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Aww….a nice relaxing Sunday.  Time for a memory, a visit from next door and a selfie.

Yesterday we had visitors from the lower mainland stop by for a chat.  The lower mainland is the Vancouver/ Vancouver Island area.  These visitors were mom’s nephew (David) and his wife from Powell River.  They seemed nice enough for peeps.  When mom told me the story of when my Uncle David came and stayed with mom and dad….I really liked him then.  He is my kind of guy.                                                                            This story happened many, many years ago.  Uncle David was 15 and mom was 25.  Apparently, Uncle David was going through teenage stuff where his mom was a pain and so it was decided Uncle David needed a time out with mom and dad.  This one particular day mom was out visiting with the lady that had mom’s chicken in a chicken coop with other chickens.  BJ was mom’s chicken but I’m getting off the original story.  Uncle David was kicking around mom and dad’s house.  Doing stuff that only teenage boys would find interesting.  Mom walked in the house and smelled something strange.  She panicked and thought the sofa was smoldering in the livingroom.  She ran into the livingroom to find Uncle David kicking back with a smoke in his mouth.  Mom told him it stunk and what kind of tobacco was it.  Uncle David said it was catnip!  He said seeing the cats got such a reaction to catnip he thought he’d try it and get a kick too.  So mom asked him if he got a, “kick” from the nip.  To which Uncle David replied, “No, but my eyes are sure watering from the smell.”  This kid had guts!                                                     Cow-kitty decided to pop over for a visit later.  He was very vocal while walking about on the shed roof.

Of course being Sunday, it is Selfie Sunday Blog hop over at The Cat On My Head.                                                      Our entry this week is Shoko starring at Cow-kitty on the shed roof.

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