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Athena’s Caturday Artsy Smartsy Day

You swore Shoko!!  You’re in trouble now.  No, I won’t be.  It’s called a literary licence.  It adds to the description of the Art.  Fartsy adds to the description of Artsy Caturday? That’s a real stretch, Shoko.                                                       

Excuse me while I suck my thumb. I have a bit of salmon on it….yummy.

I don’t think fartsy cuts it, Shoko, and might hurt Athena’s feelings.  She might think you meant stinky cause farts are stinky sometimes.  Geez!  I never thought of that Tyebe.  I wouldn’t forgive myself if I hurt Athena’s feelings.  Thanks lil sis.                                                          
We’ll change “fartsy” to “smartsy.” So this will be called Athena’s Artsy Smartsy Caturday Art at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty blog.                                                                       

Hop on over and say “Hi Ya.” Just click on the badge or the name and be whisked away.


Mom’s entree is of moi!  She was fooling around on Pizap cause its hard to understand now and produced this picture.                                                                     
Smooth, eh?

Shoko, its time for one of those proverbs of yours.                                                                 

A moving kitty gathers no catnip. Translation: The cat that is too busy to smell the flowers misses the thrill of nature.


Tyebe Tuesday with Fort Meezer Residents

Is it ever nice out.  C’mon Budd let’s blow this popsicle stand!   Where, where are the popsicles….yummy.  For heaven sake Budd you really are food oriented.  Do you think of anything other than food? Well…..I guess but food is my favourite thought.  No kidding!                                                         

Let’s go outside, Budd. You go and tell me about it. You really don’t care for the fresh air? The fresh air is great. It just depends how fresh it is. I can do without fresh air that clouds up in front of my face at -20C. OK, we’ll stay inside and have a nap. I’m feeling rather boneless anyway.
It is also Happy Tuesday over there at Comedy Plus so we are joining them.  Click on their badge and be instantly whisked away.


Shoko has appeared with her proverb of the day. Take it away Shoks!                                                         

“Do not eat yellow snow. It’s not frozen custard like Budd thought. It’s a woofie’s bodily charm oozed out. Yuck!!”