting washed after all the anti-freeze we sprayed on it to keep it from freezing.  It’ll take awhile Kali.  Why can’t I use my new blankie that we got from our Secret Santa?  I’d like to go too but there’s no room on the blankie.

aakalismVroom…vroom, nothing’s happening.  You got to settle on the blanket and think positive thoughts of you flying on it.                                                           aablanketkalizmCan you see yourself flying on the carpet.  N -n- no.  Yes, yes….I’m flying!  Ok sis go with it.  MOL I’ve got…whooops…splat!  Shag my silvervine!                                                                      kalifallblankieWhat happened?  I was doing so well.  Let’s forget it for now Kali.  We’ll wait till the magic carpet is ready to go again.  I think maybe its a case of both of us powering it that makes the difference. 

Speaking of power have you seen Elfin John?  He’s suppose to be back in his resting place.  Let’s go look.                                                            kalimouseNo sign of Elfin John here Shoko but I found the cutest mousey,  Geez we better find him Kali…he’s suppose to be sleeping.  Everything is quiet and has been for a week or so.  We’ll take a look throughout the house tomorrow…maybe he’s just hiding to scare us. 



May the saddest day of your future be no worse
Than the happiest day of your past.                                                                                   sistersinarmswinter






Shopping Around the World

Piglove and Fozziemum  are hosting Shopping Around the World and the recipe this month is a dish mom is known for.  So it’s time for me to don my Chef’s cap and get mom to assist me.                                                                chefshok
I’m dressed to attack our special dish.

Mom is known for her Split Pea Soup. No, she’s not French-Canadian but she loves this cold weather soup.


1 smoked pork hock…..$11.25 for a big smoked pork hock.  Size does matter.  The bigger and meatier the smoked pork hock, the tastier the pea soup.  You’ll need 8 cups of water also.

DIRECTIONS for day 1

Alright, grab your crock pot and utensils.  Our crock pot has a 10 cup capacity with room to spare.  Two of me could comfortably sit in the crock pot.  Although mom doesn’t want me to show you, something about furry soup.  Anyway, fill the crock pot with 8 cups of water and throw your smoked pork hock in the pot.  .  The first thing you want to do is cook your smoked pork hock.   A pork hock is very fatty with  pockets of  meat.  You want to cook the crock out of the smoked pork hock.  Turn the crock pot on low for 12 hours.  The meat should be falling apart when ready.  Put the whole hock in a bowl to cool.  Put the broth in a separate bowl to cool.  You will leave the broth overnight in the fridge so the fat rises to the surface and solidifies..  Mom leaves the bowl with the smoked pork hock overnight too as she’s seen enough of it for the day.


Today you will finish making your soup and can have it for supper.


1 onion……$0.69
1 and 1/4 cups dried split peas….$0.75
1 cup dried whole peas……$0.70
1/4 cup green lentils……$.35
few celery leaves
2 russet or old potatoes…..$1.50

Pull that bowl of broth out of the fridge and skim off most of the fat on top. The fat has solidified so it is easy to remove. Keep some of the fat as it has a lot of flavour.  The broth is like jelly.  Put the broth in the cleaned crock pot. Turn the crock pot on to low. As the broth warms it will liquefy.

Chop the onion small for soups. Throw in your onions, celery leaves,

split peas, whole peas and lentils. Add some salt and pepper to taste. Check crock pot and stir occasionally throughout the day.                                                                         aaapeabeforeYou will see in the soup there is green onion that needed to be used and celery slices that also needed to be used.  Celery is delicious in the soup and the green onion just added a wee bit more flavor.                                                             aaafacekaliHow about some Silvervine Shoko?  The soup would have quite the kick. Sounds ghastly Kali. The Silvervine would be ruined by the pea soup. We’re best to have the Silvervine straight up.


After the crock pot has simmered for about 5 hours add the 2 cut up potatoes.  The potatoes should be cut to slightly bigger than mouth sized as they break up in the soup.

