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Kali Parties with Buddy and Kin

Thank you for having such a marvelous pawty for me, The Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday Kali!

Today Buddy Budd is throwing a Pawty for his lovely gal Kali. Kali is from The Canadian Cats with her pretty sister Shoko. They are having a Pawty too so make sure you visit.

Happy Birthday to Kali
Happy Birthday to Kali
Cause you are my sweet loving girl!
Happy Birthday to Kali
Ah got ya a chocolate cake to start an we gotz uz wine
fur dinner mah sweetness.
Buddy you are so romantic. Tee Hee
The family are joinin in ta servin uz da meal. Thanks fambly
Buddy I have your appetizers here. Shrimp Cocktail
Thanky Mr B
A shot or two to stimulate both your appetites
Oh Rumpy I like that idea
Me too, Yessir
We start dinner with Lobster Thermidor 
Thank yoo Miss Fitz

Read more about Kali’s Birthday Pawty over At Timmy’s Commentary.  Simply click on Timmy’s blog in blue.

Shoko and Kali’s Lucky Pot Pawty

Let’s move that table Kali so there’s room to dance and play, *herd of elephants*.  Crap it’s heavy Shoko!  I know but I couldn’t ask mom and dad to move it before they left. I guess not.

KALI…..ORANGE                                                                                       What kinda food should we put out Shoko?  That’s no biggie Kali….we’ll put out what we like for the cats, the others may be a bit more difficult but we’ll figure it out.                                                                           Chickens, roasted with powdered nip and silvervine  stuffing.  Geez databbiesotrouttowne are not going to be pleased with a berd around.  Well, it’s not alive or pecking at them and many of our pals love chicky.  We can’t please everyone Kali, I wish we could but we’re all different

We have a dish called Sashimi.  Sashimi is used to cleanse your palette  between different courses.                                                                        Salmon fresh from the Pacific.  We had some Sockeye Salmon filets shipped in from Prince Rupert to tempt the taste buds of the fishy fanatics like YOU.  hehe

We will grill the salmon to perfection  right in front of your eyes.  For those more daring we have salmon sushi.                                                                    Wow Shoko where did you get this stuff?  It’s delicious but we didn’t have any money.  Well, the chicky was in the freezer and the salmon was sent down to us from our friends in Rupert.  We don’t have any friends in Rupert Shoko. Do you hafta be so picky Kali?  Did you do something dishonest for it Shoks?  No, I got the salmon from the freezer too.  So, you’re just a big wind bag Shoko!  Nope,  these things are perfectWhere do you think mom and dad got the salmon?  Prince Rupert?  Exactly.

We have some Green Goblin drinks for all.  The main ingredient is nip and this nip is fermented…woohoo!                                                                              

Now when our pals bring their lucky pot dishes, we’ll have a tasty set up.  Why the name lucky pot?  The police will be alerted to our activities.  Let them be!  We’re lucky to have a pot of anything from our friends.  That’s what I mean.

Gracie lent us her favourite condo playground to play and have herd of elephant games.  It’s a massive tree.

I “borrowed” 2 diffusers to play. “Name That Stink.”                                                          What do our friends win if they guess the right stink, Shoko?  Ummm…I never thought of that Kali.  What toys do you have Kali?  Toys that don’t have teeth marks in them like mine? I got a wind up mouse but I slobber on my toys.  It’s rude to give a bitten or slobbered on toy.  I know!!  Remember those straws that mom found when she went out for coffee with her friend.  You mean the ones from Starbucks and Tim Horton’s?  Exactly!  There must be 70 of them there.  Mom goes out for coffee a lot.  Those can be take home prizes.                                                      Is Nellie coming Shoko?  She figures she can sneak away for a few hours but will be home when mom goes to visit.  Nellie wouldn’t say a word about our pawty to mom, I know it.  She is the Queen of The Cat From Hell so she won’t say ,”nip.”  She can get on her cell phone and let us know when mom’s coming home.  Then we can have everything shiny and new looking.

