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Sunday Selfies with Tyebe and her Tomatoes


We are joining The Cat On My Head blog for Sunday Selfies.  Click on their name and go visit them.  You  might see my guy,CooperMurphy.

What a horrible and cold day.  It was dark and raining.  Mom and dad would just NOT let me out to play.  It was cruel…I tell ya.

Mom played spot with me and mouse wand but not long enough.  I had to yell out the song of my clan before mom listened.

I was watching while mom and dad brought in tomatoes from the garden.                                                                           

Oh boy,  A back scratcher on the table.  Tyebe get off the tomatoes…..mom will be ticked.   No she won’t, Shoko.  I’m helping.

What are you doing, dad?                                                                           

I can’t get at the tomatoes to make tomato puree.

As you can see my efforts are not appreciated. mol                                                       

We are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend.  Ham is on the menu and we’ll get lots. mol