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Fill Her In I say But Make It Friendly Like


You got the shovel Kali?  What for Shoko?  Well, we gotta dig a hole to get mom into…..this is going to take a while.  What are you doing with that trowel…we need real shovels that can dig lotsa dirt at one time.  We’ll be digging from now till winter with a trowel.  I don’t like this Shoko….we’ll never get mom to go sit in a hole…..while we throw dirt at her.  Then she’s going to be annoyed and we won’t see treats for some time to come.  Hmm…you got a point ghosty sister of mine.  Let’s just forget it till we have a better plan.                                                                      

Another Fryday with another Fill-In from Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie from McGuffy’s Reader.  These two gals think up two sentences each for us to fill in.  The first two are from 15 and Meowing and the last two are from McGuffy’s Reader.  Pretty clever, eh?

I made a fort between the pillows in bed….I’m comfy how bout you?  

1. A recurring dream I have is….. THAT BUDDY VISITS ON A BEAUTIFUL HORSE AND WE GO RIDING IN THE BACK LANE.  OH MY I’M GETTING EXCITED….                                                                    He is gorgeous! Buddy is from  Tomcat Commentary by Tim  Look at those basket eyes…hehehe….I love em so much I could rip some of his furs out to take to my basket and dream of him I.  On second thought we don’t need the horse.  We’d probably use our claws to get up on the horse and the horse would bolt….leaving us on our heads on the ground. MOL

2. Turn…..HYPOALLERGENIC WET FOOD….. into …..DELI ROAST TURKEY….. AND I’D BE A HAPPY CAMPER.                                                                Mom does her best to get me to eat and sometimes I’m absolutely fascinated by the lengths she’ll go to and I absent- mindedly eat the slop.

My turn Kali….I must express myself before I burst. MOL

3. CAPPY-TAN….. is driving me crazy!  He waits outside our door for one of us to come outside,  He even sings to us.  Myself, I think he’s not neutered and is ready to get his MEW off.                                                                          

4. Lately, I have been….HAPPY TO STAY AROUND THE BACKYARD AND INVESTIGATE BUGS IN THE GARDEN……  a stroll is wonderful when the weather is beautiful and warm but when the wind’s howling, the backyard with the six foot fence is the place to play.

                                                                  There you have it my friends, our opinions on today’s fill-ins.

Strictly the views of the occupants of Fort Meezer.

Selfie Sunday with…Shoko

Today has been a very mild day….at least for us.  Mom, Kali and I headed out for some much needed fresh air.  Mom was surprised Kali was so happy to get out but I guess she was getting as bored as the rest of us with being stuck in day after day.  Kali and I headed straight for the nip.                                                                aakalishokcrdoneEver since mom decided to feed any cats and their monkeys left out on cold nights, the place has been crawling with introoders.  We wanted to make sure the nip was fine.  The nip was bald as a billy goat!  Think that was winter’s chill, not the introoders though.  Kali ran over and left her scent on what was left of the nip so these crazy dudes know it’s our nip.

I thought she was going tinkles on the nip and was mewing at her to stop.  She said her waterworks were chilled and she couldn’t do anything even if she wanted. to.                                                                     aakalicrzm
After our visit outside where we exerted our dominance we decided it was time for a snooze.
kalipillowtalkKali felt a bit too fresh and curled inside the tent mom makes between the pillows.


I on the other paw, was feeling just right, so I retired to my bed beside the toilet paper.                                                                       aashoktpsmAww…a comfy corner of the bathroom.

Today is also Sunday Selfie with The Cat On My Head.  Go visit them….read their news of what’s happening in their house and say hiya to your anipals that are posing.

May the snow fall be short but the sunny days linger.                                              sistersinarmswinter