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Sparks of Sunshine

Let’s start the week with a positive thought by Joining Annie from McGuffy’s Reader and her Sparks.                                                

This last week has been a very painful reminder of the extent of my RA. Positive thinking was out the window as the best I could do was hold on and ride it out. However, when the flare started to settle….the day was so sunny, everything seemed brighter and clearer…. more alive, welcoming and calm. Do we need to see hell in order to appreciate our surroundings? Yes, a look at the worst life can throw at us can show let the beauty we see every day shine through.

Have a super start to the week friends.

Funky Friday

You know Kali tomorrow is the Carnival at Cat Scouts.  I should be gone all weekend.  This means I can tell our friends a story bout you they haven’t heard before.  Try to be nice sis.                                                                       MOL…Look at Cow Kitty!  MOL…..He’s falling asleep in the nip…..practicing to become a nip head I guess.  That was your goal when you were his age Shoko.  MOL…I also wanted to live in a treat factory.



Where are Bashful and Chip?  I haven’t seen them for hours.  They went into the Lane to talk with some of the local stoners.   I guess I should leave them alone to discover the Canadian rocks.  Ya, I have something planned anyway.                                                         Before you go to your planned event, you better do your artsy, fartsy Caturday picture.  Right!  Thanks for the reminder Shoks.

My entry for artsy, fartsy Caturday:                                                                      To see more anipals showing their artsy fartsy work simply click on Athena and Marie’s blog name and be whisked to their blog hop.