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Friday’s Flippin’ Fun Fill-Ins

Time for the Friday Fill-Ins…our cohosts are Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie from McGuffy’s Reader.  Ellen is responsible for the first two sentences and Annie for the next two sentences.                                                      

Kali will go first and fill in the first and second sentences.  I will jump in and complete the third and fourth sentences.

1. Trust…..IS EARNED, NOT IMMEDIATE.  I TRUST SHOKO, MOM, AND DAD BUT THAT WAS EARNED.                                                         2. I would protest ……IF SOMEONE TRIED TO HURT SHOKO.  SHE IS A PAIN AT TIMES BUT SHE’S MY PAIN.                                                         

OK, take it away, Shoko.

3. I have…..LOVED WATCHING VIDEOS…..  since …….I WAS A YUNG’UN                                                           



Have a great Fryday friends.


Sparks of Training

Sparks is a Monday blog hop.  It’s a positive way to start the week with quotes that inspire us onward.  Annie of  McGuffy’s Reader is the one who inspired this blog hop.  Thank you, Annie, for the opportunity to share our positive ideals and by doing so instilling these ideals  in ourselves and others.                                     
Today we look at:

Sounds easy, eh? Well, it’s not.

When one is in severe pain, the pain sears into every thought, every idea, every step one takes.  How do we ignore the pain?  We can’t ignore the pain but we can work with it.  Any thought that is in our mind cannot exist when another more consuming thought enters the picture.  For me it is photo editing….it is such an all-consuming task for me that it needs my total absorption.  This is not a cure because the pain will come back but it is a reprieve.  Also my mood changes from sad to happy…..because I have managed to accomplish something in spite of that pain, that brings me pleasure.  I am ready to laugh with someone. Without the pain I would never have looked for a way to overcome it and never experienced the joy of accomplishment and the sweetness of joy….could the joy be any sweeter than when pain is exchanged for a few laughs?                                                         Throughout the good and bad….the girls are with me….                                                

A Stitch In The Finger….. Hurts!


Mom had minor surgery today on her baby finger.  When the orthopedic surgeon put the replacement joint in her baby finger, 5 years ago, he had already fused the joint.  Mom could never understand why he did this but so be it.  After living with this misplaced joint, she discovered writing was more difficult because the joint rubbed, was a nuisance and with repeated use, hurt. Also with this rubbing, the joint area turned black.
Mom will tell you what happened in her own words…take it away mom
Thanks Kali.

I went to the hospital a little earlier than our appointment and the doctor took me early. Let me tell you about this procedure while it’s still fresh in my mind.  I went into this room called Minor Surgery #2.  The nurse asked my address, phone # and
where I lived…just to make sure I had all my marbles before the procedure started, I guess.  I managed to get all the answers right, so we carried on.  Dr P came in and explained….very roughly, what he was going to do to my finger.  It sounded ghastly so I tuned him out, and only caught the odd word.  Humming *California Dreamin’* in my head, I got on the table with a bit of assistance from the nurse.  Delighted my  own bed was so much more comfy.  I didn’t like lying flat, so had them adjust my bed.  I must admit my tummy sure disappeared though.  Once a bit more comfortable we carried on.  My hand was cleaned with some antiseptic stuff that ran down my arm and was freezing cold.  I mentioned that antiseptic was running down my arm and the Dr. said they’d get it….they forgot all about it.  Onward….we went with three huge needles to my finger area.  One shot between the ring and baby finger, right at the web part.  The next shot was on the finger near the joint.  The final shot was on the side of my palm.   These areas are tender as a baby’s butt.  The final touch was the tourniquet on my upper arm.  The tourniquet was so very tight, it was a hurtin’ something fierce.  Perhaps this was to take my attention away from the finger.  A bloodless operation.  I liked the sound of that.  I was told the tourniquet was just for a *few minutes*. The doctor worked, the nurse restocked the bandage cabinet and I lay on the steel bed counting the dents in the ceiling.  The next thing that happened was the Dr. asking for an instrument from the nurse who seemed to have left.  The doctor was getting agitated and ended up shouting for her in the corridor.  I swear only in Prince George would this happen. Shortly, the nurse came rushing in the room after telling us she took some garbage to the trash room.  I hope she washed her hands.  I got back to counting the multitude of dents in the ceiling as all was in order once again.  Dr P declared he was putting the stitches in and then I’d be free to go.  My, I deserved a fun food for going through this crap.  But what, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate bark( big slab of chocolate) or pumpkin cookies.  Decisions, decisions! Dr, P finished up and the very last thing the nurse did was to loosen the tourniquet.  My hand was red, red….not like a beet but a close runner-up.  Eek…no feeling either.                                                                      aaafingerWoohoo…I was out of the surgery room by noon PDT.It wasn’t fun but it’s done except for the stitches coming out. I got a prescription for t’3’s as these are my preferred pain killers Yes, I’ve delved into the world of pain-killers and have favourites.                                                                          aaashok2After a trip to the grocery store for a few goodies, mom was home.  She looked fine especially for one of the walking wounded.  Time to take us for a walk and stroll….off we went up the Lane.