Next, get your cooked smoked pork hock out of the fridge and peel all the fat off the meat and rip the meat into small pieces or the size of meat you want.  There is a lot of wasted fat in with the meat.  Once you’ve pulled the meat apart, throw the meat into your soup.  I add some thyme for flavour, about 1/2 teaspoon.  This is not necessary.  Let the soup cook for another 2 hours to soften the potatoes.

You are finished making your soup.    We freeze some of the Split Pea Soup.  However, we don’t freeze the potatoes in the soup as they go mushy.                                                                         aaapeasoup1Your finished recipe.  Unfortunately mom and dad got all excited and ate a bowl before taking the picture so it looks like a herd of buffalo were slopping up the soup. MOL  They went back for more so it must be good.

May your sandwich holla at your Pea Soup, “Lettuce get together some thyme.”




Shoko Helps Mom

Kali has finished her ear drops.  Her ears feel a lot better.


The wet look

The wet look

Kali’s face has been washed with soap and water and still looks the same….very greasy. Any ideas as to how to get rid of the grease?

Mom showed me how well my silvervine was growing today.

silver vine?

silver vine?

You sure this is silvervine mom? Here may I have a sniff? I’ll be able to tell right away.



Ewww…this is a weed, mom. You’ve been nurturing a weed to a huge size!

Really mom. its not silvervine.

Really mom. its not silvervine.

After throwing the three pretend silvervine away….we decided to clean the oven. Heck, its no problem at all. Mom just turned a few knobs and dials and then we waited all afternoon for it to clean itself…It was mighty slow though. When mom pulled out the drawer on the bottom….what did she find…yep, lots of dust bunnies and my long lost mouse tied up with a pipe cleaner. I wonder who tied it up? eh…who?

That was a good days work…I’m headed out to lay in the flower garden.

Ok, use your imagination friends.  I'm lying behind the pink Phlox.

Ok, use your imagination friends. I’m lying behind the pink Phlox.

Typical Tuesday

Today has been a laid back, do whatever you want day….at least for Kali and I. I started the day with a surprise wash from Kali. I wasn’t sure if she wanted some form of payment so I was a little suspicious of her motives.


After Kali gave me a bath. I was off to the ensuite to examine the shower. Mom has to be kept up to date on the shower condition….does it need cleaning or what? She is a tub freak and dad is the shower freak…sorry dad, you’re not really a freak. Just a term us kitties use for anyone that likes water.

This is lookin' kinda tacky mom....could use a few squirts of a cleaner and some paw power.

This is lookin’ kinda tacky mom….could use a few squirts of a cleaner and some paw power.

Nothing says I can’t have fun with my silvervine catnip bird while looking for grime.

Kali and I grabbed a small bowl of Fancy Feast Beef for breakfast. I cried out, “Where’s the beef?” in my best dramatic voice. Mom is getting used to it and just walked away. Kali headed into the living room to sit on our tree condo and practice taking selfies for the blog hop on Sunday.

Now this is close up

Now this is close up

I headed off to the hall for some practicing on my balancing bar.

I wonder if I could scale this wall and be the first SpiderCat?

I wonder if I could scale this wall and be the first SpiderCat?



Woohoo, look Kali…its warm out…let’s blow this joint.

So warm!

So warm!

Mom, its not that warm…let us in!!

It's cool!!

It’s cool!!

I’ll help you with our post mom.

You sure are making a lot of mistakes mom. Whatda mean....I'm in the way?  I usually lay here.

You sure are making a lot of mistakes mom. Whatda mean….I’m in the way? I usually lay here.

I gotta go tinkles mom…..please….let me out….P L E A S E!!

Whew....just made it outside

Whew….just made it outside

The rest of the afternoon was much the same with in and out, in and out.

Mom is off to bed and we’re following to get a good comfy spot. We start a new book tonight.

Bring on the new book, mom

Bring on the new book, mom

The new book is titled, “More Cats in the Belfry.” In this house the author, Doreen Tovey, has two Siamese cats. This sounded good to us so we wanted to hear how other families like us live. It is an uproariously funny book and an excellent read before turning the lights out for the night.