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   Since Annie of McGuffy’s Reader is taking time off, we will continue with her Sparks as if she were here with us.  We all need a positive thought to start the week off.  Especially me lately.  I wake up to Tyebe around my neck giving me a cat hug.  I’m not a touchy-feely kitty so am in a hissing mood instantly.                                                                  This quote sums up how we feel toward life.  We practice what we preach.  How about you my friends?                                                  

   Tyebe will show you how to attack life and enjoy.                                                                    You’re set to start your week.  Have a great one.                                                               

Sparks on your Perspective

Who wants to start the week on a positive note?  I do.                                                

McGuffy’s Reader thinks the week should start with a very pleasant quote to guide us through the week, we agree. Click on McGuffy’s Reader and we carried to their blog and enjoy other Sparks.                                                

Have you ever looked at a problem every which way you can and found no solution but when you go away and then come back to it you see the answer.  You have changed the way you look at the problem.  Life is like that.  Be flexible and enjoy the challenges.

Have a great week.                                                   



Sparks of Toughness


This is a way of starting our week with a positive quote to keep us happy and looking for the good.  The idea was the brainchild of Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.  We agree that this is an awesome way to start the week.                                                      

No matter how tough the problem you’re going through, you can ride it out as the problem will pass.

Kali wanted to add her own positive thought for the week.

This is how excited I get when things work out my way.

Have a great week.

Sparks of Meaning

Sparks, hosted by McGuffy’s Reader has us shining a light on our lives and producing a quote that shares a positive image of what we are searching for.                                                     



If you were faced with a challenge of walking a mile. As you walked you became so tired you could hardly put one foot in front of the other but your determination said you must finish even if you crawled to the finish line. How good is that person going to feel when he makes it?

Can you really appreciate shoes? How about if you walked a mile without them….do you think you would appreciate them more?  Would your walk without shoes become a challenge and winning that challenge make you feel happy?                                                    

Each challenge we take brings us closer to our fellow men and women because we all face challenges every day.  How we handle these challenges divides the wimps from the winners.