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Welcome to Monday’s Moments

Hey Cow-Kitty, whatcha doin’?  I thought kittens didn’t get a kick out of nip?  Well, not until a year old.                                                                     You talkin’ to me?  I’m not a cow-kitty.  I’m a leo..leopard with a few spots missing.  My mommy told me, so there. 

I like your nip…I’ve seen lotsa the kitties from the Lane in here and they always stagger out of here. So I figured this nip must be primo stuff.

So how is it Leo the leopard?  Umm…hehe..well, to tell you the absolute truth, this is the first nip I’ve tasted.  It’s ok…I guess.  Perhaps a kitty needs to be about a year old to appreciate it Leo.  Maybe you’re right Mame Shoko.  Gotta go, its getting near treat time.  See ya Mame…oh and thanks for the nip.

Woah, that is a real polite little gaffer Kali.  I think he’ll be a great addition to the hood.  He sure seems polite and nice.  Maybe I misjudged the little piece of fluff.

Did you know that today is a holiday but only here in BC, not in the rest of Canada?  No way Shoko, we just celebrated Canada’s birthday on July 1st.  What could British Columbia be celebrating that the rest of Canada isn’t?  You’ll never guess this one Kali.  There is a day off in every month but August, so there is now a civic holiday for the workers so they have an extra day off this month.  Doesn’t that seem weird.  Mom said she never had a day off in August when she was working so it must be fairly recent….at least in the last 10 years.  Maybe we should do something special on a day like today.

                                                                        No, let’s just hang loose sis.  I’ve been thinking we should have a name for our property.  After all there are lots of our anipals that have named their homes.  What do we call it here…..the House of Hisses, Camp Kitty……I have no idea what to call it Shoko.  Let’s think about it Shoko and ask our friends what they think.  Hey, great idea Kali.  There you go friends.  Any ideas?

Blue is cow-kitty

Black is Shoko

Orange is Kali