We’re ready for a pawty.                                                         May your light shine through
the haze of nipadoodle.                                                                                       


The Party Planning Begins


It’s time we asked mom when she’s going away so we can plan our wee pawty with the gang from Blogville.  Should we tell mom about the pawty Shoko?  Are you kidding….no way.  She would be upset and give Judy some terrible rules like hide  the nip and put all the toys away.  I have mom’s credit card number and have been paying attention when she buys something.  You better not get mom in trouble or you’ll be looking for a new home.  You mean she’d get rid of me over a few measly dollars.  With her credit card!  No, mom wouldn’t get rid of you….I would.  You don’t hurt the ones you love Shoko, not ever.  So we do this pawty proper like or we have none.  I see what you mean Kali and I won’t use mom’s credit card.  How bout her emergency money?  That’s border line  bad behaviour Shoko.  Well, how else are we going to get the money for a happening pawty?  Steal the things we need?  Mom would be horrified if we stole anything.  She just wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behaviour from either of us.  We weren’t brought up to steal what we want.  Well, I don’t have any idea then. *sigh* 

Stay still Shoks, you’re making me dizzy with your blurriness.  How bout your Da Bird wand…..we could get a few dollars for that at the …..No way sis, Einey gave me Da Bird for Christmas.  I’m never, ever, ever parting with it.  OK, OK…cool your booties, I won’t take it away.                                                                        Hi there mom, we were just talking about you and dad and your vacation.  Where are you going?  We’re going to France Shoko.  FRANCE…you mean like Paris.  Exactly!  Cool, that’s where I went with Cat Scouts.  You going to see the Eiffel Tower?  Oh we can’t miss seeing such a wonderful place.   Did you know that Einey and I went hang gliding off the Eiffel Tower. Really, weren’t you scared?  Well, a little but Einey was with me.   He would save you right Shoko?  No….if I die in the jump, so does he.                                                                 See, don’t we look cool.  How long will you be gone mom?  A couple of weeks Shoko.  We leave next week.    We’re also headed for London after France.  So you are going to more places than Paris in France?  Yes, you betcha.  We’re going to see Phenny and his parents.  No seriously mom, anyone I would know?  Phenny and his parents Shoko.  They live across a huge pond……you can’t jump that far and our magic carpet wouldn’t hold you and dad.  You’ll have to wait and see the pictures when we get back.

Friends, friends.  That’s it Kali!  I got it.  We can ask our friends to bring one fun food or drink to the pawty.  By the time 10 friends are here the choices will be fantastical.  I like that Shoko….we can supply some things like nip, some silvervine and chicky broth with a blob of chicky in it.  We can get some good games going too.  We have to have a catchy name.  How about Shoko and Kali’s Lucky Pot Pawty?  Let it be……come one and all to our Lucky Pot Pawty.  The last week of March is when we are having the funniest pawty you have ever seen.


May you never find a cat in your burger!  That makes no sense, Shoko.  Does too!  You never heard of a cat burger?  That’s a cat burglar Shoko.  You say burglar I say burger….same diff.                                                                           

Friday Fill-In With Both Kali and Shoko

The Ladies from 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader have given their 4 fill-in sentences for this week.  Thank You ladies.                                                                   ellen_cat_badge_2-1-300x300



I’m going first Shoks….you always go first.  OK, Kali Kitteh, take it away.

1. My favorite kind of cookie is….. A VERY HOT COOKIE BY THE NAME OF BUDDY CUSACK.                                                                       buddylove
2. MISS PIGGY…..would play me in a movie about my life.  SHE HAS THE FINESSE AND THE POLISH TO UNDERSTAND MOI AND WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO MOI.                                                                              aapiggygorgeous

My turn Kali…speaking of love…

3. Love is…..A FLOOFY TAIL WRAPPED AROUND MY PAWS.                                                             einstein-m





Highlights of Shoko’s Gotcha Day Pawty


Kali, I can’t thank you enough for the pawty.  Everyone seemed to have a super time.  You really fooled me too.  I really thought you and mom had forgotten all about my Gotcha Day.  We wouldn’t do that Shoko….you should know us better than that by now.  Ya, I guess Kali but its the way you said it…you played your part well.

Here are a few of the highlights.



Easy tunnelling in to pawty.

Easy managed to tunnel all the way from France and scared everyone when he announced himself.  In French of course.  The hisses could be heard all over the block, hehe


Einey and I playing, "Guess that stink."

Einey and I playing, “Guess that stink.”

Guess that stink was a fun game.  Everyone wanted to play.  Some of the stinks were pleasant like the tuna stink.  The skunk stink paniced Nellie and she ran into Bacon while he was having some watermelon.  What a mix up….Bacon was insulted because he thought Nellie was saying he stunk.  I can still hear Bacon yelling out, “I have a bath every week you meezer, you!”

Nellie, Bacon done


Pete H is laying in front of Shoko and TeaPartyCat

Pete H is laying in front of Shoko and TeaPartyCat

It was fantastic to see Pete Hartley and Tea.  They are two very important members of the ThunderCat Patrol in Cat Scouts.  In fact, I don’t know what I’d do without these wonderful dudes.