May your paws carry you to tasty nip.                                                                     SHOKOKALI2

Shoko’s Horror Story

Kali, Kali I was taken in the little box to the vet’s this morning!  *Shoko runs into the bedroom and wakes Kali.*                                                    akacrGood grief Shoko, you scared me. Yawn!!  You went to the vets?  You?  There’s never anything wrong with you, I wonder why mom took you there.

It was horrible Kali.  They weighed me by putting me in this stupid looking basket with a paper towel in it.  Like…like I was going to go tinkles on their precious machine.  After that episode I rushed to get back in my box and managed to sit there till Dr. Kalyn came into the room.  She said I weigh about the same as last year so I’m keeping my kittenish figure.  Mom babbled away at her and then Dr. Kalyn stuck her fingers in my mouth.  Cwap, she made my sore tooth hurt.  I didn’t like it a bit but then she said to me, “My little sweetheart, I’m so sorry to have to do this to you.”  Hey, Dr. Kalyn is very nice to us.  I got the chance to get into my box so took it.  Mom and Dr. K babbled back and forth for a bit and dad stood playing his game.  I heard, “We’ll be back Monday.” and we were outta the little exam room.  The visit was $36.80 but Dr. Kalyn didn’t charge mom for the visit.  BONUS!

I was quiet all the way home and thundered outside as soon  as the door was open.  Cow Kitty was over for a visit so I sat down and told him all about it.  His tail just kept getting bigger.  I scared him.

Cow Kitty was so startled by the vet news, he dropped the moth he had in his mouth.                                                              acksEgads!  I don’t want them to drill out a tooth or something equally as bad.  Look Shoko, is your tooth sore?  Yes.  Does it hurt more when you chew down on that tooth?  YesIs it the worst pain you’ve ever felt when you bite into your favourite treats, Island Paradise.  Oh, you know it is, Kali.  My eye water’s and the pain makes me drop my treat and run…thundering down the hall.  It only makes sense then to see the dentist at the vet’s.  You don’t want to lose most of your teeth like me.  You don’t have to mouth your wet food, it’s just that your tooth is very sore so this is your way of compensating.  I know you’re right Kali but I still don’t like the idea.  C’mon Shoks we’ll go grab a nap together.  OK. but no mushy stuff.  I just want to feel your with me sis.  OK, my lil sis.                                                               aakstouch                                                                               aattouchAww…I feel more relaxed now.

Have a great Wednesday my friends.


Take a zip over to Lexi the Schnauzer and read about her latest campaign strategy meeting. I read this post after the vet visit and it cheered me right up.

Aww….a nice relaxing Sunday.  Time for a memory, a visit from next door and a selfie.

Yesterday we had visitors from the lower mainland stop by for a chat.  The lower mainland is the Vancouver/ Vancouver Island area.  These visitors were mom’s nephew (David) and his wife from Powell River.  They seemed nice enough for peeps.  When mom told me the story of when my Uncle David came and stayed with mom and dad….I really liked him then.  He is my kind of guy.                                                                            This story happened many, many years ago.  Uncle David was 15 and mom was 25.  Apparently, Uncle David was going through teenage stuff where his mom was a pain and so it was decided Uncle David needed a time out with mom and dad.  This one particular day mom was out visiting with the lady that had mom’s chicken in a chicken coop with other chickens.  BJ was mom’s chicken but I’m getting off the original story.  Uncle David was kicking around mom and dad’s house.  Doing stuff that only teenage boys would find interesting.  Mom walked in the house and smelled something strange.  She panicked and thought the sofa was smoldering in the livingroom.  She ran into the livingroom to find Uncle David kicking back with a smoke in his mouth.  Mom told him it stunk and what kind of tobacco was it.  Uncle David said it was catnip!  He said seeing the cats got such a reaction to catnip he thought he’d try it and get a kick too.  So mom asked him if he got a, “kick” from the nip.  To which Uncle David replied, “No, but my eyes are sure watering from the smell.”  This kid had guts!                                                     Cow-kitty decided to pop over for a visit later.  He was very vocal while walking about on the shed roof.

Of course being Sunday, it is Selfie Sunday Blog hop over at The Cat On My Head.                                                      Our entry this week is Shoko starring at Cow-kitty on the shed roof.

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