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Book Free On Kindle



 Hey Kali did you know that The Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer is free on Kindle.  Really?  We loved the Black Cat series from Elaine Faber.  His method for solving crimes is based on memories…don’t give it away Kali.                                                      

                                                             What have you got that Kleenex for Kali?  I get so emotional when I think of all the trials that Black Cat goes through I get both happy and overcome with the vapors.  Geesh…you can be a dip stick Kali!

Hurry and get your free copy on Kindle.  You only have till the 28th of June to get it free.  Wait,…you also have the 28th.

When you’ve read The Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer review it for the author.


Thanks my friends.  Enjoy.