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On Hallowed Eve….

It’s Halloween and I’m ready.  Do you think Juno’s mom hands out treats with catnip on them?                                                     Are you wearing that Shoko….you really do look high-class but bloody?  Einey likes me in this so maybe I will wear it.

Hey, Juno’s parent’s have nothing that we like.  They gave out tiny toothbrushes and toothpaste.                                         Ripoff….be right back Kali and Buddy.

That’s much better.  Holy Shoko!  Where did you get all the toilet paper to drape over Juno’s property?  Remember all that toilet paper mom and dad got last week cause it was cheaper if one buys 87,000 rolls?  Ya.  Well, here they are!                                                  HAPPY HALLOWEEN FRIENDS.

Shopping In My World- Cooking In Fort Meezer

This month Phenny from Easy Blog is our super host for Shopping Around the World and Phenny says we must make something with gourds.  Mom debated about this.  Should she make cookies, a loaf….what to do?  She finally decided to make up her own recipe.  Give her a minute and she’ll name it.


                                                    Should we both help mom, Kali?  I think so Shoko….this recipe is from whatever she dreams up….perhaps us guiding her would be a good idea.  I’ll be back later Kali, I hear the wind calling my name.  Really, what a wiener head! Humph!  Guess it’s you and me, mom.                                                We will call this dish, “Haunted Squished Squash Head.”  Pretty descriptive, eh?  It is a meal for Halloween.

Let’s get on with this very creative dish.

Haunted Squished Squash Head or (HSSH to save space on paper)


1 acorn squash
1 pkg Knorr Sidekick Noodles
leftover veggies in the fridge
some frozen peas and corn
1 300g pkg, frozen shrimp

The very first thing to do is get a sharp knife and scoop.  Cut a face in the acorn squash and scoop out the seeds and pulp.                                                  

We’ll rinse and drain the shrimp.                                                  

These shrimp were $6.17 for the package of 300 g. at Real Canadian Superstore.                                                       You want to take your acorn squash and steam the cut faced squash.  The size depends on how many people are having dinner with you.  If there are two, like mom and dad, then a small to medium-sized squash will be plenty.

The acorn squash was $1.99 for one at Superstore.                                                  

Put the squash in a cup of water in the casserole dish and cover with tin foil.  Cook the squash with nothing in it for about an hour at 350F.  It is finished cooking when the meat inside is just slightly tender.

Oops!  Looks like the steaming turned our Harold squash into a Harry the Haggard-Faced Squished Squash.


You want to make up your Sidekick noodles now.  Make them up from the directions on the bag just use about 1/4 C less water.  Mom used the Honey Garlic noodles.                                               

The Knorr Sidekick noodles were $0.97 at Superstore.

To the water for the noodles add whatever produce you have leftover in the fridge….within reason…..no cantaloupe or melon in the pasta, please.   For example, mom had a little left over red and yellow peppers.  So she chopped them into small chunks and there were 5 mushrooms sitting in the fridge so they went into the pasta water too.  The mushrooms and peppers will lose juice which will go into the water, this is why we cut out 1/4C of the water.  Now cook the noodles as per the recipe.You’re going to get a whole bucket of pasta mom….you’ll never get it into the squash.  No way!

I’m back.  I had to teach Mr, Fishie not to swim from me.  I stared at him then smashed his smiling face.  I’ll put him back in the water after I help you.                                                    


I’m busy Shoko….sit quietly.  Are you saying I have verbal diarrhea?  No, but I am telling everyone how to make this dish and you’re screwing it up.  Ohh!  Sorry!  *Shh* We start stuffing the cooked squash shell.  The squash takes a fair bit of the noodle filling.

Now that the noodle filling is in place.   Place the squash in the same casserole dish, minus the water, and then in the oven at 350F until it is warmed up about 20 minutes.

When the squash is out of the oven, use a fork and pull some of the noodles through the eye and mouth sockets.  These are worms.  Put some shrimp on the top of the squash head with the tail sticking out.  For effect, pour some cocktail sauce over the shrimp (blood).  Have some blood coming out of the eyes.

There is your Haunted Squished Squash Head.  I was right.  There was enough filling for another Haunted Squished Squash Head tomorrow night.


Happy Halloween!                                                   



Fill-Ins on Fryday

Haha…You look funny Shoko!  Whatcha mean Kali?                                                 You gotta admit you don’t look very happy?  It’s that darn Cappytan….he comes over growls at me and steals my nip. I know he’s rude.  Thank goodness mom chases him away all the time.  Forget him…the nip is almost finished for the year and we’ll get fresh stuff next year.  He really burns my butt though!   Cappytan is not in our thoughts tonight, Shoko, concentrate on the Fryday Fill-Ins from Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie from McGuffy’s Reader.  Click on the names to be taken to their blogs.                                                         

Like each week, we are given 4 statements to fill-in.  The first 2 were done by Ellen and the last 2 by Annie. Here we go:

1. If I was a ghost, I would haunt…..THE VET’S OFFICE.  I’D SCARE THE DEWORMING MEDICINE OUT OF THEM.  DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER MY COSTUME SOME YEARS BACK.                                                   MAKE NO MISTAKE, I AM THE UNDEAD!

