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Christmas Eve 2020

Today is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home and are we ever thankful for all the great things we have and are headed this way.  Please drop by Brian’s and let them know how you appreciate the life you have.                                                                                                                            
Well, this is it Tyebe.  No more time to shop or make anything.  Christmas Day is tomorrow.   I’m ready.

I see some treats, Shoko. The good kind too!! Wowee, this Christmas will be fun.

The mantel’s all set with all our stockings set out. I think I got the bug I wanted with wheels.  I think the motorized mouse is there too.

Mom even baked.

I heard dad say they were good too. Ya, one for mom!

Mom made a craft for 2020 too.  We helped of course.                                         

This is Tilly the toilet paper.  Symbol for the year 2020.

Have a wonderful Christmas friends. Enjoy your Christmas, It will be different but we can make it fun.

Do you think we’ll see the big guy this year Shoko?  We can examine some of the toys on his sleigh we made when we visited Santa’s Workshop just in case they’re not up to snuff.


Canadian Thanksgiving Day with Shoko, Tyebe and Budd

Budd and Tyebe it’s Thanksgiving Day.  This is the day all cat and hoomins’ give thanks for the blessings in their lives.  Who decided to have a Thanksgiving Day, Shoko?  A long, long time ago the forefathers of this nation decided we should give thanks for the bountiful harvests we get from the gardens each year.  It turned into Thanksgiving Day.  Do mice celebrate Thanksgiving, Shoko?  I guess they do in their way, Budd.  They don’t have a garden of their own but maybe they share with the hoomins’.                                                            

Got an idea Budd? Me? I’m just so happy about this house and all the fun things in it. Have you seen this, Tyebe and Shoko?

Listen, the box is starting up.                                                                    

See, paper comes out the top of the box. I can’t figure out where it comes from. It’s like magic.

Speaking of magic.  There is something happening in the water, again.  It looks strange.  Bubbles are coming out of the fountain.                                                           You know Budd, I think they’re trying to drug me.  I saw something about it on TV.  It’s called, “date rape.”    The guy slips something into the woman’s water and then takes her home and plays with her.  That doesn’t sound so bad, Tyebe, I play with you.                                                               

You got a point Budd.  I guess some peeps just don’t play.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

NOTE:  We are not trivializing date rape.  This is a serious crime.

We are also participating in Awww….Mondays.  Simply hit the badge and visit Awww…Mondays.                                                         

TYEBE…..ROYAL BLUE                                                         

Selfie Sunday with Kali

Hello friends.  It is my turn for Selfie Sunday.  Shoko can go look for some nip in the snow….a fruitless task if I ever heard of one.                                                                             Our good friends, The Blues brothers and sisters are hosting the selfies in the blog The Cat On My Head.  Bet there’s a story behind that blog title. MOL  You want to cheer them on?  Just click on the hosting blog name and you’ll see all our buddies posing for you.

I wanted to look like I was reading the paper and someone startled me.  Do I look like someone scared the cwap outta me?

                                                                                       Have a great Sunday one and all.

Festive, Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


We must thank Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader for these fill-ins.  Thank you ladies.

1. My favorite Crispmouse Song(s) is/are…..SILVER BELLS AND I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANDY PAWS, but I could do without hearing …..ROCKIN’ ROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE….ever again.
2.My most meaningful Crispmouse ornament/decoration is A MOUSE IN A STOCKING , because…..MOM GOT THAT FOR MY FIRST Crispmouse.                                                                  aashokornI am going to fill in the last two sentences.

3. My favourite holiday treat is……TURKEY SLICES….VERY THIN.  THIS IS A DELICIOUS TREAT.


Happy Friday to our friends.