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In Purrsuit of Flavours…..For 2021!

Holy Catmando, Shoko.  The next  episode of In Purrsuit of Flavours will be the first for 2021.  A new year and new hope brings promise.  What shall we make to honour this new year?  I dunno……how about it Nelly do you have any ideas?                                                 

What do you mean….”NO”.   What are we going to do with the leftovers? I know….let’s throw them away and start over again.

I don’t know Tyebe. I don’t think mom would be happy with us throwing food away.  Mom wants to use up the old stuff…..I know… we’ll FREEZE IT!  Then nobody’ll want it Tyebe cause everybody knows it’s old enough to start  growing whiskers.  In fact dad won’t want anything frozen just in case freezing old food has become mom’s pastime.  Bad idea.  In fact let’s help mom clean out the freezer.


Hey you two how about sauces.  They can fancy up a so-so dish!  They can be added to foods that are just tiring to have once again.  They almost make the meal taste different….like fancied up!   Good idea, Nelly!

There you have it. Sauces will be the next selection on the menu for Wednesday the 6th of January.

We are also joining Comedy Plus for our version of Wordless Wednesday.

We’ll tell ya what our sauce will be on Monday, We must decide first. This sauce is going to be easy for folk to make.