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In Purrsuit of Flavours…Cinco de Mayo Theme

Let’s get out in the garden and see what mom and dad have accomplished.                                                 

Look, dad was hard at work separating the quack grass from the soil.

The soil is lovely and black. Needs manure mom. I think cattle manure would be best cause it has to produce cukes and peppers. So it needs some pretty skookum proteins.

You’re getting there, mom. Yeah, there is quite a bit more to be done.

Everyone is happily working here, Tyebe so let’s go inside and play in the box Mrs. Amazon sent us.

Have we got all the fixin’s for our drink for In Purrsuit of Flavours, Tyebe Mom picked up our supplies when she went grocery shopping.  Good, let’s get at it.

 Easy Blog and us are hosting In Purrsuit of Flavours. I wonder what Phenny and Nelly are cooking for Cinco de Mayo Day?

Wordless Wednesday or Wordy Wednesday at Comedy Plus is joining the fun here at ground 0.  Simply click on their name or badge and stop by,                                                        Now first of all our drink is called Mexican Meezer. It’s non-alcoholic but is great with some vodka or gin.  Tyebe will be the tester for this drink.  How does the mixture I did for you taste?  Yuck!!  Let’s leave the garlic out completely, Shoko.  It really has a bitter after-taste.  Ok, Tybes.  We have basic ingredients here of cranberry ginger ale, ginger beer, lemon from the plastic lemon, and lime from the plastic lime.

You drank all that cranberry ginger ale testing our Mexican Meezer?  The bottle’s much easier to move now,  It was pretty skookum at 2 litres.  I really needed to go tinkles a lot.


paw……….. ounce
whisker….. squirt
claw………. 1 leaf

Mexican Meezer

3 paws cranberry ginger ale
2 paws ginger beer
2 whiskers lemon juice
3 whiskers lime juice

Served in a wine glass with a blackberry on each side of the glass to resemble ears. Several claws of catnip on the side of the wine glass. If, your Mexican Meezer has too much of a bite to it, then try cutting back on the ginger beer.  Maybe try cutting back a 1/4 of a paw to start.


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Friendly Friday Fill-Ins with Felines

More weeding?                                             

We had better get out there and help mom, Tyebe.  I’m ready.

Mom, mom, over here this area needs weeding badly.                                                          

See dad has turned the soil for you so it’s not as hard to get your claws through it.  I see it Shoko but I’ll work my way over there.

The greenhouse needs the dirt taken out and sifted for quack grass and then plastic on the bottom of the bins to keep the quack grass out.                                                                           

Dad will do that, Tyebe. Tell him about itK….dad…..dad?

Geez, nobody seems to want our help.  I know, let’s do the Friday Fill_Ins supplied by the hosts, Ellen of 15 and Meowing Blog and Loriane of Four Legged Furries blog.                                                                

We can’t forget Sandee and Feline Friday at Comedy Plus.    Click on the names and go for a visit.                                                               

1. I wouldn’t mind if……I LAY HERE ALL AFTERNOON.   SO WARM.                                                               

2. I want to …..SNIFF…my…….CATNIP.                                                 


3. Others come to me when they need……..SOME WISE WORDS TO HELP THEM THROUGH A TOUGH SPOT.                                                                               


4. ANGEL BUDD AND I PLAY FIGHTING….. is a memory that I regularly think about.

Doesn’t Budd look like he means business?  He was always so gentle with me.