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Shoko at Sunday Selfies

MOL. MOL…..look at Shoko!  She’s sound asleep and thrown caution to the wind.                                                     
She’s forgotten we even exist. Shall we leap on her Budd? Naw, she looks so happy. Let’s play it cool.

It’s Selfie Sunday over at The Cat On My Head blog. Let’s zip over there and leave Shoko’s relaxed selfie.  Shoko will be surprised we did.

Now, over to Shoko for our odd Meezer family’s Pronouns….whoops I mean Proverbs.

“A cat was created when the tiger sneezed.”


Tyebe’s Selfie on a September Sunday

Tyebe what are you staring at?  Look at this water….there’s hairs floating in it.  Ewww.    Dad just changed it too.                                                              It’s probably just your furs, Tyebe.  Really?  Oh ya, they’re white. mol *hic*

Shokos did you’se ever catch these here birds.  They keep moving when me’s bat them.                                                                        

They tease us Tyebe. They just never get hurt and fall over. Maybe you can jump up and grab one. The others should follow in a sort of gull pile. mol

It is Selfie Sunday so let’s get our butt’s in gear and surprise mom with a special picture. The Cat On My Head is providing the platform for our selfie blog hop so let’s do it.                                                             

Me’s did it. I’s didn’t make an odd face or anything. Woohoo!!

Have a great Sunday friends.  Me’s will.

Wordy Wednesday with Shoko and Tyebe

Hey, mom and dad, I really don’t like it here.  It stinks and not in a good smelly way.                                                    

Shokos told me’s to watch out for this peep in white but she seems nice. Still, I’s unsure. She even gave me some wet food…..it didn’t taste very good but I’s didn’t mind the prick on my side cause I was busy sniffing the odd food.

What are you doing? Get away from me’s butt! How rude! Shove that thing up your own butt. Mom will hear how you treated me….I’s a good girl, I am.  Oh, my, mom is here. Shokos will not like you shovin’ something up my butt. She’ll bite you!

I’s don’t like it here. Me’s want to go home Right now and see Shokos. This lady is sorta nice but I’s bet she has no friends. She does have an unfortunate manner. Too bad.

Shokos, Shokos, me’s went and saw the lady in white.  Stop I’s must talk with you’s.                                                            

                                                                   No, not the vet! Yep, I’s had my 2nd round of shots. I’s not going back…EVER. Mom and dad may not agree with your decision, Tyebe. Don’t care I’s will have a tantrum if they make me’s go.                                                         

You’ll be fine Tyebe. Relax….the trip is over and you’re home. Me’s so tired now Shokos. That’s natural Tyebe. No, you won’t die, just have a nap and you’ll be fine.

Keep hydrated friends….go fishing in the sink.                                                         


FryDay’s Friendly Fill-Ins


It’s FryDay!  That means a long weekend here as it’s Thanksgiving on Monday.                                                                                       Cranberry Nip Tea

We get turkey and extra treats.  Mom and dad are going out for Thanksgiving this year.  Which means a block party for the furries here.  I must plan who I really want here and who I won’t tolerate busting into our frolic time.


It’s time for Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader blogs to throw out our statements of the day.  We’re ready ladies.                                                          

1. October is the perfect time to …..CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING WITH A TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS.    Then when Christmas rolls around everyone will be ready for turkey again.  Yummy!

2. Halloween…IS THE TIME FOR SCARY STORIES.  I LIKE TO WATCH KALI GET UPSET AND MAKE ODD FACES. MOL                                                      


My turn you can of Catberry sauce.

3. Every October, I …..THROW OUT MY OLD POLISH aND LIPSTICKS AND HINT fOR tHE LATEST POLISHES AND NIP GLOSS….SORRY I MEAN LIP GLOSS.                                                     


There you have it our fill-ins with feelings.


Have a great Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, friends.



The Happiness Tag

In July “Jeanne Foguth’s blog, Pet Care Tips and Humour” nominated us for a Happiness Tag  We gratefully accept this great….TAG and thank you Jeanne for the honour.  In accepting we have some responsibilities, such as:

Tell everyone the 5 Things that Make Us Happy

1/  Kali and I both agree the  most important thing that makes us happy is to live with mom and dad. They treat us very well and we love them.  Mom is a little odd at times but she’s never boring

2/ I must say I do love running.  I get so happy when Cow Kitty is chasing me home or I’m running after Kali down the hall.

3/  I have so much to be thankful for but this award is for what makes me happy.  I would have to say laying in a sunpuddle, getting warm and cozy  really makes my world go around.                                                                       aaaaa4/  We both are delighted when we hear from our boyfriends.  Einstein sets my teeth on edge, he is one dude that just doesn’t slow down.  Buddy is a gentleman and treats me as a lady should be treated.                                                              aeineypoolEinstein and I Glamping in Cat Scouts.                                                             00 Nip Fest Buddy KaliBuddy and Kali enjoying a BBQ.

5/  For our last entry we decided to go with our stroller because we each like the stroll mom gives us.  I am surprised that Shoko likes it but she never ceases to amaze me.                                                                                      akash

Sing Name the  favourite 5 Songs that Make Us Happy.

1/ Canadian Pacific by George Hamilton IV

2/ Summer wages by Ian & Sylvia Tyson with Emmylou Harris

3/ Canadian Girls by Dean Brody

4/  If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot

5/ The Blue Canadian Rockies by Jim Reeves

Admit to adoring 5 Bloggers who Make Us Happy and Notifying those Bloggers

We adore so many blogs and the hard work everyone puts into each post that we name everybody …..  This is a cop out Shoko…..you should name 5 blogs.  I like them all, they’re my friends.  Everyone else had the same problem.  Cwap!!  What if they’ve been nominated or don’t do these things?  That’s ok, they’ll let you know.  Alright…quit bugging me.

