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Warning In Purrsuit of Flavours

You look cold, Tyebe.  I am Shoks.  Crap!!  It’s snowing again.  When will this weather ever warm up.  It’s 14F out here.                                                         
C’mon inside and get warm, Tyebes. What are you doing ?  Rubbing my paws together for some warmth.  Let’s go sit in the oven.  mol…You really got chilled out there.  Speaking of the oven let’s let everyone know that In Purrsuit of Flavours theme for April will be “Youthful Yummies.”  These are the foods that really turned our cranks when we were kids.  Some kids made their own yummies after school.  Some moms made these foods for a treat for dinner.  We probably still like them cause they hold great memories.  The thrill of youth is a memory we will always carry with us.  In Purrsuit of Flavours wants your special recipes on Wednesday, April the 7th.                                                               

How come we didn’t talk with Da Phenny and Nelly about the theme.  Well, I did chat with Da Phenny and we decided on the theme idea.  Really, where was I?  You were  up on the neighbors’ roof.   Can you see in their window, Tyebes?  I can but I feel like a peeping tomcat so I try not to.  I’d drop my teeth if I saw some furry looking in the screen door at me.                                                             

I wrestled this t-towel to the ground but there’s nothing here….son of a salamander!                                                                             

We are joining Sandee for our Wordy Wednesday. We’re headed over there to see her post for Wordless Wednesday On Comedy Plus Join us and click on the highlighted blog name or their badge.