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Shopping Around The World

ng-cartHere it is November already.  Piglove and Fozziemum started Shopping Around the World for us to compare prices in different countries.  Mom sits and is shocked by the cheap price of milk products in other countries.  Canada has a board that regulates the price of milk products so our prices are high my friends.  Now the Americans are celebrating their Thanksgiving shortly so we were asked to do a sidedish or dessert….something that would go with a turkey.  Well, we had our turkey in October but we could have this dish any day.

We did our shopping at The Great Canadian Superstore.

1 bulb of fresh garlic:……$0.50  using 1 clove $0.08

Philidelphia cream cheese: $2.98 using 1/4 of pkge. $0.74

3 old potatoes:     $2.30

Sprig of parsley:  $1.28 a bundle using 1 sprig..$0.10

dried rosemary:   free….grown in the garden

Total cost for this dish is $3.22

Rosemary Garlic Mashed Taters

First you peel those 3 potatoes and then boil them in a pot on the stove….not too high a temp or the water will boil all over like mom’s did.  Right, you wash the taters off first before boiling….seems like a waste of time to me cause any cwap is going to boil off anyway.  While the taters are doing their thing, wash off the sprig of parsley and the rosemary.  Grind the rosemary on a mortar with your wee pestle.  Shred the garlic clove and set everything aside. Have a bit of refreshment…you’re probably thirsty by now.  The taters are done.  Drain them and put into a big good sized bowl  now either use your potato masher on those suckers or haul out your old mix master and make those taters talk.  Put in the Philly cheese and rosemary….keep mixing.  When the taters are so soft they look like pillows, dump them in a bowl and stick a sprig of parsley in them.  Salt, pepper and butter are optional although I think butter is a must.                                                            garlicrosemary potatoesThey look nice mom.  Or:

rosemarygarlic mashed tatersI shall model the Rosemary Garlic Mashed Taters.  They are best with butter.



Shoko Stumbles on A New Product

Wednesday Purrs


Well, friends I ran across an awesome product today.  You know those days when your voice gets all scratchy from calling to your girlfriend or cat forbid,a trip to the vets with all the ancestral songs you must sing.  Then there are the fur ball days. that leave you coughing and wheezing.  I feel for ya my friends.  It’s a case of been there, done that….except I was swooning over my boyfriend, Einstein……my furry little mancat.

You can drink all the water in the bowl but its no use….your meow still sounds like nails on a chalkboard.


Today I ran across the product Nipits.  I liked the name immediately.  This is a sucky treat that says it “clarifies your voice and clears the throat.”  Well I’ll be bald headed!  This was meant for us…clears up the scratchy throat due to those pesky fur balls.  I need this mom,  I just know that nip soothes so guess what the main ingredient probably is.  Tell your mom that you NEED Nipits in order to have a healthy lifestyle.


Nipits comes in a little tin so when the Nipits are gone your mom can fill it with your favourite treats.