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Sunday Selfie with Sleepy Shoko

The Cat On My Head is the host for our blog hop of selfies.  This is no surprise as they do this every Sunday.  They are just really good furries that love our company. Come by and visit with us.  Simply click on the blog host name and join us.                                              

I was unsure of my selfie as I just woke up after a short siesta, 4 hours of undisturbed relaxation.
No, no, no! Not when I first wake up. I have sleep in my eyes. You sound like Kali, Shoks. Guess I do…she was my teacher.

Here’s my nanner! I was sitting on it.                                                             
This is more like it. My nonchalant, “Well, hello there friends” look

May your Easter Sunday be filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Sunday Selfie by Shoko


The Cat on my Head

Today is that  Selfie day we all anticipate each week.  Of course Mau’s mom and Allie’s mother-in-law at The Cat On My Head puts the selfie on every Sunday.  Anipals from around the world pose for the privilege of being seen by their friends.  Before you click on the Cat On My Head and view the anipals, take a peek at me on my best behaviour….I even washed behind my ears.                                                           aashokssdone

May your nanner  be full of holes.                                                      badge1