2.  I always…..RUN THE OTHER WAY AND HIDE…..when…..ANYONE RINGS THE DOORBELL                                               


All right…my turn Shoko.   
3. My favourite scary story is…..PSYCHO.   I TELL YA NORMAN BATES IS NUTTIER THAN THE M & M RED PEANUT!  I DON’T MEAN THAT NEW GARBAGE MOVIE….I MEAN THE HORRIFYING 1960 PICTURE.                                               


                                               Geez, I don’t do that Kali….really!


FryDay’s Friendly Fill-Ins


It’s FryDay!  That means a long weekend here as it’s Thanksgiving on Monday.                                                                                       Cranberry Nip Tea

We get turkey and extra treats.  Mom and dad are going out for Thanksgiving this year.  Which means a block party for the furries here.  I must plan who I really want here and who I won’t tolerate busting into our frolic time.


It’s time for Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader blogs to throw out our statements of the day.  We’re ready ladies.                                                          

1. October is the perfect time to …..CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING WITH A TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS.    Then when Christmas rolls around everyone will be ready for turkey again.  Yummy!

2. Halloween…IS THE TIME FOR SCARY STORIES.  I LIKE TO WATCH KALI GET UPSET AND MAKE ODD FACES. MOL                                                      


My turn you can of Catberry sauce.

3. Every October, I …..THROW OUT MY OLD POLISH aND LIPSTICKS AND HINT fOR tHE LATEST POLISHES AND NIP GLOSS….SORRY I MEAN LIP GLOSS.                                                     


There you have it our fill-ins with feelings.


Have a great Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, friends.



Mom, What did you do?

A sunny day here but still cool.  I figured mom needed my help in hustling her butt so I helped her by lying right near the keypad and mouse.  I could see all the computer stuff but I got bored right quickly.                                                          

Good grief mom, don’t let Kali see this mess….she’ll start yammering at you in that weird little voice she gets when she’s ticked!                                        See, I’m very helpful….just ask me…I’ll tell ya.

Mom’s not getting around so easily these days….dad had to can the tomatoes today.

   It seems she has a fractured bone in her foot.  The doctor decided it was best for her to wear a boot for support.  She says the boot makes it easy to fall down.  We’ll see how she can handle this boot for three weeks….then she’ll go to the doctor and see if there is any difference.  If, she still walks like she didn’t make it to the kitty litter in time….she’ll have to wear the boot longer.                                                

We want to say how devastated we were at the passing of Phoebe of 15 and Meowing.  Phoebe had a difficult time with her health for some time but she is free of the pain now.  We will miss her very much in Blogville but she will remain in our hearts.                                                     

Purrince’s lady love

Happy life

Oh so precious and will be missed

Eternally loved by all 

Beautiful new heavenly angel

Especially sweet to her siblings

Thanks Madi for the beautiful words.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EINEY from your Shoo and Kali too


It’s Einey’s birthday celebration today and we’re going over early to set up a surprise for him.  SHHH…don’t tell him.  Buddy Budd,s in on it but he won’t tell.  Kali says he’s a Blue Russian so that must be the Russian mafia.  So, if he told you a secret, he’d have to shoot you.                                                         Happy Birthday, Einey!!

Happy Birthday from me too Einstein.  How do you like your Shoko cake?                                                           

Go over to Einey’s place and enjoy the pawty he’s having at Tomcat Timmy’s Commentary.  See everyone over at Einey’s place.  Come on Kali let’s move it.  Do you think my fur is soft enough for Buddy Budd?  He doesn’t care if you’re bald….he loves you for your personality Kali.  Really? Oh, my!                                           

Fort Meezer Shines In The Sun


A beautiful day here at Fort Meezer.  Everything in the garden is at its peak.  Soon the veggie garden will be nekked again.                                             Oh Cod, this Love Lies Bleeding has grown way too big…it looks silly.  Mom says she’s not going to plant it in containers next year.  No, she’ll probably plant corn in the wagon!

The sweet peas were very pretty this year and mom grew them from the seed of last year’s sweet peas. However, she only got red and pink seeds. no purple or white. Next year we’ll buy them so we get the whole spectrum of colours.

I’m walkin’ here…give me room.  We’re going for a stroll Shoko, want to come?  No way….I’m headed to the Lane.  You yapped at me for stepping on you last time I went.                                               Suit yourself…Shoko.

What a kook she is….winter will be here soon and there won’t be any strolls.                                                              


Mom doesn’t always put the netting over the top of me anymore unless potential danger is headed this way…like a woofie.  I’m happy to lay and watch the scenery go by.                                                           I came home and ate like my food was walking away. MOL

Then everything changed and it got foggy and cloudy.  The forest fires are still raging on as this setting shows us, as the sun was bleeding.

TIME:  5pm