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Sparks of….Friendship

It’s been a long week friends.  My emotions were pretty raw there for awhile and believe me I let mom and dad know how I felt.  I won’t go into detail but I am starting to settle.

Mom and dad tried to get me out in my stroller today but I didn’t want any part of the stroller while it’s outside.  No way, um um.  Mom ended up taking Monty the stuffed Mountain Goat.                                                          

I waited for them on the front porch.                                                      

Do you know what helped mom and me during this difficult transition? It was all our friends sending us support and hugs. Yep, it sure was…..am I starting to talk like Buddy now? Geez! Any way you helped us out of a dark place. Which brings us to our Sparks for this week. You know Sparks was started by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader to bring a positive thought to the start of our week.

We see the support and understanding given to us as very special.

Mom, I have a reputation to uphold so enough of this mushy stuff.                                                  


Sunday Selfie with Shoko

Sunday is selfie day and The Cat On My Head is once again hosting Sunday Selfie which is a blog hop so hop over there to put your selfie in the blog hop or just laugh…peer at your buds.

Ahh…A lazy Sunday afternoon…feels good to scratch and stretch.  What’s that noise on the front porch.  Hey you….ya, you furry face.  What are you doing on my porch?                                                       


Sorry sir but this house looks familiar.  Of course its familiar, you pass it everyday and don’t call me sir….I’m a lady cat. Really, I never knew that.                                                                     Do I live here?

                                                                             For a shrew’s sake….no way!  Do I look like someone you live with?  Not really….you would scare me.  I’m not scary just emphatic.  Geesh….make me feel guilty why don’t you?

  You live beside this house.  You have no brothers or sisters.  Go look at the house next door and it will look very familiar.                                                        Thank you sir….I mean madam…um… female kitty.  Just get off the porch and go home.  Gotcha!  Bye!

Who’s ever heard of a cat forgetting where she lives?  She’s a kook.