We are very fortunate that Pete H flies and was able to pick Tea up in Missouri on his way to the airport here.

Buddy and Timmyhahaha  Buddy just had to get in there and act like a doofus to empress you Kali.  I think he really likes you!  Oh I do hope so Shoko.  I think he is terrific.  What beautiful shiny grey fur he has. *sigh*


Family Sings

Family Sings

Einstein brought his whole family over to sing Happy Gotcha Day for me.  What a cool family he has…Miss Fitz was so funny.  She kept me in stitches with her stories!  You can visit them at Timmy’s Commentary.  Just click on the blog name.  I believe they had a post celebrating my Gotcha Day.

There were so many highlights we just can’t get them all down here.  Here are some more Gotcha Cards I got from my wonderful friends.

Thank you Judy and family

Thank you Judy and family


From Einstein

From Einstein, my man cat and his family!


from Pete H

from Pete H

Shoko's 7th Gotcha Day card from Dharth

This lovely card is from Dharth…our awesome cuz.  His blog is Purrince Sidharth’s Purrfect Pad


Shoko Gotcha Day From Binky

Shoko Gotcha Day From Binky and Granny At angelwhisper2011

Thank you mom and Kali for all your work….this cat appreciates all your efforts.  I must thank my friends for stopping by and making this Gotcha Day a memorable one.

Remember friends:                                                                                                 





Kali’s Thirteenth Gotcha Day Pawty




Happy Gotcha Day Kali!!

Happy Gotcha Day Kali!!

Today is THEE day for my big sis as she turns 13.  Imagine 13!  Thirteen years ago we never heard of Silvervine Catnip.  Computers were harder to handle….there were not so many cats with blogs because computers were not “cat friendly” at that time.

When Kali was born mom and dad lived in a different house.  They had a lane beside the  house.  Mom says that Kali was a very friendly kitten and if a stranger past by the backyard and said “Hi” to Kali….she would follow them home.  Mom would quit gardening and race down the lane to bring Kali home again. 

12 June 02

12 May 02



  She is a fun sisteh and deserves the best. She deserves to be called queen and bowed to….ya right!  In your dreams sis.  Don’t hold your breath.

I know you lost the mice from last year…I might have had a wee bit to do with that.  I got you mini mice this year, they are smaller and you can carry them around with your 4 teeth.  Have fun with them Kali.  You are a great sis…..

Look at all the food…dudette you are one lucky kittah.

raw chicken treats

raw chicken treats


catnip joints

catnip joints




Bunny and Pig tasties

Bunny and Pig tasties


iced biscuits

iced biscuits for the Woofies

Enjoy my Woofie friends.  Mom made them but they are really good…I tasted them before letting her put them out.


iced biscuits

We have some extra Woofie treats so you can take some home with you.  It’s OK, mom didn’t make them.

Nipcider and Cider

Nipcider and Cider

We have extra Nipcider for our kitty friends to take home…enjoy!

Mom and dad got you a Furminator for your birthday Kali.




I’ve always wanted one of those.   I’ve heard the back rub it gives is sooo relaxing.  Thanks mom and dad.  I can’t wait for a Furminator brush now.  Maybe tonight when we start reading the 12 Rescue Stories.

What kind of a party would this be with out a cake.  So Kali, mom made a cake that looks a lot like you sis.


Kali's cake

Kali’s cake

It’s lovely mom…thank you.

Kali I don’t really have a present for you but you know I’ve been looking for a modelling job.  Well, I got one…ya….I really got a job.  Thanks to your help and guidance Kali I have a full-time job with Beautiful British Columbia Magazine.


Beautiful BC Magazine

Beautiful BC Magazine

Oh my Beatrice!!  You did it!!  I could have never done it with out you girlfriend.  I also got a part time job at The Beaver.  Everyone was delighted with my bling.


The Beaver Cover

The Beaver Cover

Oh Beatrice, I’m overcome….when do you leave?  Monday.  So soon!!  They want to send me to the Yukon for a shoot on the lake near Dawson City.  The ice is melting and won’t wait.  I’ll miss you my friend. *Beatrice and Kali hug*

S’cuse me Kali and Beatrice but Kali you received a couple of cards from your friends.


Kali from Bacon and famil

Kali from Bacon and family

That was so nice of the lil Oinker…you guys are special to me.


 from Easy

from Easy

Easy Rider, what a lovely surprise!  I bet you sent this bottle off months ago to make sure it made it to the Pacific Ocean and then ride the rivers up to Prince George.  *blows a kiss to Easy*.  What would I do without you my friend?

Hope you all enjoyed Kali’s pawty.  Thanks for coming by.