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Thankful Thursday from Tyebe


What the…put mes down, mom!  I’s putting Shoko in her place.  “No Tyebe!  No biting Shoko.  “Grrrrrr…hissss!”  I jumped down and hid mes face.  Mom was mad and she doesn’t ever get mad but she was ticked.  Mes was pulling Shoko’s fur out cause mes figured that’s how cats would fight in a real fight.  Shoko was annoyed with me too.                                                                 
As Shoko says….Mes was up poop creek without a paddle! So I was going to be a good girl cause I’s am a good girl me is. Me showed mom how I could play quietly with me new play and bowl.

Did you know that this play and bowl is great for sharpening teeth?

I’s tell ya, mes was charming. As charming as I’s get. Me didn’t jump on mom’s back like I’s sometimes do when excited.

So this Thankful Thursday I’s would like to thank Shoko for being such a good big sis and putting up with my shenanigans. Mes thankful she is patient with me and doesn’t hurt me cause pest is my middle name. Go to Brian’s Home and see the other thankful anipals.

Mom…oh mom, can I go out now? I’s will be a good girl mes will.



Really, For Me?

Dad put up a beautiful mistletoe (plastic) with seeds dangling from it. I just love it.  It was mixed in with the other ornaments.  This decoration adds a certain panache to our condo.  Nobody else has a decoration like this.                                           

You don’t think those are seeds, dad?  What are they then?  No, they’re not seeds!!  Really?  You say they’re varnished moose droppings!  Eww…..  No, they don’t stink.  So what does the mistletoe and moose droppings mean?                                                              

Does this ornament say “Mistlepoop” or “Kiss My Butt?”     What do you think it says, my friends.                                                       


Let’s Sashay Through Thursday




C’mon mom let’s go into the basement.  No, NO…I don’t need the granny tiger vest.  I become as slow as a granny kitty.  Cwap!  If you insist.  You have to catch me first…woohoo.                                                                  aashokkslismzmcr  Cwap!  Kali, you lost too much weight….mom found me.  It couldn’t be the bright orange tiger vest on your back that gave you away, is it?  Alright, alright,  I’ll go downstairs…where’s the treats first.  Yuck…bewaa …..where are the tasty ones that our friends gave us?                                                                         aashokbasement1                                                                             aashokbasement2I see them!!  Get ready, here I come.

aashokbasementMmmmm…these are the yummy treats.  Let’s keep going mom.  Thanks mom…they taste way better than the cwappy ones that are good for me.

aashokbasement4Oh look, dad hid your wagon down here.  We have to get some water proving on it before Spring.  Will we grow vegetables in here or flowers?  A sweet potato vine crawling up the handle would be so cool, as long as Cow Kitty doesn’t climb it.

aashokwagon2See the dead bodies to your left.  Those are our outside animals hibernating till Spring.  Had ya going, didn’t I?

Meanwhile up on the Poop Deck.                                                                  aakalisleepAwww…feels so good to stretch out on a soft bed.  What the….Cow Kitty get out of my bedroom!  How rude!!  I’m not prepared for visitors.  *Cow Kitty slides across the floor in his haste to leave the bedroom.*                                                                     aackzm

Here I’m protected and it feels so good to roll around in the tunnel.

aakalickdoneCow Kitty…oh Cow Kitty, where are you?  I haven’t finished telling you off Shh…don’t let her know I’m here.                                                                              aakalicksmMancats!!  For nips sake.  I swear not a lick of thinking just doing on his part. MOL


Have a great Thursday my friends.



Meow Like A Pirate Day


akalipirateWhy are pirates pirates? cuz they arrrrrr  MOL

MOL…..It’s Meow like a Pirate Day you scum bucket..   Hey matey in the Crow’s Nest…. you ready for this or are you still painting your claws?  Ready matey!  You going to show me your booty?  Not likely, you, you bilge sucking rat!  Aaaarrrrgggghhhh !  With this kind of jammering, I’ll blow ye down.  Look here Bucko, I’ll put your head in the head if you keep this up.  Shiver me Timbers lassie.

shokpirate2  I’m not a Woofie…get ye to the Poop deck ye daughter of a biscuit eater.  Hiththththt!  Thar she blows…it’s that landlubber mom.  Aw c’mon, we’re just playin’ mom.  Guess it’s time to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!  Yo ho ho me hearties.

May you have happy mateys to enjoy smooth seas today.


KALI…..ORANGE                                                                     SHOKOKALI2