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Thankful Thursday at Fort Meezer

This is Thankful Thursday and we do have a fair bit to be Thankful for this day. Zip on over to Brian’s Home and let Terry know how happy you are he’s home from the hospital. Click on the blog name or the badge and poof!, you’re there.


We are pretty lucky cause we have a warm comfy home, treats and peeps to give us attention when we are feeling a little lonely or down.

Mom says I’ve grown so much since I came here. Personally I just don’t see it.

That’s not me!! Some other cat came in and went to sleep on the cat pole. No, I’ve never seen another cat in the house other than Shoko and Budd. Yeah. I guess I’d smell a different cat but holy crap mom, I really have grown. I could sit on Shoko and she wouldn’t be able to fight me.

It’s time for Shoko and her proverb from the Meezers.

“The feline that saves his food for a special day will have rotten food. If you got it, eat it.


Friendly Fill Ins

Today is the day for the blogs 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader’s fill- ins.  We love the fill-ins.


This time Kali will fill in the statements.                                                       1. My feelings get hurt when mom tells me NO!  I go and sulk and then run away from her when she comes near.  So mom hardly ever says no to me anymore.

  1. I am excited about going out in my stroller….I see so much of the neighbourhood.

  2. Breakfast first, then laying in a sun puddle.

  3. One time, I fell off our banister, that’s why I never get on the banister anymore.

There you have it my friends, straight from Kali’s mouth.  She never talks about the banister incident as she really hurt herself but then again that was four years ago.

May your weekend be warm and your fish not rotten.  Have a great time my friends,

Kali and Shoks