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Wordless Wednesday with the Cooking Staff


We are joining Comedy Plus  Blog today for Wordless Wednesday so hop on down to Sandee’s place and make some fantastic friends,                                                                     

What are you doing, Tyebe?  I’m going for a walk.  It’s a beautiful warm day and the sun is warming my furs.  Actually, it’s too warm.                                                                 
It’s almost 70F and we’re not used to it. Come back we have to tell people about In Purrsuit of Flavours for June.                                                                         
Ohh, alright Shoko. Here I come prepare yourself.

 It’s a one-two-three cha cha cha.

So when is In Purrsuit of Flavours coming out in June, Shoko? The first Wednesday in June is June 2nd, so that’ll be the day.

Did you discuss with Da Phenny what our theme would be?  We were unsure and then Nelly hit on the topic.  Sandwiches!   Most peeps are outside planting or getting ready to play and they don’t want to fuss too much about dinner.  This means any kind of sandwich whether it’s hot or cold.  We’ll call it sensational sandwiches.                                                                           

Tidy chaps aren’t they?  Some items had to be destroyed in order to discover June’s theme but sensational sandwiches are yummy sounding.

So we hope to see you there with your favourite sandwich recipe.


Two Positive Gals Meow

What’re you grinning at Tyebe?                                                     
Just thinking about Cooper Murphy. What a guy! Ya, ya…..I know he’s such a wonderful guy.  Maybe we can celebrate Cooper Murphy and Einstein this month cause its supposed to be a month for showing affection. Really? You aren’t telling me fibs again are you, Shoks? I never lie…..I am Siamese! Well, so am I and I can tell big stories……that’s not lying.  I agree so I never lie then.

We are joining Aww….Monday over there at Comedy Plus.  So paw your way over and see what’s new with Sandee.                                                                       

Today is also SPARK day.   “SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader who wanted us to start each week with a positive attitude and share this attitude.                                                                   

Lisa Lieberman-Wang is responsible for this quote.  We’re going through this now…..all of us!  We have more in common than many realize.


It’s time for one of Shoko’s Meezerisms.  Ready sis?  You haven’t imparted words of wisdom for awhile now.  Been feeling rather dull, have you? mol  Shoko rolls her eyes.                                                               
“Some cats are beautiful and cherish their beauty but we are all the same at skin level.”                                               

OK. Shoko.  Not a catchy saying but true.

Finally, our reminder of,  “In Purrsuit of Flavours.”  This episode will be “Sweets for my sweet.”  I wanted to call it  “Sweets for My Sweet…..ME!”   Shoko agreed that these goodies should be what we love also.                                                                   

Our sweets are going to be cookies. Mom’s favourite but dad likes them too. mol                                                           
So we’ll be anxious to see what you consider sweets….maybe we’ll love em too.  

In Purrsuit of Flavours reminder on Wordless Wednesday

Did you talk with Phenny about this month’s selection for In Purrsuit of Flavours, Shoko?    I did and there was very little chatter, we decided immediately.                                       

Looks like you caught them off guard, Shoks.

MOL….I did but we decided that Valentine’s Day is coming up so anything sweet is up for grabs.  Like what Shoks?  Like cookies, cakes, drinks, snacks….you know, “Sweets for my Sweet.”                                                                       
Oh, I like that Shoko. Ok then. Next Wednesday, the 3rd of February is our next installment of In Purrsuit of Flavours  with “Sweets for my sweet.” We so love reading the recipes others come up with.

We are joining Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus for our very wordy day….mol                                             

C’mon Tyebe let’s go be wordless.

Nothin’ like the warm sun.

Adding Flavours to Monday

What did you say Tyebe?  I said you’re getting to be a stink in the mud.  You don’t go out and play.  You stink around the house and sleep or talk with mom.  You mean,,,STICK…in the mud?  No, I’m sure it’s *stink*.

Well what am I supposed to do?  Run out in the cold and sit in the snow till my butt’s freezing? That’s how you catch miceYes, but I don’t want a mouse.  They taste yucky and are here in the spring and summer. Do you like the taste, Tyebe? Well, yes.  They make my mouth water.  Really?

Wouldn’t you like some salmon insteadWow, salmon! Of course I would but I can’t catch a salmon in the Lane. I checked the puddles and there are NO fish to be seen.  Are you sure…..have you waited patiently for one to appear like you do mice?  NoNext time you’re bored outside look for a salmon. They’re hard to find but you could be one of the few lucky ones to find a fish in the puddles of the Lane.  Really! For sureI can’t wait to try it.  A fish awaits.

Shoko it’s time for a meezerism from you.  You should do one for us meezers and peeps.  You mean like Ann McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader.  Ann started SPARKs so peeps would have a positive idea to start their week. This SPARK is for both peeps and cats.


“When you throw dirt, you lose ground.” This meezerism is shared by a Texan. Yes, they have meezeers in Texas.


We are also joining Aw Monday at Comedy Central. Pop on over and join your friends.                                                         


Join Easy Blog and us for our In Purrsuit of Flavours with the theme of  Colourful Cuisine  as we give a last blast to this horrible year.                                                                   

I’m going to give everyone an idea of what we’re doing, Shoko.  OK Tyebe.                                           
We decided to do colourful cookies. Now just what kind we will show you on Wednesday.

Coming Soon….. In Purrsuit of Flavours

So Phenny, Nelly, Tyebe and I decided that during real hot weather we all have a hankering for something tasty but quick and requires little effort.  Yes, we could open a bag of potato chips and dive in but this is not a meal that will stay with us but it is easy.                                                                   

So for August we want you to tell us about your “easy peasy” meal that requires little effort.  If, you don’t have one of these meals. short of calling for a restaurant delivery, let us know the recipe of what you have for supper on those super hot days,

In Purrsuit of Flavours blog hop is hopping onto our blog on Wednesday, August the 5th.  See ya there.