1/ Tomcat Commentary By Tim  This is a blog of seven cats living in a loving home.   Buddy and Einstein our boyfriends live here.

2/ERin the Cat Princess…..life from a princesses point of view.  She’s mad about cream too.

3/ Three Chatty Cats  This blog regulars are  Olive, Dexter and Sophie….3 chatty cats.  This blog also delves into shelters and articles about rescuing cats.  It is very informative.

4/  The Cat On My Head is an awesome blog as are the Blues cats.  There are several kitties living under the same roof, mostly living amicably.  Not always though.  Check them out.

5/ Easy Blog  What can we say?  Easy is a Woofie unto himself.  He is both fun to be with and a fun host like during the Pawlympics in the event Tuneful Farts.

May your supper slow down so you can bite him.                                                                  SHOKOKALI2


They Call Me Mister End Spray

astrsngerWho are you and what are you doing on my deck?  Hello pretty lady, my name is Mister End Spray and..Wait, your middle name is End?  Yes it is.  When I was adopted, the peeps weren’t sure whether to have End/ Or as my middle name.  Mom thought Or sounded threatening.  As I was saying dear lady I am selling subscriptions to “Nips Anonymous.”  This is a culinary magazine for gourmets.  I notice the nip in your garden so this magazine is a must.  No, we don’t want a magazine, we can use the computer for recipes.  Aww…I’m trying to pay my way through Rodent School and that is not cheap.  NO! Now, go away.  But Miss Beautiful you have to see the wonderful recipes…. Get off my deck this instant!

 Who’s this Joe Crow, Kali?  He says his name is Mister End Spray and he’s selling subscriptions to “Nips Anonymous” magazine.                                                    aakss   MOL, MOL,MOL ….*snort*….what an odd name.  This guy is relentless so don’t look at him Shoko….he’ll go away.  Take your paws off our deck or I’ll, I’ll get my mom after you.  Scram.  It’s always something Shoks.

Have a great weekend friends and may the Bird of Paradise fly in your mouth.                                                            Kali and Shoks




The Neon Cyborg During Artsy, Fartsy Caturday.

That’s right I’m still on strike against ‘unfair labour practices’ by mom.  I’m only on strike over the gross way I’m treated on artsy fartsy day.  So Caturdays are  picket days…the rest of the week, I’m a loving and charming kit.                                                   ashstrike

Kali has happily taken over  and is an energetic model.  However after this photo effect, she may be joining me on the picket line.                                                           akacyngMom says she used the photo editor of Ipiccy.  She used the effect Cybervision and then added a Neon Glow.  Kali says she likes its uniqueness.  OK, whatever, Kali.  You know you look really odd…what would your boyfriend, Buddy say?  Don’t use that tone with me!   I know you care what Buddy thinks.  Catch you later and we’ll continue our little mew.


Drop on over to Athena and Marie’s Artsy Caturday blog and see all the other anipals posing just for you.

Cat art

See ya tomorrow my friends.                                                                Kali and Shoks

Show and Tell

Today is “Show and Tell” at Bacon’s blog “Piglove.”  In this post we were suppose to talk about a silly gift or something ridiculous that happened to our pawents or us.

Mom says there has been many funny and ridiculous things that have happened to her over the years but the one scenario that sticks with her and she never forgets happened eons ago.  We must set the scene first.  Mom and dad are both very stubborn and strong willed peeps.  I have to say way out there stubborn!!  When they were going steady, they fought all the time.  They would break up and then make up all the time.  Somehow they managed to get engaged.  I guess they quit fighting long enough that life looked good,  Then dad would get the engagement ring in his face and they broke up.  People thought they were odd!  Heck, I would’ve too.  Geesh!  Anyway dad’s family were very unsure of mom and mom’s family thought dad was just what mom needed.  Different family reactions, I see.    There must have been something there to keep drawing them together.   Finally dad asked mom to marry him and there was a long pause….must have been the way he said this most romantic of sentences,  “C’mon, its time we put everyone out of their misery and got married.”  They got married.  Mom says she hears how other hubbies asked their wives to marry them and wishes she had a romantic memory like theirs.  All I got to say is, it must work.  Mom and dad have been married for almost 45 years.


the Newleyweds

the Newleyweds


Caturday’s Artsy Fartsy Day

Here it is another weekend and I have been 7 for almost a whole week.  You know, it’s not a kick in the head different than being 6! Oh, granted I get the odd, “Shoko you’re 7 now, don’t be so silly.”  I got the same thing when I was 6 so things are pretty much the same.

It’s Caturday Artsy Fartsy Day so we decided to celebrate witches all over the world.  Just click on Athena and Marie’s Caturday Artsy blog hop and you’ll be swept onto my broom and deposited at Athena’s blog without a hair out of place.

Witch Shoko

Witch Shoko

What mom did for this odd effect was put a witch hat on me and glasses from PicMonkey and then over to Pizap to zoom in on me and  my little bed in the drawer.  She also put two overlays across me.  They were Scrappy and Iridescent.  Voila! Me!                                                                  Athena Caturday Art Blog                                                       


Kali Does a Sunday Selfie

Today is another Selfie Sunday Blog hop, put on by The Cat on my Head blog.

Kali promised I could have the catnip Easter blanket for the week if she could do the pictures this weekend. I agreed with this cause you just wouldn’t believe how out of this world the catnip blankie is my friend.


Thanks so much Ellen.

Thanks so much Ellen.

Now, Kali has been practicing most of the week but. alas, she is no better at snapping the pictures. She always looks a little odd in her pictures…like parts of her are really big….oh well she  tries but without success. I gotta give her “E” for effort.

Talk about in your face!

Talk about in your face!