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Box Up Artsy Caturday

Cat art

A sneaky post today.  It’s International Box Day and Artsy Fartsy Caturday.  We combined both of our favourite days and came up with a Fartsy Box Day.  MOL

ashoksboxThis Cat Lady box fit just right.  I was nice and snug as a bug in a rug.  I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

aaboxkI was  advertising BC Peaches.  They are very popular but I am hoping BC Peaches will send me some treats for my efforts.  I hope they don’t send peaches…don’t tell anyone but I don’t like peaches.

I am the Artsy gal for the day.                                                           aaaaa

Mom played around with Pizap today and right away gave me a Popeye effect which seemed to darken the picture. Then she played around with various effects and got the names all mixed up. OK mom…a bit spacey are we? What do ya mean I am the spacey one? No, no, don’t go into detail! MOL

Take a peek at the other anipals that have been subjected to weird effects on Athena’s Wise Kitty blog.   Um…they don’t seem to mind.

Have an enjoyable day and may  your nip be fresh and free of bugs.

Kali and Shoks


Selfie Sunday Blog Hop

Here it is a beautiful Sunday morning….just about noon here so I must hustle my butt.  Dad brought home a box and I claimed it right away.  It’s a gorgeous box, no dents or rips.  I sit on the deck and pretend the box is my boat and we’re off to see many sights.  Like Long John Silver.

You see on the side of the box…peaches.  My first family, where my bio mom and dad live, they called me peaches.  So it is definitely my box.                                                                   Oh my!!  Long John Silver looks very mean.  To quote Shoko, ” Oh Cwap!!”

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